Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lotus Pond


Mist was clearing up and the morning dew settled on every pore of every leaf. There was a secret mire in between the thick jungle. Where it was located was debatable; it was a secret to the perception of anything outside it. The lotus pond was a delight to any life form which became a part of it.

I delighted on walking aimlessly inside the thick jungle space and coming across this beautiful sight. It took my breath away to say the least. There was a flurry of activity from the birds perched looking at me intruding in their private space. Their heaven on earth, and all I could do was watch and hear in awe of what nature holds to those who venture towards it with respect and inclusiveness.

The lotus pond was not very big; it was almost in a heart shape if one could see it from the eagle’s eye. The edges were reminiscent of a mire – full of fungi and algae and as one (if one could) walk through them, one would reach the blessed water untouched by anyone with an evil eye! I too, perched myself on the edges and contemplated on the sublime beauty of what was held. The pond was covered on all sides by thick lush green jungle trees, some were bushes and the others were more than a century old. The trees fed from this secret lake were exuding in their natural beauty. The peace was all resounding.

The day was covered in mist till late and the sun could not shine, the monsoons had started and I could feel the rain in the air, there was a cool breeze once a while which alleviated the humidity and set the spirit free. I was wondering where I had landed up and in that instant through the corner of my eyes – all I could see was a figure much like me, it was meandering in and out; near and far away from the other side; edge of the beautiful lotus pond. And as I tilted my head in disbelief; the figure merged with the greenery. I could not see who would be so deep in the jungle; reclusive like myself. In search of the unfathomable?

Maybe it was a question of sanity (and the lack of it). Many weeks of jungle walking had lead me to this serenity, and it could be that it was taking its toll. I was not averse to spending time alone, and more often than not enjoyed every such opportunity. But man’s gene speak something else. In this thick natural part of the country – who could say what games the mind could play to bring it back to some form of social entity? I walked slowly and cautiously – on the periphery of the beautiful pond – to where I thought I saw another human being. What I saw was not really reality?

Athena was her name, or that is what she said in my head. A figure of dark, with darker hair and height almost one and half times mine; elegant and poised she rested sitting cross legged near the mire meditating on a divine lotus which had floated kind of near the edges (maybe floated in love with her). I grew scared with the clear audio-visual hallucinations which had started up in me. I had surely lost touch with my so called reality; perhaps it was overwhelming to see green blue water oasis covered with shrubbery. Perhaps it was disturbing to leave my solid life behind to seek the very unknown on the crust of earth. Perhaps it had all taken a toll, this half mendicant life – which really did not seek a purpose for its journey. Athena is my name, and you are dearest to my heart. You are a lotus like no other, waiting to dissolve. I feel as your tender heart does, but to tell you the truth, you are clearly not ready?

She spoke again in my head, and I moved past the thick dense shrubs and tree branches overhanging. Many birds now spoke their presence of danger in unison in live wild coo-ing. I knew what i was headed towards was a figment of my imagination and suddenly I fell in between the cracks of the lake and fell head deep indeed!

The lake had seeped like a mire to places beyond its known see able periphery, and as I had walked towards the meditating figure, I had not seen this clearly. I made quite a noise falling and screaming perhaps and this is the first time Athena looked directly at me, or so I imagined. The water was cold – refilled by probably the last rain (which was a day before). My rags of clothes were completely wet and I drowned inside the murky lake. I tried to swim up but I could not, there was something which was pulling me downwards – something stuck in my leg – perhaps the root of a flower or plant or an animal unheard of. What a fine day and way to die, looking at a figure non existent and then curiosity reeks the lie. The water was freezing is what I felt last and then my collective unconscious took away any other damning emotions towards the dark.

I woke up sitting cross legged and wet, I opened my eyes (or so I felt) and saw Athena touching my third eye and feeling my hair intermittent. She exuded so much love, something which my sad life could never feel in its years since birth. I looked down and saw myself naked and sitting on a beautiful lotus; I felt that many a nights had passed since I was my previous prior self.

Athena walked around me, covered in a robe of some sort – she looked like none other from the human species seen so far, tall and slender, wide eyed and pretty. Stern and omniscient – I really did not know where I had landed up. Perhaps a spirit of nature or an archetype from my mind. I do not know who she was other than perhaps the saver of my fruitless senseless life.

After circling me quite a time, she saw on my side, she now touched with a finger of hers – the broken bent heart of mine. Speaking in my head – clearing all my doubts.

I am Athena, speak of me as you wish, do not fear or feel embarrassed and yes I saved your life in this day and time. You can call me a spirit or entity; nothing in vocabulary can describe my nature just like yours. I am a part of this beautiful pond and no perception enters without consent of us here and now.

I am here for I am a secret which must be preserved and not destroyed (and something told me that humans was something which the pond or herself were averse to, then why was I kept alive). I am nature and I am out of this world – literally. I have made this my home and see that you feel the very same.

I was baffled; how could she speak in my head, how could she be not of this earth, was this a joke or some sort of divine humor? Something which was cursing my fate in this lotus lake?

Blossom little child, as I told you – keep your fear and doubts at bay. I am from the depths of the collective mind, travelling and settling to meditate on peace where required. Yes you have been called and you decided to travel in time – here to this serene secluded lake where only the chosen ones come to recline!\

The rain started patting my naked back and the trees started briskly moving hither-tither with the rain so profound – it was as if nature was conceding to the truth this fictional entity was giving without even speaking. The language vague and unheard of; and yet so clear in its intent every time. I was overwhelmed. I let go – and she kissed my heart and embraced me (and it felt like once more)

I am from a star very much away in distance and thought – I come here once so often and seek the worthy to come sit on the lotus – which you have now done so. I seek the worthy of heart and love; who give their mental attentions away to accept everything the universe and life offers with grace (How could she know me so very well).

Yes I know of pain and suffering and of what you all here have faced but to tell you – this is a mirage like the one you saw before encountering this lake. The lotus underneath me was glistening in wild love – and I was feeling its embrace too; the energy took me over and as Athena spoke in my mind – I embraced her gently without even realizing why.

The first time I saw her face – so petite yet elongated – she was definitely not humanoid. She was telling the truth – she was from somewhere else. But why here? Why saving me… She exuded this warmth through her body which I have never ever felt in another living thing. It perhaps first time showed me what being truly alive felt like. I could never forget that moment, and I now stood up from the lotus and as I stepped across the disguised mire (which I could not see earlier); i saw how in reality the mire extended – secret to human eyes – it was miles and miles in radius perhaps – and the trees all floating on it were blossoming – with wide colorful lotus flowers. This was a secret realm – where magic was alive. I understood for the first time – how every single reclusive thought and action and intent of mine was purposeful in bringing me in contact with this beauty alive. The mire and its protector (this strange pretty alien who talked in my mind).

She spoke now through her petite lips – yet I could not decipher through my ears what the language could be; she spoke and I was hypnotized. I forgot about the fact that I was standing on a liquid surface like the trees and athena herself. The mire was shining as the rain drops kept falling. The lotus all around so colourful kept calling and I no longer was afraid!

She told me that I was called here by this intelligent design – the lotus pond held all in kind. There was going to be a deep time of change and insensitivity where those who acted against the intelligent design of their creator (their selves) would perish and those who kept humility and love in their hearts would be saved for a life again on this planet and maybe even the next?

I coiled in horror for i thought she was telling me that her kind were going to destroy life on earth – and she recoiled too – for she understood at once that I had not understood – No you do not know what I know of she said softly – The earth is grand and wise and so are you – there have been many a time I have interjected through this secret lake – to save mankind and the like – but this time it is different – there will be no interjection from my side – this time you will take my intent for the entire kind. Your kind

I asked in my mind – what can I do, and what do we need to save ourselves from? Is this the truth which you speak or am I being misled into slavery towards the lake? She told me in silent words – ever speaking in a language which I could not understand – No; The lake here is to protect all kinds of life – it is a noah’s ark if you may say so – for this planet and at a certain time in the past – even for creatures from other planets – I too am have been saved from the destruction of my planet so far in dimension by the calling of this lake – as how ; now it has called your heart to itself. It calls to the devoted and love lorn – so you may now show your world where the lake rests (in some form) that it is worth to change oneself and the non-instinctual feelings and thoughts for the grander plan. To be oneself as one is always. Without fear and dismay, with love and one-ness and the ability to give up control and have faith in the intelligent design if one may so say.


There was a lull in the rain; now only intermittently pitter pattering on the tree tops. Athena looked up and I could see a single ray of pure white sun light falling on her face and silhouette for the first time in the day (or days – depending on how long I was off inside the marsh). Her face was the sign of divinity! The first thing to be seen~

I feel changed – I told her through my lips, I feel that you have done something to me, my being is lighter than usual. She smiled and pointed at the lotus I was sitting on, and said; that is what has changed, in the morning when you fell – there was no lotus there – and now where you sit is the blossoming. A matter of time and fate I would say; and then she picked me up (I would have underestimated her power), she lifted me up with my shoulders and I saw her beautiful face better than now ever before. Her pout and gaze, her lively eyes and sultry face. She lifted my spirits more than my body; and told me to go back to wherein from I came.

You have been enlightened but it is only half complete. I was quizzed? What do you mean, I do not understand. Your self is now raw; half baked. Your energy is clear of all the impending dirt that keeps the truth and clarity at bay; but even this is only half the measure – for when you now venture into your destructive illusive world – you will meet people who you could not fathom live and died in such a pathetic way. Your energy will attract all of them to you and you will speak to them about a mystical lake. A mire where the beautiful lotus grow. A pond where the dirt is washed away; where what remains is what must remain.

They will look at you strange; and take you for a fool. You will pay no heed and spread cheer none the less. This is the other half of the process of enlightenment. This is the completion of your story. Then you will return once again. At the end of your life time. You will look different then, but you will find me waiting for you. I will be watching your every move. This lake will be your guide and master for all purposes forever. Your work is now to begin. Your end will be complete.

Saying this, in less than a blink of an eye (and I did not bling my eyelid even once looking at her all the while). She just merged into the surroundings – and all I saw were beautiful reclusive lotuses growing everywhere. All colors and sizes; resplendent and not in arm’s length; I was amidst masters who had earlier like my humble self done the work of this lake (and entirety) and come back to take the place of beautiful lotus growing amidst the dirt.



I met athena; the muse and goddess (of) in my dreams, she smiled though I could not see her face. She embraced me and my worldly dismays never bothered me. I did my work; the beautiful lotus ponds work till one fine day, I took the pilgrimage back to the source. Without a single trace; I returned to where I belonged.





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