Monday, August 16, 2010

Centered In I

I Am thoroughly fascinated by what the source or seat of I in human beings is. For you see, that we consider that our body is ourselves, but in reality the source of feeling of I; is not present equally everywhere in our bodies. Our toe or perhaps our ankle has less of such a source of I. Most would argue, the feeling and logical conclusion of I comes from where our thinking originates. The brain; there are some who argue that the pineal gland is responsible for this very persistent thought. I beg to differ, I dont argue that the feeling or thought of I might originate in the gland, but the I itself is present elsewhere. (the feeling of I - in my opinion is actually stimulated in the brain due to the presence of the source located elsewhere)
Every physical body that science studies; is based on the coordinates and assumption of 'center of mass' of such a physical structure. Where is the center of mass of a human body? Though it changes depending upon the placement of the human body; but while standing in a vitruvian position. The center of mass is roughly calculated around the pelvis *its lower in case of men, than women*.

Mystics across generations have been talking about the base of the spine and the seat of consciousness present their in. From the oldest civilizations (Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Indus) to the relatively younger ones (Christianity, Buddhism etc); all have given special importance to the center of the human structure, The spine. The base of the spine is the seat of power. In hindu tantra its called 'kundalini' or 'serpent' power. It is considered the center of oneself. Of the mirage/illusion called I. The same power is elevated from the base upwards across the spine to the crown of the head. Where a reunion between individual and cosmic consciousness takes place. Its referred as moksha/salvation in most spiritual texts.
What I propose is; that I of each and every one of us, is not emanating in the head (like most of us feel- cause our thoughts originate in the head; its logical to conclude the subtle subliminal feeling of I also comes from there) but in reality; the center of our mass/gravity is the base of the spine. Thats where the potential energy- our inner self-our real self is present. Its considered generally dormant. The base represents the common reality, and as I awakens and makes a metaphorical journey to the top of the head; different realms of consciousness and also redefinition of what one calls I is felt. I undertakes a revolutionary existence- one of individual self to universal I self.

This is a proposal few should take lightly, any body while being calculated/weighted is done from the center of its mass, so it should be for human beings; We cannot consider our heads or hearts (many point to that as their selves) as our core- the fact could be that the base of the spine (the base chakra-muladhara) and the imaginary metaphorical serpent it contains within it- the kundalini could be in fact the source and seat of the soul- of Yourself and I.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sai ~!~ Leela

Walking through days and weeks, Listening to things and people who don't matter; and I lose perspective; beating my head over the trivial headaches of man. Singing the blues like canned heat cause I am in the loss against 'the man'. No way that life is fair; and no way does it stand to be great. Its a grueling fight for survival from the cradle to the last day in the grave.
I am hope-less; and I dont see a friend in sight, who feels like i do/did. I have no lover to complain to and rest my weary head. The world caves in around me and I am left naked in the streets of apathy.
There was once a fire inside my heart, to conquer the world and myself. I lost it once i stepped in the ring of the human condition. It was too much for me to handle....
I went to shirdi. I dream of my dear mother and father. Sitting at the same place smoking a pipe between hard lips and eyes reddened to the core. Sai, when I look to you; you look back with an assurance which is real. Sai baba; the mystic saint and lover of the divine; you are my savior. You are my mother and father. My friend and foe; my melancholy on those days which depress my soul, and my elixir on the days where its all elevated.

You have been by my side; in my heart and my head. You are my lover and my guide. In times of need, i call to you; pray and coax you into doing my bid. You entertain your child as always. teaching me something so interesting and worth learning in the process. Something about your doings, and the way you lead your life; and the way I must lead mine too.
Sai, your leelas are too many to recount; you are present in every place and person who thinks of you with love, your photo, your paintings and your sayings. Your thought and yearning is all it takes for one to become your dasa for lifetimes together. Goto shirdi, where he lives still in the dhuni/fire of his. He is the true agni-hotri. Lover of the changing element. He is eternal and manifests through yugas, for the blessed and the mournful to let go, to get closure of this one experience of a life and then move on to celebrate godhood.

Read sai baba's stories, they are worth it. In any day and age, when you feel lonely and oppressed; down in dumps or just not worth it. Read what he did in a lifetime in India, He embraced every disease; took upon every misery of others, showed the right way to those who believed themselves to be superior to him- through silence and meekness. He showed anger and compassion (in the divine moods of his). He got high and didn't care for caste sex or creed. He laughed and shouted obscenities in one go. He is the master; He displayed to us fools over and over. He said without ego - follow me and you shall never worry. Come to my samadhi/grave/think about me and I will always show the way. I will always take care of my devotee~!
His love and endless compassion, his energy and power; His aura exudes in all spheres of my life. When I am foolish enough to forget his graceful presence; he picks me up and makes me see his face- in any and all places i could imagine, i have found sai; looking at me in such deep meditative smile. It just lifts me up; all of lifes pains and pressures, anger and angst, hate and survival instincts just melts away. I am uplifted into another world all together. He has been kind enough to show me the way to unity/advaitya time over to me, especially when I haven't asked or deserved the fruit.

Pray to sai, you dont need a room or a pose. You dont need a mantra or a yantra. You need to call his name, to see him in whoever you love/hold dear. he takes on forms and names constantly but he is every listening to his devotees' needs. He wont let you down, for you see; He knows that he and us are same, for him our puny troubles are nothing, yet he cares for when we are in trouble; the masters grace!!. His love is ever permeating; Sai baba is omniscient; omnipresent; omnipotent. True master of masters.

You dont need to believe, you dont need to circumnavigate an idol. You can be yourself and expand in love and unity. He will pull you to his feet and then you (like I) will realize that the day to day mundane lives we lead, lead by cowherd instincts towards every decision in life; is not a complete/holistic life, and it will only lead us to misery. When you don't need any of the worldly notions anymore; you have arrived at the sai's feet. He will take care of you. Make you a part of the world; working for good of others and never leaving your side.... I bow pray and sincerely thank my mother father lover and myself.

Sai Baba grace us with your presence
Your name and form takes over everywhere in the world and in the hearts of all
Everyone is now at your feet praying and rejoicing; placing garlands and showering you with petals
Singing and dancing at the divine leela which is your essence master. Everyone is making the world a living shirdi.
Your samadhi is our hearts. Your eyes piercing and annihilating all ignorance. Your reign supreme has just begun.
'Ya Sai'  we shout in our divine merry making; we are blessed indeed to have a master of the self like you !

Peace Be Upon All
Sai Baba Loves All

Monday, August 9, 2010

All is in wonder land

In the year of the snake; trans is on the rapid air; it looks and wavers not, the sublime will manifesting in this populated wonderland.
Its infested with the creatures from a circus brought under the night sky; the stars shine back like a reflection of the ground where these magnificent creations surface...
Damsels; of beauty beckoning like a magnet. These muscians playing their true gandharv tunes, bringing out the ecstasy wave after wave. Its a selection of the creatures who come down to our consciousness, to worship like men and women. They worship the mystery that is creation, which never ceases to amaze. Its true that we possess a rabbits hole to jump into; a alternate and perhaps the realest creation; an open maze. Wonderful and the trickery of the dreamer (that is the self).
The trick was to fool yourself; into forgetting what you already knew. Not a function of time, as you begin to unfold, a mirror reflections are still the mirage. Deepen your sense and renew, what time made you forget is where you and I start to doubt our capabilities. In the occult and perhaps the realest sense that exists.

Alice falls deeper and sees that another world is still the same exhibiting characteristics of our age. Its not the difference but the unity that is the mysterious blossom rose of the garden of wonderland. It unfolds when you stop fooling yourself and step out of your self made cage. Its apparent and shrouded in mystery. There is not a strand of truth that you can use; to assure you freedom from dismay.
The apparent beauty and reflections of your apparent  known self, illusory and self satisfying. Its energy that is wasted in search of something precious, in all the wrong places. I won't and couldn't tell what is wrong, yet what does not feed the nature of the spirit. It will cause demise in every realest of real sense.
The trees stand with man, erect and aloof; in silent wonder awe of such beautiful illusory creations, We take a breadth in unison, perfect symbiosis between man and plant. Its the wonderland; keeping us bound and free at the same time, every step of the way!
Its crying shame, that you burn what feeds your creative imagination. Its a wonder that why we still exist; and not burn in perpetual hell. Oh Welcome to the human 'city'(for all those who have experienced it well)
The crackling of the pipe; the smooth thrill down the hatch, overdrive. Believe me; the more it pops; the stranger the night. Cross over to other sides. Till the shore becomes the river, its reflections which spring up in wonderland, some sort of game. A cruel remind; death comes at high noon. Your time and mine, reflecting and act fast. The wonderland circus will fall with your down time. Its sincerely advised that what you do count, in your mind and not mine. I wont bother to find out what it is the difference between your kind and perhaps mine?

All are part of this enchanting wonderland; every moment exhibiting tendency towards madness; or thats how 'sane' people tend to look at it. Because you and I are already neck deep in it, You and I would or should call it our lives.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cursed Moon

The last survivor colony is getting burnt under the brutal suns wrath. The protective layers of the walls worn down; some kind of war that has almost eliminated the survival of humans. Adam possesses resilience, he will not succumb and before he knows it, his will takes over his entire set of survival instincts. He dawns his enamel colored suit; and switches on the oxygen supply. 
In front of his hazel colored eyes; the entire scheme of his way of life gets burned to the ground. Ashes get blown away with the nomadic howling winds. The disease that has consumed mankind; is as prolific as anything that has been or could be seen in our times. Some said that it was a virus that attacked causing insanity and disease. Some say that it was an asteroid colliding at imminent fatal speeds. The death clock had wound up and life turned to nothing but compressed matter in too less of time.... 
Adam waits and prays; the oxygen runs out and the sun still doesn't decay. There must be a way out from here; a survival cockpit; an engine that wont fail. The massive military base is dismal. It has burnt a crater onto the ground... too many craters now everywhere. Signs of failure to be saved. 
Adam runs and makes it to what some call a miracle to till this day.... He finds a fueled rocket with an extra second to spare. He makes his way onto the night sky; now hidden from the sun, spread with charred bodies and rubles; Adam knows that he has made his way out from a cold death. 

The rocket has co-ordinates fixed; It will not maneuverer manually, some one always knew of the eventuality of the events of such chaos; some one knew it all along till this very day! 
Adam is a pilot; but cannot change the destination where he will land. He goes into a hypnotic sleep. Where time would slow down, and he would wake up with a loud vibration through his body. The plane had landed; 
It was the barren rock Gaia/Earth. The moon of adam's planet. The only moon. The cursed Moon. 
Adam survives for ages it seems; The sun is hotter and the moon surface pours lava all the time. There is plantation and rain but there are no signs of life (atleast to his eyes). Adam moves from volcano to ocean. Rain to sunshine. He looks up at nights and sees his planet broken and life-less.

Till the day when he crosses the fateful ridge; finds what seems to be a broken down marooned rocket (something which seems his kind!). He looks no further and finds, a survivor. Eve; the only other survivor who got out from that catastrophe alive. Seems like a curse or a blessing; It flashes but for a fraction of a second in front of Adam's forehead; something of a premonition. Ages to translate into truth and arrive!

Life is will. Will demonstrated is being alive! Life procreates till this is no more. On this cursed moon or perhaps another....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Perfect (& Impossible) Leap

Creating one reality; by negating many more which exist.
Creating parallel realities; by negating them all at once. No illusions; all reality; Left.
The attachment to form and play; so lax and so stale, dont you get; the level playing field that is the creative imagination called the universe is made to built upon on our will (and the dreams that may... ); not be killed; by being so choosing towards one way of life. Thats as good as no way to life.
My mind attunes to music and the power that it holds; the tune is so creative; its born from the power of the will. Not a repetition of another sordid repetition.Its arising out from the function of our will; (something like a potency?) Its ever new. Fuels my hate (towards mundane) into a heartbeat rage. It stimulates my brain to become active and alive. To use its entire range of limitless!Powerful willed! capabilities; jumping one universe upon another. Till Nothing to create. Nothing left to annihilate (perhaps that is how the master natha feels when he opens his third eye!)
Lo! The darkness is willed away and its filled with white blinding light (let there be blessed divine light!). We are so blinded that we dont see the dark nothingness of the void~that we live and die in. Our universe and our selves. Uncounted beats go by and I am dancing the tune which is still new! Dance is the only way to release; Dance is the only way to bring out the creative will towards physical manifestation. ( I know you know when you too have danced the ground from surise to senset and to sunrise somemore!)
Its when the time dawns when we have given up creating (what we are born to do). Then I open my field of vision and it plays like raining fire arrows forever now!. There is helter skelter. The time is near~ and I get closer to the speakers to hear. Its not something external; nor internal, yet the sound and the mind is in tune; some where we get to see the holy vision is not a vision at all. Its a sound that makes you dance. On your toes for your survival. It may not make sense; but parallel realities have a way of doing that to your self. Shakes you; Rises like potent king snake to bite; Rising has begun. Its your freedom, if You and I choose to call it that. Its escape into the same dark nothing we call the void; which has never ever left us in the first place.

Why you may choose to call it whatever; science and god; television and dream; reality and meta-reality or sadhana; I dont measure it anymore; the creation has ceased upon the understanding of this 'self'. Its no more a war. Time is for music to reclaim her original majestic place (in the heart). Music dawns upon mankind; the dance is coming alive. In its quest to create so that distaste of it may come upon us once again. So that we may refuse to yield to be buried under an illusion of one or more parallel realities. So that we can see that freedom shall come from the switch \\non existent// button of a vision too. 

The time of the night; there is never so time so right. We have amassed a group; a tribe of tree hugging freaks! What a shame, that they are trying to dance the night away. For I have found the perfect leap (no its not faith). Its the beat becoming unison with the energy in tandem inside your spine~power of mother goddess full power coming alive waves after waves of ojas (spirit power?). The level headed creative field is seen again. The void inside everything dead and alive. This is not prophecy or propaganda. This is the beckoning you call your Moksha! Your divine title; and your human~divine right. Come lets celebrate with a reunion of souls. Its dawning. Jump into the gap with the fit end (or beginning or whatever). Its such a celebration that the night filled with deadly dance has no morning to tell its tale.I jumped into that gap at that time~ its the perfect leap overtaking any one reality (or many) could offer any of us. Its un~creation. its un~time. Its un~everything that was built inside/outside. Its un~ordinary? that its death~life (every single day and every blessed night?); why so our daily strife? or is that a question worth asking ever?  Take a leap!?

The becoming is being; its the process that leaves no trail. I mean there are no measures. Only a step to reach well.. state or no state. (as best as it could be said is as good as its understood i guess)

Peace & Grace

Shri Mahavidyas: Tripura Sundari

Tipura Sundari yantra or the Shri yantra

Tripura Sundari is the virgin parvati. She is the sixteen year old goddess of the forest who is looking for her eternal partner sada shiva. She is pure, and filled with divine light. She is beyond satvic tendencies (I mention because many consider her the embodiment of sattva; but her energy so pure is beyond any tendencies).

She is also called sodasi (the virgin beauty; the embodiment of desire, sensuality, beauty, grace); She is passionate. The word itself means the beauty of the three worlds. (three worlds can be interpreted as internal worlds). She is the embodiment of the shri yantra, and her knowledge is called shri vidya. 

I have worshiped goddess kamakshi (my kula devi); where sankaracharya had worshipped a thousand years back in kanchi (south india); and I must tell you both her symbolic form; the yantra and her physical given form are way pleasing to senses and the soul. She is perhaps the only goddess in maha vidyas; who combines the pleasing grace of the fierce goddess durga and the love of goddess tara as a mother and also the dark energy of goddess kali. The worship of tripura-sundari is eternal and its ever fresh.

She is holding in her hands, a goad; noose; sugarcane and flowery arrows, sitting in meditative position with one leg on another, she represents epitome of the exotic/erotic/sensual desires of the mother; as well as the control over them. One who worships sodasi; is every youthful, is every attractive and passionate in life and beyond. No harm comes in the form of stagnation, for where the virgin mother is; creative renewal is a constant! (the dichotomy intended)

She is red in color and is magnified wherever such color manifests, and is present in households and in places where creation manifests; I say this because tripura-sundari is representative of the energy which is about to begin. The virgin mother is the latent sexual power to create and procreate. She is also without a consort; and this goes to show that though she might be benign; she is still power without an equal (in terms of consciousness-power). She is waiting for the master shiva to marry her into union. She is awaiting the birth of creation itself. She is known as lalita and raja-rajeshwari in many parts of this country as well.

The kamakshi temple in kanchipuram; is a special treat in stone indeed (as i have mentioned time before on the blog). The navel of sati falls here and hence this is treated as a shakti-pith (the center of the universe/cosmos- as the navel represents the center/stambha on which the cosmos revolves...apart from the fact that the navel is the most sensual/desired and beautiful part of a woman). The goddess here is virgin tripura sundari, who is waiting for her consort Ekambreshwara (the name given to shiva-consciousness). There is also the presence of a tree (which is said to be thousands of years old); a banyan tree who was the witness to this holy union of power and its equal consciousness. The pith here (shown as a circular pit in front of the goddess-in the photo); is where the shri yantra is located and worship is done only to the occult symbol. If one hasnt witnessed real love in one's lifetime (and i do mean real love; not passing squandering of energy), then its assured that one sight on this beloved beautiful dazzling goddess (though made in stone) is enough to pass over to the divine side of life.

Goddess tripura-sundari is worshipped with the lalitha-sahasranamam- a thousand words of praise to the divine feminine (in all rupa/forms). There are many references to this beautiful young and youthful goddess in this; called through various names (sodashi/lalita etc).
The goddess is a young child; sparkling eyes doe eyed and radiance of a thousand suns surpassed. She pleases one and all of her devotees by giving them uninterrupted; every desire possible; by every means required. She is desire and the mother of desire. She is the giver and the taker of such desires. She is innocence personified and beauty exemplified. She is devi whose single glance shall turn us into innocent children of yore. She is the mother;staring into whose' eyes shall bring loving eternal grace and beauty into each and every action we have or are going to perform in lifetimes ahead and beyond.


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