Saturday, May 16, 2009


The signs of fatigue are being carved inside his gelatinous heart.
            Tired to walk.. and too tired to sleep. He has a plan.
            He grabs an axe , and then steps into the crowded streets of hell. What do I speak to you about hell. It reeks of humans and their rot everywhere.
            The man is now in a trance. Eyes drooped to the back of his head. If you could imagine this ever happening. Perhaps a bit too much of madness. It isn’t what the convention definition of madness. It’s the newest psychotropic substance. The terrible madness is to touch it . inhale and exhale it. Makes you lose your sanity, make you feel like a god.
            The hairs at his ends are up. They shall make him pay, the world and its mortals. But no one is looking at him now, so he walks and he walks. With such a fury within him and an axe on one of his hands. The sky is cloudy. Going to rain. Going to pour the shine outta this man. Gonna make him pay.
            Don’t notice the crowd and the traffic. Doesn’t know that they exist or that even he exists. Doesn’t know anything but for the noise which is there. The noise which his senses can perceive. It makes him nauseous . it makes him feel like absolute shit.
            He doesn’t feel repulsion or hatred looking at the mundane which surrounds, He knows that all the spiritual is present behind this state. Within and without the state.
            The axe grows sharper with people all around.
            Some where the noise is getting turned to a vision.
            Some place there is nothing other than the dance.
            It is cold and it is raining. The mind flows calmly within these conditions. The life grows without purpose in this. The man stares at the mall. And then sees the crowded ants everywhere.
            The cockroaches are everywhere. He is the exterminator. He loves to kill. He hates and fears death. The resume of the perfect messiah.
            He shall enter slowly this place of disgust. He looks now more observantly. He notices the laughter at everyone’s face. And he realizes that this laughter is all fake. It is not non- conditional. It is all a matter of circumstance. The guard watches him carefully but is afraid to come close to him. We all know why. The stronger the personal power the more the will to love and the greater the will to destroy.
            And generally the will to destroy is preeminent in some peoples faces, and besides the axe by the side doesn’t aid the cause.
            Steps taken slowly , and an urn in his mind, he lives not, he surely shall not die..
            He raises the axe at the woman wearing diamond jewellery, young but utterly repulsive looking. Only because of the whorish diamond necklace she adores around her neck. So much could be saved with that rock. But its too late. Too late to even think otherwise. He has this mad look. A man who has spent his life in solitary all his life, and this is his only method of communication. With the outside world and with the repulsive. He lets gravity take over, and splash, there is blood everywhere. On his face, his eyes and clothes, all around the first floor of the mall. Everyone is shocked, bewildered. Some people think this is a reality show, a show perhaps which focuses on weird and amazing deaths of people in public places. They laugh and they fall to the ground with the beautiful blood surrounding everything. The messiah seems confused, why is everyone laughing. I have reduced the fallen to ashes, her bodies lies decapitated in front of him and he knows and he understands that he has done what his vasanas (nature) has told him to do.
            He feels not but a hint of anxiety, fear or loathing , he feels nothing
            The Buddha has arrived, seeks serenity with death. This is the tathagat who teaches through annihilation.. he realizes that all things which have come have served their nature. Their freedom should be restored. He must kill all. And soon,
            Wielding the axe like a maniac, he chops limb from limb . eyes and ears. Mangled and destroyed pieces of carcass. And the carnage was truly a scene. It makes you feel special if you were lucky enough to watch it , in silence and perhaps from a great distance. For I don’t feel any fear in getting chopped up . not because I feel that death is to be feared but for the reason that the axe has to be revered. Love had found a new way that day in that very moment where heaps of human corpses seem to awe inspiring. Almost awe-full.
            The man who releases shall be Shiva. He is Kalki. This verily the reckoning. The life which doesn’t hold us without fear is not a life at all. It mustn’t be lived. It must be freed.
            That cloudy day. Cold and shivering to the graves of the dead was a day of judgment. Where I lead the masses to their destiny. Whether these ghosts shall return I do not know. But I know that I set them free.
            Messiahs have come preaching love and tolerance. They say love and be compassionate. No one understands the true words. They interpret them and keep it close to them how they think it should be. Love and compassion.
            But this is how it is done. The life and its end are close. And only the messiah brings the river to the sea. The night towards the bright day.
            The messiah is crazy or so they all say.
            The messiah sees not. He/she is not one nor many. He remains and without.
            The messiah has arrived
            The clouds are carrying smoke. Filled with the hallusogenic which can set a man free. The air is closing in and is setting a stage of filth. The unbearable conditions in which the soul survives.
            The need and the obsession. But who knows how it shall be?
            I know comes the voice of silence. This is the messiah. The clouds and the sun tremble at the dance of the messiah.
            The savior is wild now, naked with no outer coverings. He is digambara. His eyes are volcanic red . he sees not and yet he sees all.
            For all and none become same in front of the messiah

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