Monday, February 18, 2019

Shamanistic Saviors

A lonesome forest to the prying eyes holds the dearest secrets of the inner worlds. Not everyone knows what is going on other than those who still their attention accordingly.
The lone hilltop holding secrets from bygone times, where ancient men walked and helped those in need without any ask in return. The secret nature of divination which had its roots in pure experience of the super consciousness abound.
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Lo! Behold a broken down entrance to a cave nearby the waterfall flooding it with pure transparent water. The cave is darker as you step inside and eyes take a while to get acclimatized. The floor is uneven and wet and so is the roof (filled with ancient stalagmites). The entrance into the inner world (literally and metaphorically)
The shaman howls a gentle weep and sends echoes down the cave structure, the howls spread through and echo back from and into the void. (There is no one to hear and no one to speak in the depths of this darkness)
There is discreet song and melancholy in dance, a long moment of silent admiration of everything around. The rain pitter patters on the tree tops and then slides from the leaves onto our faces. As we set the direction inwards towards the underworld within and without.
What bewitching sorcery is this, the cave expands as we descend further into darkness. There are ways which it mends, ebbs and flows and sometimes we must retrace our steps to make headway deeper underground. Here there is solid ground (beneath our feet and supporting our minds) but there must be stronger resolve to break on through to the other side.
The mirror which is the water pool in this deep dark muddy and clearing at the same time. The world's are at opposite ends, can you see with your strong eye? The Shaman speaks this in my mind with the utmost irreverence.

Peace & Joy!

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Gorgoroth said...

abbbey lodu - Stalactites hang from the ceiling of a cave while stalagmites grow from the cave floor

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