Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Slow Down

(The way up a hill/a path/towards heaven is always by slowing down!)

I have spent some time in HK, where I used to live close to a hillock (upper wanchai area). The place is one of the most serene locals I have seen till date, relatively posh and hence free of the hustle bustle market streets which HK is generally known for. 

The way up to the hillock used to be from real close to my apartments, and hence I would on a daily basis see tons of old folks climbing up and coming down. I myself over time spent many a day walking up this hillock (and its really worth it). The climb up is one of the steepest I have seen in my life - for a walkers route. Its at least at a 60 degree angle up hill all the way to the summit. 
The hillock at the top is intertwined and interlinked with all the other hillocks around that area, and hence a path is made for walkers to walk in divine quietness midst peaceful greenery. The place used to be indescribable to say the least. 

But what used to strike me even more awe filled was the way that these old folks used to walk up all the way in one go, I was around 10+ and full of energy and I used to walk and stop and almost die in the process; It used to take me as much if not more time to walk up - than these old people (who would on an average look like they were 60 - none would know their real age of course). 
So now I am a big fan of walking - for many years on; I like the pace at which I can travel and see surroundings and also give some thought to my inner being so as to speak - and while I was walking the other day at night (thats generally when I walk around my neighboring areas - to find a new direction so as to say) and this beautiful imagery of these old folks walking up struck me. And I understood something finally

I must also mention - I am a very quick walker at worst, and find my way generally with ease and speed; but in recent times - I have deliberately started walking at a measured pace with a poised gait; which will help me relax forcefully while walking lol. 
So this forced slowness was the same thing which these chinese old folk were doing when they were climbing up this steep un-climbable sort of hill. They were doing an initial forced measure - which will slow down their mind and the body - followed by a sense of meditative ness - which would remove the distractions the mind would create due to the artificial slow ness induced. 
This is generally achieved via breadth control as well. You can control the pace at which you breathe and this would affect every other part of the organizam. 

What is the effect of inducing such an artificial slowness; well for one you can easily climb fucking tall mountains! This kind of tai-chi/prana/hatha techniques are very easy to know and very difficult to practice and once conquered - extremely beneficial in all sense possible!
The slowing down of breath or pace at which one goes about their walk or thoughts or words or everything, creates a sense of space in our minds, the minds relax - free from one imposing thought over another all the time. Creating lower frequency waves - emanating from the mind - theta waves - which create the will to take over (as it is), but not shrouded by blinding and confusing mind thoughts. Creating splendor of being as it is said - extraordinary fitness for the body and longevity, extremely young and naive mind - capable of multiple processes and perceptions possible. A strong Heart which will stand through any perceived adversities and always provide inclusiveness - all this by changing the way one walks? I would have to say yes here. 
Many people across the world, now practice walking and dancing meditations - slow and sure, the motor activity is so strong - that it takes over the entire activity and the brain does not have to provide any cognitive inputs - it is not imagining here anymore (though that is what practically and most probably takes place), but imagination too shall take a break given practice - and then the mind itself becomes awakened while being subdued. Again a cool dichotomy but a fact. These are the effects which I have encountered while doing a measured walk with a poised gait. Gait creates the sense of attention - and where it is being directed. If its wayward gait, then the energy too shall not be stable and shall dissipate, otherwise if the gait is kept strong - which only the individual will be able to realize - then the walk becomes empowering and meditative, providing kind of limitless energy for realizing tasks. 

But this is enough non-sense for now, the fact remains that till date I do not believe I have met anyone who would be as strong with stamina as to climb the hill like the myriad old people from HK used to (the youth used to stop and walk just like me - everyone except some really old people could not climb the hillock at one go~!). Their never stopping and never giving up attention gait and walk was something which our generation (the current one), has never learnt; had the inclination to learn and most probably never learn cause now we do not get the opportunity to walk! 
I still try to walk as much as I can, cause I have experienced its direct benefits - its sense of slowing down - creates a greater harmony within the body and mind and more peace definitely any which day. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Corporate X War (Primitive Working Models)

This is the future of Human War Evolution:

As the situation has changed dramatically with the passage of time - humans have become 'more peaceful, even amicable living together while striving to acquire most of the common resources for themselves only'

This is the start of a new kind of war, not seen every before. 
Wars happen over Land and fuel. Resources which are for everyone's use. Not just one. 

So now we do not have kings or kingdoms, and countries as such cannot come up with some sort of pathetic right of patriotism - for we are now living in times of peace - to keep the peace - the war must be raged also in peace. 

This is the start of capitalism and Corporations - organizations/ bunch of assholes who sit together all day long and strategize how to be mean to their fellow man/woman. They sit and brew in hate and contempt - for profit and growth is their life, for bottom line and cost cutting becomes prime - to win this war, to show that they are better and of course more entitled to win over the resources of mother earth! The war has begun....

So now its not nations and men fighting for idealism or defending people against mad men (for now everyone is a mad person!). Now its companies, sitting in buildings - their corporate offices - where they sit and think of how to cut costs to run the other into the ground, cause distress to their fellow man. To provide the invisible 'Consumer' with the best (which is rarely the case). It is to con the common man, destroy the opposition, make the greatest profit, and run endlessly for some fallen notion - saying that this is the way.
(Look; this is actually what most of our work is, we get reward and recognition for getting more profits for our company - not for being smart, sincere, a nice person, a concerned soul, a genuine person, an empathetic person)

So now you are a general or a commander (only the designations have become more; refined is it?) based on how many years you slogged with your troupes, how many 'battles' and quarters of months you ended winning for your company or what not. 
The only thing which has gone wrong in this primitive sad ass model is that - there is no real loyalty or faith to your organization/company what not. So not only the war has become more sissy for a bunch of yuppies - it has also no real emotions behind it. People now just skip companies over and over like a whore show. They do not care for any vision/mission that the corporate bastard groups are trying to achieve in the first place. This feels kind of justified - the companies invest in their so called troupes - paying them, training them, making them rewarded - and yet this primitive 'working' model does not even provide the basic intangible efficacy of loyalty! What a pitiful state of doing things. 

So I know of people who have worked some 20 years in one company destroying their competitors - and then switching over to the competitor and now destroying their original organizations so called benefits/products/services, and I ask myself this - what kind of gain is this - either for the individual or these warring asshole companies!? Maybe some one else can tell. 

I have learnt this quote from some famous asshole but it makes sense - ' Any working model cannot be quit unless a better model is provided'. So to remove something like this plague would require another working model (far less destructive than a plague perhaps). A far more efficient one as well. 

So why has this model survived thus far - I will start with that first - the model is decently efficient in speeding up processes to reach goal (of course personal motivation of some sort of gain works well ). But the real reason it is so lucrative is cause it gives the workers some false sense of freedom! Is it not so - we have freedom to work only for ourselves - and yes that is all we spend all our lives at work doing, trying to better our personal gain. 

So this working model has to be changed to a uni world order (later to a no order - no corporation - no nothing, as I am of the firm belief - we do not read . I am not against companies - I am against competition - which wastes much of time not on better innovation (as we are made to believe - which is crap/bullshit). The sense of war has to be removed from every facet of our lives. Of competition bettering us - this mentality is flawed just like asshole Darwin's fucking focus on it. Competition only increases the individual ego instincts; which is counter productive. 
What we require is to compete against our thoughts and individual impulses - working together for whatever we do. 
Hence innovation works better in collaboration. So does profit (for your information). Hence a single world order company for making us our hedonistic capitalistic shit (shit which we really do not need) for each product/service would suffice? I believe so. This model also gives personal freedom (yes it could be argued that this freedom would be lost for entrepreneurs - but as long as entrepreneurs are not just working for personal gain - then their ideas would be empowered and appreciated a lot more through single working domains than fending it out till getting crucified and recognized? Is it not?) 
No it wouldn't? How could it? When we have survived on this notion for so long right? Would it not become corrupt or lazy. Will it not give us the worst and at the highest cost?
How could it, when the world's citizens are together in making it, How can it; when the people who are making the service/product what not are the ones at the end of the day consuming it?
How will it, if we cut out the greed, need and apathy so associated with us working day to day and getting left out in the open by night to fend for ourselves - all thanks to the corporate wars taking place within and without

As always - working models primitive or otherwise have to be revisited and re looked - and encouraging ideas to improve them or dissolve are always entertained. Would love to hear from our free and assumed free lot to give inputs to change the world paradigms for better more peaceful days to come!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pride and Mighty Shame


Mighty shame takes hold in a child; when just born – free and naked, existing without any form of need. Something so very beautiful – everyone notices it.

He sees the shame to expose one’s body and mind to another. To the world, as it is. And so he gets a slap or a beating and soon recognizes the worth of ‘shame’. He feels at ease in clothes tailored to choke. He feels good with the tie, and with corsets and what not. The child understands the power of perversion and erotic sexual energy through shame. What a terrible way of teaching one’s future race – the worth and splendour of sexual power. Shame makes the grown man tremble; with excitement and repulsion instant.

Subtle pride takes hold of in a man, when he is growing from naivety to arrogance (which way manifests is as unique as the individual). Arrogance leads him to assume that he is needed here. When the situation might be completely different in perception less reality. Did any of us ever think, or feel what is the use of birth and this process of life which we call (It might manifest as the search for identity, uniqueness, crazy power-innocent or corrupt? what not, it can manifest as anything!) The pride which makes us wanderlust, makes us create, invent and heedlessly follow our own steps with such surety? Isn’t it very weird, that we never question our own existence – in its base sense – why was I required in the first place, no! we just assume, with our pride of (I’dentity) that we are here and now and its such, it had to be such. Our wills are never questioned, never doubted?

Such terrible disease these two are amongst the neurons of our mind – it consumes the entire lifetime of magnificent beings like humans and make them sure and neurotic at one go!

I have forever required to live free, naked. I have seen many an instance in my life which has made me dissolve the need for heedless shame in reality; and its opposite – perversion (actually this would plague me and so many more now in this day and age). Perversion to turn your sexual energies on or off with kink, with nudity (and its absence!) with the sense of chasing your love, lust, power and the other (yes shame does this to all).

I have forever questioned my purpose, place and now my very existence, it doesn't do much to be thinking, writing or speaking about it, one cannot act in this conundrum, but one could understand the true meaning of this statement ‘ There are more things in heaven and here, then is fathomable by the i’dentity’. The identity assumes pride and its place center of this play of existence, but why? and does it actually spoil the show of life? Why the need for I in the first place, I am not needed on this planet, eating up resources and consuming everything including myself to create some sort of satisfaction. I do not need to be here – neither do you – and the truth is – we really ought to be dead or away for life to flourish. Yet we assume we are needed, our life paramount, and our bliss unique – we are in this false pride all moments of our day and night; forgetting the grand-ness of this sphere of life. (How the fuck else can it be explained, I really cannot say)

Peace – with a life free of mighty shame and its deep rooted consequences and pride – the false assumption which takes us to the grave still confused and dumb as fuck!


Sitting splendidly in the middle of a vast milky ocean, lasting for eternity (without time)>
You break into a fine howl, shaking the edges of my sanity and the universe away, all in one go. There you set your mad will on roll. How its set it all in perpetual motion, never to stop anywhere you know
The silent meditation broken down by the blowing of a conch; very far away and yet so piercingly powerful, you and all cant help but notice.
Changing everything, every scene in a split moment – splitting every creation, your fine scent every so fresh this rainy season.
It feels like ages ago, as it did now – every sense of time leads to deja vu, with enough of it (time), everyone feels old.

Thats when you come into the picture, my beloved will, the eternal dharma, making everything tender and refined. Raw and maybe even inertial, every drama with its fine script. Broke into a howl, thats where the entire world stopped.
Stopped in motion and thought, experience and vast no being. Where quantity was not a measure, and brain was not created yet just a random thought to the entirety, the none.
But you are like eternal jasmine sunset, without words or expressions – so elegant in accepted love/laughter, there seems to be a break in this world’s plan.
Eternal will damning itself to another; rolling over till never’s end and then some more, and there seems to be no stopping the will to be. How awkward indeed.
Bring forth the muse, the scene and music, love for laughter and being along with the subdued and eternal lasting impressions of not being, darkness and loving twins accepting each others reality and faces – night and sky, day and light, death and life, mighty duals expression full and so gullible. Eternally refreshing.
I spoke of the vast ocean, where conches blew as beacons and the shrieking pierced through to create life itself, perhaps the screech was in the sound of om, or some other audible creation, or perhaps it was the entire range of audio known and unknown, The broken howl. But who is to know about such things where the tender love of you(rs) is involved~
Beloved experience of tender love in this awe filled world and beyond. where mind is another tool of the so many to wonder and ponder and create and nullify.
Breaking your shackles, coming apart. The life of day and night not making quite ‘sense’, as it ever did to anyone/thing. When the milky ocean settles down, maybe all movement might come to an abrupt halt (the freezing over of the cosmos).
And the conch still is traversing through the fields of space and more, every single rhythm and harmony traversing in invisible, silent and naked grounds. Creation with grace is what I calls it, a spiritual understanding (that is a dichotomy though).
Don’t I vibrate, pulsate with energy – in vile and such soft demeanour; every single cell of this creation dancing with shiva~shakti.
Blessed are the witnesses and the merge into the void. Where experience meets the center of your heart and mine ~ howling infinite at the same frequency, we meet and nullify~
Peace and Love.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Onam Brings Hell On Earth!


There is no easier way to put the title. Onam is a festival among some smart ass fishermen – malayalis/south of india lol.

The celebration is for the king maha bali. Probably was popular for some reason now only in  kerala. This king was cool, and he was just and he was kind and patient and powerful. And he was a demon (asura).
The festival is a kind hearted loving sentiment for this kind of legend. The festival spread over some 10 days shows the lavish and complete sides of malayalis (not bound by any religion now). Its a time of utter spending and celebration. From good clothes, food and lights and of course everything sublime.

The celebration should have been across India, for the legend – myth; is a hindu legend.

The ten avatars of lord vishnu – are kind of saving grace which the invisible presence bestows now and then, the avatars occur at each stage of human evolution/devolution – with the purpose of inspiring faith and love on the invisible grace – which has helped true love conquer hate.

So these individual stories are myths – and these serve a purpose for a society – to help create a sense of one ness and strength (of course needed when the human is faced against the odds of death and darkness of beyond the universe!). But this individual story which involves maha bali – is kind of baffling atleast to me, for it would have the reverse purpose.

So mahabali the ancient kind, is a powerful asura – who has taken over the love and respect of the people – he rules, and yes he does rule; but with wisdom. The problem is that he a a demon. I really do not understand why he would be a demon, but thats the story.

And with such awesome rule over the land; the citizens soon forget even to oblige the lord for his magnificence. They consider Mahabali lord and saviour for all. This is where the story kind of fades away for me, Lord is upset ofcourse, not in some selfish sort of way – but in a spiritual sense; Lord cares for every sentient being it would seem – and the goal of life is to realize itself and hence the lord has to manifest himself – to prove that even lord mahabali has to stoop in front of his mighty over power.

The story is indeed convoluted for mahabali was one of the few demons – who adores the good ‘force’ or whatever, he is an ardent devotee and of course he knows that lord vishnu will take form to destroy him? (His guru – the planet shukra/venus – guru for all demons, even advises him and yet he mahabali does not back down)

So lord vishnu manifests himself – as the tiny pygmy (vamana). This is stage of human evolution – where pygmies came along I guess. He comes to King Mahabali in the form of a small Brahmin boy while the king is performing yagna (sacrifices to the fire). He asks him his due, and king mahabali in a faint presence of ego says – whatever you see and beyond belongs to me, you may take what you please.

The small pygmy now expands his size and becomes as become as the entire cosmos itself and within 2 steps covers the entire earth and sky (the story is that the boy asks for 3 feet worth of space and what it covers to be his own). So within the first two steps – the entire realm which mahabali controlled is gone; and a final step is still left.

The king bows down and prays to the lord – and asks the third step to lie on his head (as that is the only place which mahabali owns now). The lord does so pleasingly – as he knows that mahabali is an ardent devotee, and asks any request/boon which he might want in return; here mahabali asks to come up to the earth once a year or such – so that he may see the people and how they are doing. And with this – he is pushed under the earth into realms of hell/patala/other dimension whatever.

SO every year, devotees and citizens of Mahabali’s kingdom – await his arrival and celebrate it with fervour, but why is is that only kerala gets to celebrate it in style, and if Mahabali was such a good king – shouldn’t he have ruled forever – is it not better than the god led rule of this day and age (where most would agree that it is more nihilistic and pathetic and now actually being led and ruled by demons – who do not have an ounce of wisdom?!)

Why would the lord god of the universe take such form/avatar to redeem the world – and in this case from who/what?

Some myths never make sense I guess, or perhaps they are not myths and actual portents into history/reality – as it happened way distant in the past. Just blurred with ages of tom foolery at the minds of less evolved and more dangerous people than Mahabali could ever fathom to be or see, in his beloved kingdom.


Peace and Love

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Field Visit - II

To start where it was left out,
Part I -

The hardened arteries pumping blood to the brain and legs - The heart throwing away its veil of fear so that it may make the brothers in arms stronger through this dismal abysmal night. What has fate in store for these earnest seekers. Light or darkness, or something totally different.

Guru-bhai's have begun their journey to find the fabled lotus, which once eaten shall cure all disease, redeem all sins, make all efforts not futile and create emancipation both for the body and spirit.

They are somewhere in dark jungles of kumaon - valleys and hills by night hosting myriad himalayan bears and tigers; lurking to eat the faint of heart. They have entered the cave of delight (as told by their mystical masters) - They have battled at the gate - the incredibly huge king of snakes (ananta); They manage to lure it out and then fight this gruelling battle surrounding this ancient beast. The beast knows not to let anyone unintended into the cave, it spits venom from its fangs and tries to coil itself around the five guru bhais. They are undeterred - they have come to expect the end from the day they took the vow to reach the mystical lotus.
They take the ends of their staffs, which has the trishul drawn out - and poke at the snake (it is not amused). They are forever breathing in and out their sacred guru mantra *Na Ma Ci Va Ya* and they raise their energies in a collective unit. The breathing slows down though the battle is full and drawn out. The Snake senses now the group dreaming power. It suddenly comes to a standstill - and the spirit brothers also stop attacking the very instance it does. They understand it is the nature of the snake and themselves to be at conflict until both realize that peace is the only way. The brothers are battered and bruised - bleeding profusely. The Snake suddenly shrinks its size and becomes a common earth worm and wriggles away. The field visitors are confused but they are reassured at the strange ness of the events and that it means they are not being mislead - they are on the right track. Towards the fabled powerful lotus.

They enter subterranean worlds. The entire place smells of holy incense - As they descend in darkness (only lead by one torch amidst the five). They are able to see semblances of what seems to be steps. Old and broken, the cave has been one of the oldest foot holds of mystical contemplation in the world. Beyond the realms of time; Inside dimension of infinite space (via the medium of darkness). The place had been refuge for all those who sought/found peace amidst formlessness.
Somewhere here was a lotus flowering - which would bring this to form. This illusion to despair and emancipation to fore. The pain of the void would recede and will be flooded with endless light - bringing about an end to the past and future. A never ending bliss to the present. The risk of the venture is this life.

They hear dancing footsteps; after a week of inseparable darkness - entering the womb of earth. There are small shafts which go all the way to the surface - an ancient design made to let oxygen enter inside. The men look at each others faces with glee - they can see! How awful indeed it is, they have made their peace in this underground abyss, with paths and leads going all over the place. The silence is deadly - only interrupted with this haunting footsteps of some sort of invisible dancing entity.
The brothers cranium beams down with intent - they understand that power and forces from beyond their reckoning are at play. They can control their hunger and to some extent their thirst - but they will be unable to control their senses now at play even more - to save themselves from the suffering of their mind.
They stay together and put a step at a time - the labyrinth is getting more intricate. The days and nights have passed slowly (or quicker than usual?). They see the path winding down (not spirally), but stepping as if from corner to another corner of a hexagon. The path is steep and blindingly dark, seems like who ever made this - had only one purpose - to dig as deep as possible and stay there without any possibility of seeing broad daylight again.

The smell of insense is still present and the light foot tap of an invisible soul getting louder by the hour. The lack of food and water for a week taking its toll; and no one to point a particular direction to the mythical lotus.
This is where most people break down, and let their minds control their beings. The brothers were facing it too, even after years of meditation and mental fortitude showing forth - yet the lack of light had severly affected the serotonin levels inside the cranium - some sort of dark depression was at fore - making fools out of men's sincere yet futile efforts to reach the lotus. The ultimate challenge was of course to overcome your own self to view something different, something worth the space taken!

They reach the end of the steps - and all of them pile on each other - fall down and look for pieces of their broken bloody body to pick up. They do not have it within themselves - not anymore. The search has taken five more for the keep.

Perhaps twelve hours down the line, one of the brothers gets up and drags himself off the end of these steps (the steps which took a week and more to climb down), there was no way to look up - there is nothing to look up in this darkness.
The single brother sees a small pool (rather sees a dark shimmer through some light of his faded torch).. The water seems to be boiling hot in some places and very very cold in others - it seems perfect to take a dip and drink. The feeling is quite other worldly (he imagines) and then falls flat onto the surface.
The lake is deep - extremely deep. The guru bhai does not have a clue regarding this - he falls and keeps falling to the very end.
Over the next couple of days the others get up (still speaking their holy mantra!), they see no trace of the fifth one - they know a moment of respite is never found (not even after embracing the grave). They knew they were one less in their strength and dreaming power. They were indeed vulnerable.

They touch the pool with care, and clean their wounds. Loss of blood and lack of amenities in the dark has made them weak. They need to rejuvenate. They need to liberate.

They look around - and see the cave has come to an end (is it that they have not noticed the way further down). Is it that there is another way further below? Is it the end of their grousome journey; Where is the fabled lotus which gives freedom? Is it rotting somewhere here like their guru bhai? Or is it that liberation has a stiffer price than even this?
To Be Continued


Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...