Friday, July 27, 2012

Shri Mahavidyas : Kamala

Today is a good day; for the day is dedicated to kamala. The passive benign loving mother of this universe; who is constantly involved with sustainance. She feeds and clothes those who need; she provides love and care for those who are in its absence.
She will take care of the world and beyond; with a lovely rosary of lotus petals in her hand. Her eyes glisten and charm our dead hearts; She exudes the fragrence of the soul; her portants oh who could ever ever know?

Kamala is the tenth and final mahavidya. The energy of love. The energy of being. She is often represented as lakshmi; she has no need for 'weapons'. For her armor of love is strong enough to endure any ignorance which comes across. She needs no sacrifice; for her soul is of sacrifice; She willingly will lift up the ignorant; suckle soma to her children. Feed empathy and compassion of the self to all those who are in perennial suffering of maya.
Kamala revels in richness of this world. She is soft and loving; She is to alliviate poverty and misery; hunger and lack of love. She is the most beautiful sight in the world; almost akin to Tripura sundari but she is not virgin in her energy. This energy pervades and is not isolated *unlike the latter, she is love after all. Not virgin or otherwise; she completes the short distance between lovers to unite forever. The embrace is all consuming.
She requires not extensive worship or sacrifice; she only requires your heart (not your mind). If you love the naievness and grace of the divine feminine. If you love the divine feminine; then it is ofcourse natural that she will lift you up to her bosom to remove all misery consuming.
Her bija mantra is Eem. Her power is in every chakra (how else will any world sustain itself), hence she holds lotus and sits on one herself. Her vehicle is the mighty yet benign elephant/sometimes an owl - for lakshmi. I do not particularly see much of a difference between lakshmi and kamala. They are both the same outward representations of the symbolic powers of sustainance.

Today is vara laksmi's day. Women across pray for sustainance to mother nature/goddess. There may be difficulties and trials which she could send; she would surely provide us the strength and love to endure all such trials; making us invincible - making us bow in love and grace to our will and power of eternal lotus/kamala.

Peace and wish you all prosperous moments of goddess worship.

Judas Loves Jesus

Another look at the man who loved all (Judas and Jesus!):-

Who says Judas was a betrayer? Judas was verily a man and disciple of conviction and intent. His love for Jesus and vice versa could never be questioned. If anything he was the only saint and lover of Jesus amongst the lot. Judas and Jesus – brothers in arms. Their love for existence without par.

The others including Mary sat like stooges and listened to Jesus, prayed when he did, walked when he did and rested as he wished. But they could never see a bigger picture. The sort which jesus felt and said.
Jesus required a resurrection; for himself and the land in which he had taken birth. For himself to be redeemed he walked on land till the Indian subcontinent. He sat there next to the calm flowing Ganges at Hardwar, walked up the shivaliks with fellow lovers to the start of Himalayas. Broke bread with fellow yogis and mendicants and reduced his breathing every day to explore new horizons of consciousness.

His stay of around 12 years made him cross paths with tantriks and naths, beggars and thieves, prostitutes and businessmen. They seemed to mark within him a kind of transformation (generally initiated by Saturn in the twelfth house of one’s birth chart). He became aloof and alone; not requiring contact for extended periods. His mind became a dull vegetable as his heart expanded many times over. He was being re-made. It was time for him to return

The Jews became a decadent lot in the time Jesus had stayed away; they asked for nothing other than debauchery and Jesus could feel that every peaceful attempt of his intent to make people see the real deal was not getting any affection or regard. What was he to do? An inspiration struck; It was something which came from somewhere without perhaps.

He called Judas to his room on a dark clouded night; the moon hid behind and darkness spread its wings. Judas begged and cried to let him die; Jesus wept with his brother and embraced him; he kissed him on his head and told him; brave and patient. You will be hated. Hate will fuel you to what is fated. You shall sleep alongside I; on a bed burning with fire. This is the fire which will incinerate our deeds and remorse side by side.. Every single night.

They come up with a superb plan. Jesus will play the showman and Judas the liar. There shall be so called betrayal and Yesua will ascend the cross. There will be drama and everyone will be fooled. The commoners will weep and the lords shall stoop!

Seems delectable till this very day; where we go to the church and pray to Jesus on the cross. We NOW KNOW WHAT HE HAD TO ENDURE FOR US. It would have been the same if there had been no physical sacrifice or pain. But we would not be able to remember it that way perhaps.

Jesus slows down his breathing like taught by the hatha yogis from the east; his eyes focus on the middle of his fore head and the energy center within. He lets his body weep blood and remain on the cross; till its sore and removed by the serfs and thrown in an open grave.

Judas comes to his aid, washes him and feeds him. Kisses his feet and hands and cries over his broken body. Jesus wakes up eyes wide open – sees his perfect disciple by his side. What he has endured for eternity; only Jesus did know. Only Jesus could know.

So one was made the hero; while other the villain. Both followers of none and brothers till the end. Jesus was made god and Judas the devil. What we cannot till date see is without one the other holds NO VALUE

Peace and Love

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Great Consumer


A great consumer knows no bounds; has only needs; perpetual and hungry. Willing to not even fucking breathe

I am the greater grander consumer; eating up the music and nature; eating it all up in some sort of violent rage against myself and everyone else.

This applies to most of us; though we would not want to see it such; we are constantly creating economy and food; arts and passion; life over in our personal ways.

But all we are actually frigging doing is eating shitting and farting our ways every day. Its called sophistication, freaking out in some sort of mental image of ours; but this is not a very dark picture I paint; this is what all of us are.

To create requires sacrifice; you can ask mothers for that. It is not easy and definitely never as desired. But to just fucking consume the shit of this reality up is filthy; We are not making life; we are destroying it… by the way we have become to live. By buying and selling and duping not only our own species but all else.

It is disgusting, to be a consumer; where needs are not defined; not confined and not dissolved. They are just chased time and again as some sort of indulgence in finding personal identity or nirvana. This is not the time to be faint of fucking mind at the least; quantity and power of unity and diversity are being strained. Our minds are all together and yet our heart remains so far away. I hope anyone reading understands.

Let us let; silence prevail and dispel all and all needs. There is no desire or progress desired (as we choose to see it), yet everything remains the same… I know you dont believe that; so for that you must give it a try. Let yourself be dead to the world.. see what a fucking difference you made. I bet on my life Laughing out loud, you were of no use to anyone any fucking day.

Peace. Maybe I would choose not to call listening to free music as something of being a consumer; but I cannot at any cost be indulging anything anyways. I love to listen to music and live life as a consumer, but if there is any greater or grander use/purpose that all of us are living for, that belief sounds to be rather faint if not dead.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Such Sharp Sight


In darkness, there is some sort of field of invisible illumination. Its enlightening the path, showing one great funny picture, one at a time. Its the visual field illumined and your sensory grandeur feeding your brain. And this feeble version of you – which is trapped inside your head, inside your brain, is living one picture at a time.

Pictures so plain, hidden out of sight, there is always more than what meets the eye. You can’t see the great joke yet, and you sure should. it makes the picture so much sharper.

I say darkness, cause the entire real existence is dark in real color and in huge quantaties across. The dark energy is going through everything, and something visual is being ‘organically’ consciously being (what to say, just being!?)

This is the great collective experience, the darkness and intermingling of this sparse conscious energy and what not, and this is all of us, gods and humans, saints and demons. What not once more.

But there is one thing I forget to tell most times, this is the play of one singular point (les) point. Your power is the sum power of here and now existence. Cause you are outside your head. The unfortunate thing is that most of us never seem to get that, maybe thats why humanity is so slow to adapt learn or experience something finer. This is all subjective and labels of the mind – I get that, but you and I cannot ignore that fact that you are more than an idea, a body or a simple linear time experience. For realizing this through the frame of individual requires very sharp sharp insight.

This is a concept, life and all that it brings, how long or indepth it lasts. Full of what not, but in between inorganic powerful energy, and a lot of other organic powerful entities maybe. Why then are we stuck to the mundane, humanity soaking in self-ish-ness of this body survival and striving none the less to kill the other body. What a fucking joke.

Sharp insight brings indepth observation to the fore. it brings attention to here and now, and all of life becomes so much more sharper, to the senses and the brain and heart and will and power itself. That enriches this entire creation, making the pictures change, to what is required. That though is really not yours and mine to concern with. That is the way, the way and end goal

Love to here and now. Its simple yet so simple to achieve yet so difficult?

Monday, July 2, 2012



There was a storm; great thunder and roars; my tears were finally felt by something in the sky. They bathed tears down with me. Breaking me – shaking me to my core. Then no more.

I have seen cruel manifesting inside every pore of this life. I have felt the melancholy of a lonely desert rat. Left out to fend myself, I have died times over, still clinging on to a notion of survival till the end of time?

You won’t change, nothing ever does. Seemed to get better, then finally everything melts down, cause it has to. For it has to finally end, the end of good times and the drunkard illusion, everything fated and changes – to cause us to laugh and sigh

I itch from the very inside, of what I do not know. My self and soul seems to be burning; consumed with such need or I do not know what? There is wild wind all around me, and I remain calm – centred. Without the least self knowledge of what I am in the first or last places.

How can I breathe my heart out; that is always the question – for when I did, everything melted around it. Seems that the fate keeper does not want such candid emotions, such fluent ardent stirring. Maybe I am born in the wrong fated time, where love seems to hold disgust and not the sweet scent I was born to believe.

If everything around you goes the other which way; defying the way you see the world, the brain which controls your actions – thoughts will have to change. So you and I did do that, we changed in our hearts – causing no more of this desperate calm rendition to save ourselves (does it make sense – no way. for that is the centre of heart – non sense). But we cannot remain like that; can we. This too must change.

I bring forth through my life and the breadth; the very fall of consciousness; from heavens unknown to your heart – it is making it beat faster yet lose its own sense of identity ! What non sense indeed – something so sublime. Something which does not have any way of being spoken other than through love itself.

Annihilation of every dimension and separation from the moment of here and now; raising glasses this time – in silent sharp understanding of our hearts. That which is not for its own self, but to beat for its lover. This abundant everlasting now.

Why this cyclical nature to things even which cannot be explained. That we raise love and become no – things, and then return to separate and shield ourselves from ourselves – to achieve what purpose any which way?

My heart has become open; it has finally accepted its boundaries; and its own fears. It will maybe die and break away; or maybe it will go ahead and illuminate. I do not know or try to project any future, yet I believe the heart is beyond death. It feels not itself; it could know not itself. What a way to beat endlessly through all and all.

This is not about emotions or such. there is no way to show it clearly; a fog – mist perhaps in front of our brains. The visions do not fall through; yet when we choose to breathe deep and breathe in this loving non sense/ we can then truly become in-separable.


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