Monday, August 7, 2017

Lasya Goddess

Oh How you light up everyday and night for me, your sweet smile and gentle laughter is the reason for which I have taken birth.
What purpose other than to be a part of your life; to hold you in my arms dearly so you can snuggle into my shoulder and look at me with the love I hold for you. There is nothing grander than this feeling.
You brought the sparkle to my eyes, the fire into the cold heart of mine, where you dwell always. I dream of you; of how you have come into our lives and lightened it up with your sweet innocence.
Sweet Nonugochi baby, be the smiling angel that you are always in your life.

Life is tough, and there are times where we feel down; you may face them too but I feel that your gentle touch will spread love and happiness to all those around you and uplift them. I can see this power in your mesmerizing eyes. In your wise actions even at this yonder age, you are the teacher we have been looking for.

As you love and hug your mother, look kindly to her, for she suffered without a word to give birth to you. She never complained and even till the last day when you were in her womb; she wanted to see your sweet face earnest desire. She worked and lived alone the time you were living in her womb and did everything for you without complaining or feeling exhausted even once. She is indeed your source of power and wisdom, your wellspring of love and compassion. You are her image of innocence and you be always like that. (Though you carry her anger with you as well - but thankfully it is as shorlived as your mothers!)

From the moment I saw you, with your eyes wide open wrapped up in a green towel in Jaslok hospital - I could feel that you have taken birth of your own accord and not out of the karmic associations which bind us to bodies and people births after births.
It is you who have chosen your birth time and place, your special view of this world (which we are already getting a special glimpse of) and your actions which will alleviate the suffering and innocence of the many who are struggling to find meaning and love in this world.

Your lovely hair strolling by your side, your beautiful well formed ears hearing everything happening all around in awe. Your big eyes looking at everything of this world with due attention. You are the epitome of beauty and love. You have brought me to my knees in deep reverence for the goddess within thee!

May you grow up with sincere love by your side, may you see the beauty this world has to offer and give back where ignorance accumulates. May your endeavors be sincere and filled with strength to conquer everything against you.

May you never lose your simple charm; and the sweet chirpy voice you address your mom with in love and in anger. May you love your father as much as he tries to love you and forgive him for the ignorant buffoon that he can be or has been.
May you always be the goddess that you are, the combination of Lakshmi, Kamakshi and Saraswati and with the blessings of Lord Balaji - empower the less empowered, and love the unloved!

Peace and Love to you with all my heart my Nonuguchi Princess. 

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