Monday, January 28, 2019

Indigenous Ingenious

There is no sustainability in profit against nature; there is no sense in warring against what gives you life.
You may sell it to others in the name of ignorance and make them believe your lies. When you and your empire fail and crumble; you will sorely realize (the ingenuity of the indigenous mind!)
Everything we are, are from this earth provided in full. All we need to do is appreciate and a bit more well, oh why we wander pillar to post for some hidden elixir I wonder out every moment. What is it that our soul has missed on, that we need to kill our neighbor?
You quote bullshit like might is right, but I see you bit by a bug of insanity. You feel so proud pouting your shit, all you need is a hug and that there are ways to amend your wasteful ways.
In the name of those who are maim and cant speak your lies, we the sons and daughters of this earth will rise. We will come to the fore and not be afraid to pull you down.
What is the way out from the web of corrupt-o-cracy that we are a part of, that we define our life against? Is there a better way or is it hope against hope. Can we ever restore nature to her glory learning from her subtle ways, or are we doomed to live in a nuclear desert waste land for the rest of our days?
Your child and mine are at stake, all of life and its glory too if we make a mistake. There is no scope for hysterics or error this time around. We have let human horrors take on unprecedented row.
Pull the reigns, and learn from our mistakes. The indigenous tribes that have warned us all the way, learn at least how they could sustain themselves all of millennia without any advanced technological aid. How the mother earth has given them their heart’s desire and kept them from harm’s way.
Brick and mortar for another day, plants and trees to sustain us against climate change. Otherwise your money will not buy you clean air or water. Your corporate pride will turn to personal shame.
Be wise and spread the seeds of life and not hate, love unto another and love yourself just the same. All your mistakes can be swiped clean if you go back to roots and love the earth without staking a claim (on her in any which way)
Your excel sheets will not forecast your demise, your heart will jump out and walk away towards sunrise. You can choose not to believe in my words. But your conscience will surely destroy your false facades in the silence of your own head.
Still time to undo what you have done. Still time to learn from your ancestors and their unique ways (to sustain). Give up your fool hardiness and incessant need to create artificial hells, live on earth in peace – it is the closest to paradise you will ever experience.
Peace and Joy

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