Saturday, March 31, 2012

Night Star


Under the night star; everything lies. The only star; makes its presence felt to one and all.

The lovers apart; look up to it, pray and cry at their plight. Don’t know if they would survive another night away from each other’s arms. From the warmth of each other’s breadth. Yet they can see the same night star, a white light, a dot in the blackness of space. Of this life. Their only hope is the twinkling star; twinkling like how their hearts beat for each other..

The night star from the cell of the dying man. Sure to be executed at dawn, he looks at the glorious hell of darkness; and the only sign of his redemption. Not from his sins, but from his body; his so called life. The star looks towards him, and he cries and sighs. He has not seen anything quite as pure; anything quite as sincere as the simple night star. He will die. The whole world shall not know of it. His existence so futile; just like every dying soul around. Night star is the only witness to this futility.

My Heart like a void; cries so.

My heart looks at the night star; without a word accepts its fate. Without it up above; My heart so tender; shall itself stop without a word.

Our life because of this night star, has a meaning. has a shout once in a while. Without the night star; everything is already doomed. Everything already done.

The saint looks at the night star, in quiet and peace. From the hole in his cave. The faint twinkling light pouring in. Its glimmer his trust. That god and his lover are not away. He has spent many such nights, alone and without hope. But now he is almost done. Looking to the star, his smile comes alive through his worn face. His heart so alive wants to re-unite to its source. To its master.

Such is fate, when the star is there (not with respect to time), just as long as its there. Life has come ALIVE. When it is not. Life was not anything which could be known.

Wow, In terms of abstract; I mean the night star is what we all are searching for. A glimmer of a beacon. A light which will separate creation for us into something more palatable. Something which we can literally see, and not just believe lol  Smile




How is a god thirsting man’s apparition like to the others watching close?

As in, when the stage comes, that nothing is satisfactory. Happiness eludes itself for an entire lifetime. I mean true true content-ness. Its not happening with the pursuit through money and physical inertia (all our so called comforts are only to make us slow and lazy. Keep us static eh).

So when the mind starts seeing with greater clarity, there comes greater need for this whole-ness, this feeling of complete-ness to be present. We try to achieve it with the lover. All of us, get married settled and live with partners, to achieve the complete. Across material, social, religious and all other separations, the need to complete in any and all humans comes with ferociousness like never before….

So what can the mind do. It shuts itself off, thats an art. People call it zen and meditation. As it accepts its own in-completeness, something powerful and willed takes place I believe. Willed is the word. The power (perhaps through mind or any other source) creates the dual, the other half, which will complete the incomplete experience.

Mira bhai, the famous princess of India, who fell in love with the god hood Hari; actually would have created her lover through intense power. Intense longing. Intense moments which actually created the physical and ethereal blue skinned god Krishna in front of her. She would have merged herself into him, creating him.

Perhaps this is a famous psychological theory as well. The mind creating whatever is the opposite and yet required remedy for the moment.

Believe you me; the mind is the most powerful source of this life experience of ours. What I call by the experience of the heart is actually what I have mentioned in the above paragraphs. It is the mind giving its awful sense of power away; and actually embracing it. Power making the required divinity manifest itself and complete the imagination.

I understand and elate at the power of our imagination. True pure imagination from the heart (the heart which now I understand through the mind ), This imagination creates the complete experience. The complete life. The only life to be taken into consideration; if ever.

Peace and Joy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Interesting Tail


Could be an interesting tail for all times.

Human beings have lost their tail; replaced it with the tail-bone. Internalized the external force. We should take a relook at our genetic ‘evolution’ now.

The tail bone creates the mood from the mind alive. I will put it simple; the emotional energy reverberates and comes out from the back of the spine, the tail can emote- it can show anxiety and fear and surprise and care. It shows empathy and hunger, and the satisfaction of another day gone under. Animals use it to branch out and try to fly, what a contraption; why were we bereft of it I ask? This excess energy has to be internalized for a fresh fucking start!

So what use is the tail in animals which possess it:

1) It is used as a locomotion agent in fishes; and snakes. Snakes actually have kind of made the tail their whole body? They can propagate forward through the help of their tail.

2) It helps animals ward off predators; in lizards and others it can create a sense of deception, something which helps the animal to get away just in time.

3) It can help animals help in attacking, in scorpions and many other amphibians, it is poisonous, it can help in killing prey or warding off predators.

4) In others, it can help in locomotion not just getting forward but higher and lower from the ground by strapping onto trees and other vertical structures.

5) This really interests me – the tail can be used as a social mood signal; in many animals like dogs, peacocks. The tail actually is a direct physical representation of the emotional state of the animal. It could be one of fear, mating, or any other of the myriad emotional conditions which can be exhibited.

6) In flying animals, almost like as in the case of fishes, the tail is used as a rudder; though it cannot help in locomotion by itself (the wings have to do that).

Many animals have vestigial tails; but almost all do. And to date they do serve a purpose; in man more significant than others. What I want to understand is what happened to the human tail.

Some would suggest (and I am not opposed to it), that human beings are a different breed, and the tail is absent in humans on the outside for again a reason. The tail is not absent in us, it is actually become the tail-bone. An evolutionary miracle to me.

Nowadays modern science has actually seen some physiological uses for the tail bone (before it was thought to be totally useless/vestigial). It is required for some of our standing, bowel control and what not. But our ancient seers understood the true importance of this ‘tail’

The tail bone has been described by olden time sages, as the centre of human consciousness. The kula-kundalini, the divine thread like piece of individual consciousness is supposed to reside in the muladhara (base/earth chakra) which is located in the tail bone physically. The activation of this conscious power, releases bonds from our animal roots, and makes us more intuitive, human and ultimately complete to our purpose of creation- to see life/experience it whole.

This chakra is present within the tail bone, the emotional energy which we impart in our day to day life, actually creates ripples in our tail bone, the conscious power sometimes is awakened by intense emotional sadhana- moments of rapture, bliss and sadness all activate our tail bone, or rather the source of the I power within the tail bone.

The further one uses the tail for the true purpose it was created within humans, the further one can break through the limitations of being bound as an animal, for otherwise there is no difference between an external and an internal tail.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Space Theatre



We are sitting pointed upwards, our air masks are getting fogged with the anxiety, it is not supposed to happen. But I think the count down has begun.

The engines boost and a jolt beyond my limited understanding wakes me up to where I am, I had almost blacked out, not the right time. The shuttle is shooting, upwards and the earth is trying to bind us down. Gravity is no longer my ally. The dark space above us is, I sense;  smiling cruelly. I can feel my demise.

Never ending crusade, a battle against myself has made me an astronaut. I want to escape this world, want to leave the human kind. Many have thought I should be strait-jacketed but I fooled the space committees just fine. My haven was in the unknown. The mother primordial, vast endless dark void!

But why this sense of anxiety, I wonder. What is that I would miss from the ground. feels so different not to have a ground to land back on. Feels so good and yet so weird.. I wonder what my mind was up to.

We all un-buckle, my two space colleagues and I. We are roaming on a geo-centric orbit, over Brazil or some other south American land form. Can see the vast orb that our planet is. There is nothing like such a sight. Out of space; Out of mind!

We are amazed looking at each other. There are no rules, no laws, no codes of conducts, no conformity, nothing but vast endless holy space!

Ignoring our fear triggers, we want to be. My colleagues, similar to me. Looking since our childhood for a way to escape into reality. We had finally arrived to our very own space theatre!

I could feel my head popping, something inside. A notion; an idea of ludicrous proportions had taken its grip on me. We were the first of kind zeus space launches aimed at bringing back gaseous samples from our blue cousins, Neptune and the famous planet x. Our journey would last around 4 light years. We had enough food pills to last us probably indefinitely. We were solar and electromagnetically equipped to make our own energy. And had two extra boosters for any sort of engine malfunctions. We were set.

Our days spent in isolation seemed inspiring, almost spiritual. We three talked less, and spent time near our consoles. Slept little and ate only when required. All of us extremely independent regarding our thought processes, somehow felt that we had a connection un parallel of understanding.

My head started glooming over the horizon, passing mars and Jupiter; looking at the rings of Saturn and the vast number of meteors all around. Steering clear and over three years later, we were closer to our destination than the day before!

We three played hide and seek amongst the mammoth shuttle. Lost and out of contact from anyone, we were willingly being ostracized and for what a beautiful cause!

I shared my plan with my fellow friends. A word which I could not fathom I would say. The family I had made amongst the vast unknown, even without knowing their true names, their true doings. I was one with them. That is surely life existing even amidst dead space.

I could not tell you about them, or even myself. For there is no real relevant facts which could be of interest, ashore a little ship floating on a carpet of darkness, heading to the blue planet; with no real ground for a core. I told my friends that we should not steer back, ever.

They both looked up to me, floating and coming closer little by little, they were bemused. One laughed, the other chuckled. Did they think i was out of my head? Would they sedate me till the trip was over? Did I open my mouth too soon, Should i have just done them in, and planned to go ahead myself like I wanted to in the first place? Was there any sense left anymore? Of course not.

They surrounded me either sides, they asked me collectively, what do you mean? “Not steer back?” Do you know where we are? Do you of any other place we can head to eh?

Everything had turned surreal, I was choking my own voice, and perhaps sweating first time in the past three years. I could not fathom what I had said,”No No, i was…” I couldn't speak more, i felt dizzy.

They held me firm, both my hands in theirs. They turned me around, made me look outside the window at the great planet of the underworld, Neptune and its dark sinister bluish glow.

Speaking in unison, they wished into my ears. Good job son; you see what we see. The grand magnificence showing itself wishfully. This isn’t a play on words, rather the end complete!

We rise again, this time no gravity, nothing to hold us back. Our minds have left their consoles. We are ready to be spaced out. Ready to be re born.

Our shuttle takes us further than we ever imagined. Into darker space, where we found ourselves again worthy to be part of the eternal light.

On the ground, people thought that we had been destroyed. What to say, that sounds just right from up here in space. Our former selves destroyed, and we have started anew again



Sunday, March 11, 2012



I wear a smile; almost all the time. For life is so funny, maybe that is what our minds were made in the first place to comprehend.

Anthropologists and psychologists would agree with a term, Impressions. Our culture, intelligence and of course our psyche is impressed upon. Such powerful imageries, sounds and instances from where? (some say it is a vast repository of natural-all life experience stored in collective unconscious, some say its limited to human beings- this collective unconscious only.)

So how does it go? We are exited from the womb, and each one of us; using our brain and body learns almost till puberty. The human brain understanding storing and labelling every experience; so that the world will become predictable, safer, less chaotic. We are aided here with the genetic understanding. We have knowledge of how to live as human species even as we are in the process of being made. Before being born alive.

So many of us learn till the age of maybe 15 or more. After which, its a question of expanding micro understanding of everything we know, what I mean to say is; that we stop to learn something new. A new experience.


For the world is known, and we predict that as we have understood the world from our brain/mind. Hence we know our mind as well. But that is not the case, our mind before being born is un-impressed upon. As soon as the sensory experience starts, the mind recalls all the past genetic information and also unconscious/hidden imagery from the ages (unknown information- of all sorts)

So what makes me really chuckle is, as human beings we stop our quest (if that is what life could be called) even less than half way. We have learned something's knowingly, unknowingly. And then we die! Phat and over with it.

There is a complete circle to be done here in this life people, many of us go a step ahead and spend our lives in learning fine arts, details and aesthetics and mystical knowledge – thinking this will liberate, emancipate! But even this is not complete, after we are TRULY satiated with our pointless quest for knowledge, is when we start hungering for un-learning all of it. Almost a sine wave of life is it not. Many of us spend more than half our lives un-learning whatever conditioning has taken place on our brain, whatever impressions the world and unknown collective unconscious has posed upon the mind.

We un learn to the womb, it is the need of the hour, a regression, if you would like to picture it such. The expansion into the world and the contraction back to the self. The mind/brain is now no longer impressed with any imagery, any notion imagination or idea. It is without attributes. In this state the mind becomes a mirror to the impressions which exist. There is no self which can project. The un learning is complete.

The circle is complete, what has been done is now figuratively been undone. What a wonder; And now the true work of the people of this world starts. Without a singular perception. A collective will drawn to be, to live, exist is extremely powerful. The true potential of us humans, coming to the fore; directly as power; as will. This is the um-impressed experience, existence which we should all look forward to.

But we in this humble day and age, do not even have an inkling of the passion which we need to satiate ourselves completely, so that we may open up our hearts, to forget what glory this world had shown us, to be without a notion, a dementia or disease.

That would/could be the start of a glorious empire.

This song is something which I have listened to time immemorial: By Iced Earth-Consequences (album: Something wicked this way comes). The lyrics are amazing; do listen in:


As human beings, we're a complex thing
Sometimes so beautiful,
other times so vain
We've built an Empire
the blood is on our hands
Genocide and the chains that bind
The consequences ahead
Oh. you ought to know
Oh. you ought to know
Wrote about in history as
if it's all O.K.
A race of people murdered,
another one enslaved
Now our world crumbles,
it's happening within
Open your eyes and realize
The world we're living in

Oh, you ought to know
Oh, you ought to know
If we could focus on important things
Live and let live true freedom
not everyone's the same
No more war for your god,
No more war for your race,
It's our world, It's what we make it
Make it a better place
Oh, you ought to know
Oh, you ought to know
We can change the world
that we're living in
Live and let live true freedom
Let the reign begin

Peace. let us at least try for a future worth us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goal Orientation Psyche



I ask people what is the reason for your goal and they tell me how can you live without one. Believe me; I am extremely pin pointed to my goals. But I understand intuitively that all goals are majorly futile.

I have studied some small tit bits of psychology during my course. The western rationalists also will appreciate a simple observation. (everyone in this day and age – of using the left brain approach is a western rationalist btw). So according to various theories of motivation, our minds try to find rationale of happiness, joy through certain needs- most needs other than pure physiological are self made.

So keeping it simple, i choose goal x as my best chance at happiness, and i devise a way to get to it. I get it one which way, and well then end of story; is it not so?

Here goal theory emphasizes that after the need is satiated, again the same cycle is repeated. I do not believe the theory explains why this happens. Why the level of happiness wanes with time? None of us can. Why cant a boost of happiness be forever? Why must it be recovered time and again.

Please do keep in mind, pure physiological needs can also be altered. If not completely transformed with the change in physiology. And world cultures have been doing that since millennia apart. Change the way the mind and body are, their requirements-needs also diminish.


So if now, I was to consider any day to day goal. The end measure would simply be futile. Happiness is at hand yes~ but not content-ness. This is the vast difference between people who are perhaps less wise compared to the other. This might be reflected in stronger material goal orientation. Such goal orientation is displayed very easily and stronger in groups. So if a bunch of us sit, and think one need will be satiated by one goal and further more that if only one person gets all the goal available. Well then more the happiness? Is this not the logic we apply to money, to a status, our qualifications and repute? That if we get to the top, the most of it, well then we get most happy?

This might be right, like a rock star with groupies, or a politician with paper money or land, but taking most shall not mean most happiness for longer time. The content of happiness actually decreases if its excessed, is it not? The more we get used to a pleasure, the lesser it pleasures us with time, and the more its needed to get even the same high of being just happy.


This is why I do not have an understanding of routine goal orientation, the very simple recognition of this fact, is also a goal orientation within the head. Which must be erased. Cause reality and life are goal-less and path-less. There is no right or correct way to this elusive happiness. Actually there is nothing like it, its just our defence device (through chemicals, in our head which release endorphin what not) against pure power of this immense existential space. The power – I mean direct power/like an electric current runs through everything here and now. Amidst such chaotic situation, its almost pathetic that we are looking for goals which satiate us till we die?

So what's the use of repetition of this need cycle- which only becomes tougher and less pleasurable through time, maybe its gluttony or lust or power hunger (superficial), or just apathy towards this existence. All this leading us to try to be illusively happy? Happiness could be termed as the worst drug of this yuga!

So leave the cycle to be, your mind set aside on the cornerstone, as you do your chores. Waiting and preparing yourself a finer death than you could afford!

Peace and search for happiness as always ..

Adorn Your Sublime Mood


Man is unique, he has so many different qualities than any other living beings defined. He has a thumb, an all around the year mating capability, standing erect and with one of the heaviest brains around. Calculating and differentiating.

But that is not the uniqueness I find the capability for; He has the power to invent/create moods unique.

What do I mean? Lets speak through our collective experience,

The mood of the lover

Emotional energy-spiritual ojas draws forth from every pore if you all of you who love sublime care to see. There is no where; where love is absent or present. It simply is. Most of the human species falls in love once in a lifetime at the least. Love even touched on the surface creates an alter experience. It is a true test of will. of power. When a lover yearns, she/he does not feel any pain other than that of separation from the other. It is a beautiful expression of duality trying to dissolve itself. The notion of other. And simply be.

I have adorned such a mood of a lover, I would choose to love everything in my sensorial field. Everything defined and not yet seen. So simple to be in love, and be a child, give up the power-which guards us day and night against another, even when a couple are in love! Why such betrayal, why such angst to the causeless cause. The reason of and for love never known, yet persisting through ages; eons of dimensions~

If you do not believe in love, then you do not know the love I speak about, every word being a symbol understood by us all differently. Love is the carelessness of being exploding into its true nature~ Joy!

The mood of the warrior

This becomes a fight; a play; a chosen field and day, where the strong of heart endure. To see the light of another golden day! Through ages and time, when its your calling; you become what you never could imagine yourself to be in the first place? Is it not, many do not even register the moment, they become cold and strong to the world, so chaotic, so astray with things of no care. Do you feel this way? The warrior chooses her/his path, and becomes it night and day. Living; fuelling for the goal in mind, He/She becomes a fierce predator in search of power~ her/his prey!

I live as a warrior as well, try to at the least. Where there shall be nothing which can surprise me, and the entire construct itself makes me smile no end. This is the truth, when I am the utter lack of surprise mixed in with its dual, the childish devilish sensual intent. Looking at the happenings of the world with eagle eyes. Never letting one moment go away.

Its a mood which calls upon the word strong to it. You mould yourself such; so that no situation takes hold of you, of your demise. Death is the only game we play, we play it well; make death a beautiful partner, take hold of the wisdom of the other side. And embrace it with child like abandon. That is the mood which we shall go through this life’s end.

The Mood of the Creator

Creation of  nothing. From the void; you can surely relate; if you are to become a parent. If you are to borne something from nothing. The feeling of creation; rather the mood; is so sublime. It is what the musician experiences, It is what the artist paints. It is what the mother bores; to joy and love. What can I say about this mood, it is surely power showing itself its miraculous ways. The feeling of self-less self-ish I. Mother shall bear pain for the child, Artist wills to go mad to create lasting originality. Wow~Where there was one, now stand two (Mother and child; father and son; Master and disciple; Dispassion and romantic love!). Where there are many; yet remains the original one?friedrich_cemetery1

The mood above all, is one (of) experience. Yielding nothing of lasting value (for memory our paramount hard disk of experience erases itself to start anew) But the moment which is blessed be…. gives us such sublime poetry, such intense fervour. It is definitely worth to adorn such moods, like the clothes we change, let us be on the prowl to wear fierce lovely mood. Kisses from the infinite. Peace and Ever bound Joy!



Ode to Humanity

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