Monday, February 18, 2019

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans do not even appreciate them being pinnacles of the force of all life on this planet. The sheer lack of awe in the accomplishment in subjugating the whole planet and killing themselves in the process is an act of brazen stupidity (is it not?)
I am indebted to this planet and its primate owners, for they have taught me that they will wish to kill everything so that they can feel something. That living in absolute pristine sacredness is not enough for them, for they need to create the profane to feel something for themselves (if only it is pity or apathy!)
There is dissonance of epic proportions in this race, they feel so lonely and they are unable to share a laugh or polite talk, they want business – to be able to get one up on each other so they would be the tallest monkey standing. When the end of days come, they all will kneel down just the same.
Should this not have taught this beautiful and introspective genetic complexity to become adapted to what helps itself? Apparently not, its easier to become ignorant and enforce it on every life form till it slowly fades away.
Of course I am a fan of technology, that is how my words will forever remain frozen on something which does not have feelings (A server in this case). A network of servers not exactly serving each other is humanities proudest creation indeed.
Be you a fan of the free democracy and such, I too enjoy the peace guns bring and that is the world of mutual deterrent. What a wonderful time to change things around we all silently pray?
I am not poking at something which is the pinnacle of humanity in whatever way you can imagine, whether it be awesome power to control his environment and using it for his luxury and creative inertia. But it is also a dwindling form, where the base or core of human values slip and are equal to nil. Lines blur and form changes form, but till we keep essence to its purity; there is no escaping bleak reality.
I am an optimist by heart, thinking that the beauty which children will learn while being amidst nature and learning the best of both human invention and natural selection. Freedom being what it is for each such form and co existence is a thing of the past. But I may not be right, and see what the human world has to offer - technological prisons and further plight. Where we may know a thousand selves of another all of them false and lies, and never really love another because of the distractions taking over and how!
Humanity has made it to the big league as the smallest player ever born. Not a morsel of grey matter or heart left and this is the final straw. Prove ourselves as masters of ourselves is the real test to the universe at large (which is focusing upon this reclusive planet and its idiotic crowd) - how we prove our mettle is left to our grandest version of ourselves of course.
Peace and Joy!


Mariam Winter said...

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Gorgoroth said...

hahhahahahaaha Only one comment and that too a spam robot. Your karma is catching up with you. Your chakras can't save you, mister! :D

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...