Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sacred Sunset

The story continues to remain, Each one of us repeating and mimicking each other, to reinforce the story of this day and age.
The story repeated by habit and decay, it gets louder and more real with each passing day. We call it freedom, we call it being slain... truth be told; the story remains the same.
Its the emancipation from repetition, Its the elucidation of beating heart. The sacred sunset never remains... never remains the same. The lacuna enslaves, the pit is where we rot, it is the story which we choose to live, every single living and breathing moment, loses its sheen; cries and moans like a bitch in heat.
The story is not clever, it is kind of lame, It is of security and stability in a chaotic space. But what do you and I know of anything, hell we choose more than anything not to know our own (self)

Become your god, Living your dream, The story magnifies all the evil within you and me. It is the malignant cancer, the virus of guilt, the knowhow of ignorance. the end of the body and flesh..
Depths within our imagination, the story; you must know, has no beginning and no end. It will be written as you wish. it will become your existence before your timely grave. Take it not seriously/morbidly, take it with soul-full grace...
The story becomes unique and then maybe fades, rejuvenated by another it becomes alive once again, immortal is the story of humanity, and dull and naive at best. The story of war and hunger, rape and torture, maimed and left for dead. The story why o why has not faded away from our inglorious past; I ask, like this sacred sunset....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corporate feel good?

Corporate existence is something recent to human way of life, and its way more disturbing than i ever thought it would or could be. I have had way too many conversations with people who value only a person who has something with him/her which is supposedly valuable like an impressive college degree or a "dream" job with the CTC involved or the organization's name which somehow adds credit to the person who is working in it.
Too many times have i had this inane dialogue involving a person's "value" addition it seems, and its really mundane to me. What i know of the world is of the experiences i have had, and in turn what i have learnt from these hard experiences one way or the other, and how i have implemented the same in MY life to change who i am for the BETTERment of myself. This is not the same as wow a person from stanford working in ENY as a senior associate with a CTC of over 1 crore. the latter is just clowning around in my mind. A person might have the so called best of this world and not really learnt anything cause he wouldnt have experienced anything special or out of the world ever. You might question that an experience and what one learns out of it is subjective and i thoroughly agree with it, but even this subjectivity isnt present in this day to day world, where all one is concerned with it what another thinks... For me, every person might have a hidden resource which has been built up through his/her life with the type of experiences they have undergone and what they have understood of the universe and themselves through it, they dont have to be intelligent or have a great IQ, or even be street smart or wise for it. A person doesnt have to confirm to others, and thats what i feel most of us get stuck in, we dont ever question anything; rather we take it for granted, that this is what life is, work in 9-5 job, get married, pop a kid out.... and happiness and life is done with, sorry to tell you; its a lot more complex and involving than that.. life that is. Each decision we take has a million fallouts and i tell you, rather than taking a decision which stems your life; take a right one, even if its at the face of adversity and at the cost of non-confirmity, it will be still a lot easier for you; to do as you feel and want and choose in this life... than trying to find happiness with the mass hysteria of government rules, corporate rules, social norms... etc... most of which which, when you adopt you will lose a part of yourself in the process, until and unless you are meant for it..
Its too sad that too many people dont think about what is the "good stuff" for their personal life... for some academics wont be the cup of tea, for others a desk job just wont cut it, for some travelling will kill and others interaction is death.... why not instead do and be in this lifetime whatever you feel like, even if everyone hates you or condemns you for it, what would you and i care? seriously, we going to be dead ever before we know it.. its not a bad proposition, taking the shit house down in flames with you... whos going to care, they all gonna be alive when you gonna be dead!
So far i have been very very polite in not dis respecting people when they start trying to compare people and their worth through a paper called their CV or some shit like that, but i some day will lose my temper i tell you; I dont value or judge people any which way, if they have not learnt enough; nature and mother goddess is very compassionate; enough to give another and then another chance... but to be corporate and think a persons worth lies on some piece of paper, or an interview or some crap like that, is sheer non sense. Wisdom is the art of polishing your metal, metal which has been burnt and broken and mended and re made into something of a cleaver, something which will cut through the noise... wisdom is constantly sharpening this cleaver, polishing and strengthening it, so that no experience will destroy you, or rather every experience will help in destroying your notions about what you thought was real.....and rebuilding what you now understand as real.. this is true worth/value proposition of humanity; atleast how i see it.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hymn to Dakshinamurthy

Lord Shiva, sitting silently.... my adored lover; sweet as the jasmine of night. You illuminate without a word, with your lovely doe-eyes. Always embraced in the necter of turiya, without the knowledge of day and night.. god of dispassion; sitting silently underneath the banyan, you are surely the sight in this darkened life of mine!
The silent maunis sitting at your feet, conversing so they say with you; but you are the will with which this heart of mine beats day and night... Crying and weeping at your image ~ the civa lingam; so many martyrs lay down their lives, without you they all know.. life is but a rotten disgusting peel of the mango, not the ripe necter which is the source of bliss.
Its ironic, that I; the fool, try to call out to you; oh silent lover of parvati, through words and phrases. But I know that these words are not empty, they carry my soul song to your feet, this lifetime like last like ever always in this circle you invented called time.
Underneath the banyan, with its roots falling, aching to touch your divine feet, silent killer of mara, you are nectarine knowledge of atman, that thou art! Aham brahmashmi
Your gaze unending towards dakshina, covering the space and time, matter locks glistening tucking away the 5 day old beautiful moon which is your divine befitting crown
We have made your imagery, to our likeness, so our heart can rejoice in a glimpse of a sight of you lord ever kind. Thy right feet on the destruction of 'evil'. Your left bent in repose, you teach without a single word ever spoken.. Master oh Master, yes you are the dream and life and death I have ever been after!!
Hands held together, clasped near my heart; I beg of you teacher of love and peace... to set me free... free from the evil of this world i see, to the better place; eons before perhaps where men vied to be gods like you, and gods wished to be men to see the glory of mortality!

Love and Peace
Om Namah Civaya

Dispassion Coaster

Have you all undergone, moments where you just despair; you need and want something and you cant have it, whatever the reason maybe, and you just tell yourself that this is not a deal; that you would do anything if you can have that one thing/moment/person or experience. Then you get it, and you are elated, over joyed, blissful and content. The moment drops out and the troubles start once again, I have undergone an entire lifetime of such violent emotions, from moment to moment, what i want, and cannot have splits me apart, what i want and have blasts my neurons so out of the world and the vicious circle continues, the way its all played out, with time I have really become dispassionate towards the downs and the ups and the eventual downs and the eventual ups. I feel that to be content, i cannot be vulnerable to such external or even internal influences, why do i require something to be content, and why does that something cause a happiness in me. Its just un fair, and i frankly tell you- that I am disgusted that i can be played around not once, twice but endless times... perhaps till the time i die (as its the case with oh so many people who enter this world)
But I am not going down without a fight, there is a certain dispassion which has overtaken me with so many introspections throughout my life, whenever i have really felt down and wanted/needed something so badly and I pray and quiet myself and introspect; and if indeed i get it, then i feel equally foolish that I could become happy just because something happened in my favour, why ought it to be like this.. being content is about being content, its not about people or favours or situations or experiences. its just the state of being which is content, and i cannot define what the content is, yes for some that content is bound by time, a temporary state which is felt when one perhaps works for something or asks for something and receives it, by fate; luck; effort or something such... but to me being content is not temporary, its something which is not somehow bound by time or space. Its my inner core, its who I am; have been; will be. all ways. Now dispassion is the natural outcome of this; there can be nothing internalized or external which can affect who i am, or choose to be (for those of you, who think that they cannot ever be content without material reward- this is only because you chose to affect your happiness/content-ness linking it with something material- dont think that you are the effect, you simply chose it like that... you are the cause of what makes you happy, and thats the point in the first place, you choose that something will make you happy; ofcourse this means that in the larger scheme of things; the lack of those very things will make you really unhappy)
I guess people who might read this (dont think many though), are evolved, intelligent, mature and introspective people... introspect on why you choose this roller coaster of ups and downs? when you really dont have to get into such a ride EVERY SINGLE TIME of your experience of life; you can simply skip it and be content none the less.


(The photo is of Adya- The beginning/ Goddess of it all.... Shanti Shanti Shanti)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking Free..

On the vast desert of hopelessness, sufi shamz tabrizi walks the path bare, the sun has pronounced us guilty and the earth sways each day closer to the clutches of the soul of the solar system...
Tabriz what is heard about him, the god who shakes his matted hair and the earth spins out of control, the true ardent sufi gaze to cure disease and misfortune,
shamz makes it all happen, with the love outpouring a thousand fold, to and back through each vein of this cosmos, shamz the sufi of agelessness, is humble.
There are disasters which the soul heads towards, if the life is not at the hands of a guru, a teacher wise and simple, whose life is a model itself to live completely,
Brothers and lovers, ye shall unite in the name of allah, the one merciful god of heaven and earth. Of the eons which have passed and which shall be endured, the name and love towards emancipation will sweeten the final reward,

Be a martyr unto yourself, kill all those experiences which cast a dual nature on your way, the truth so simple and profound says shamz the lover, Path is one, and the goal is truly one, when the path and goal are united the unity spreads to each and every moment... take heed; live your life sincere and for the love of the fellow being.
Shamz raises his stick and the earth stops, the gravity pulls him closer to the solar aura,. the venerable god listens to shamz intently for the one who is the creator is the very same as shamz in human flesh and bone.
Sun relentless wishes you to be ash as soon as possible, where is the wisdom to wait and see, the grace to just be.. humanity wishes itself to be something which it can never be? whos kidding whom, the slow doom that we are headed towards, is the last straw in the stranger scheme of things....
The lord fakir knows each and every detail, of the happening in this life and the next, visions of love over power him every time he opens his eyes.... some things like the nectar of sweet emancipation may better be experienced that defined.
The tower of night, the yogi of discipline; shams-e-tabrizi walks on the water, the canal which feeds ignorance, he looks neither here nor there, the sufi is the sweet wind, cooling refreshing, the spiral of life incomplete without the mystic lover shams... How many lifetimes will you take to show your real face oh master; the world mundane knows nothing but what is vain, fakir destroy the minds of those who see not unity. love them and banish them and love them more, so they get to feel what your beating heart has been trying to tell for millenia.
Inside the quiet cave, sits the fire worshiper, the dhuni lit for the night, you retire to your beds while the fakir baba returns back to the castle of silence, the re union, the yogi sleeps neither day nor night.
The use of mystic in the disruption of what you felt is real, is the crux of this.... Mystic lovers like shams will I believe care to differ, they are the silence and complete union of allah and the lover. I see duality in every single moment of my life, where nothing is related, nothing is permanent... I wish to follow the path of the master who walks endlessly in silence, levitated thoughts from beyond come rolling out from his tongue in between burning the dhuni further, and ever higher...
Listen child, he would tell me first and foremost, how you feel in your moment is the indicator which you can follow to complete satisfaction for the soul, things which peer passion through your body and mind are the ones which will also free you.. The elixir brew is the one that keeps the soul content, it is called soma and then some, a simple drink to finish you, seal you and make you another person  altogether
Shams never pondered, the true baba-ji that he is, take the walking stick and point, walking in silence the walker and the path merge into one, the mirage becomes alive, real and completely un-defined.
The charisma the love of the sufi towards the one malik of this creation and else, this is spirit talking through mortal flesh, how strong is the will to create unity, amongst chaos, amongst the stench of death (i prefer to say things as they should be- to call a complete change in perspective)
Love creates the will, it generates an entire episode of life altogether, the heart opens gates to the love, its not where the physical heart is, but closer still.. the chakra is all powerful, ever indulging towards an embrace.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Command Conquer

Open your heart and keep yourself simple, and you will receive the bounty meant for only you; innocent soul.
The earth wise and un bound, keeps your intention in mind, and reciprocates it. For mother earth, is but your mental projection, from the moment you enter the womb to the time you merge with the wind, ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
The men without intentions wander the earth in search for something; without evaluating ever what is that they require, to be content.
Being content is not dependent on your state of physical or mental servitude or happiness, both temporal in nature and bound to depart once they enter your life.
What is worth evaluating is your intention to be content, content to be who you choose to be, under any and all circumstances. This is how harmony develops within your space and everywhere abound...
The simplicity is in an approach towards your life which resembles what nature has modeled herself on, dont for a moment believe that nature has to be bountiful or sacrificial as she has been ever since you know. Nature is cruel, feeding the beast and starving the younglings, causing death and catastrophe and plague and misery, dont take her compassion for granted.
The change in ones lifestyle to accommodate everything, which nature has to offer is what you can do to model your life pattern resembling mother nature. You become an integral part of the natural cause, but you must understand that even murderers and genocide gurus are a part of nature, and her plan.
Duality and multiplicity is something very common to prakrti. She is unified in her real non-illusory nature and she is what indians choose to call maya in her day to day ; eon-to-eon form. There is true calling in any path you take, as long as you understand that your path walked in this life should resemble nature.
nature is yours and mine, she is the source of food and water, she is the formation of acids into compounds to form the basis towards all forms of life. Nature gives the last key to man, the key to choose. Most animals also have this key, if they are evolved (of course just like the evolved and not the average man), who sees and feel that they can have the right to be as they are, even if its not modelled on the way how nature does in this yuga.
Nature draws the in breath and exhales death through the out breath , one breath  of hers is the birth and death of brahma,vishnu and shiva. The trinity of work is created and finished within one breath of mother goddess' one breath .
Its wise to worship nature in her bountiful form, as the mother goddess, she is also wrathful and kills indiscriminately through plague and small pox and aids and swine flu. Hence she is worshiped as the fiery kali who has the power to cut life back into nothingness,
There are seven rings of power which you penetrate into your quest to find the true nature bestowed upon 'you' and the real nature (non illusory, non temporal). This is goddess worship defined and re defined in india and other civilizations. The worship of life sustaining and life taking elements all around us, within us from us and in all directions that make it possible for this instant to happen.
The nature of goddess herself remains un predictable to say simply, its not something which i have ever pondered on, for the real nature once commanded and conquered will yield what reality has been beckoning of you, your entire awake existence.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A little bit of soul hopping, a little bit of rasta flavour, the taste of freedom, of I mean the best deal in this lifetime.
Oh sunrise, that special feeling of everything so beautiful coming back to life, you know perhaps like i do, sitting sipping stirred wine, a meloncholy destroyed every single time..
I dont try to play with words, rather a special treat awaits me when I twist my silent self, that which has no boundaries, that soul shaken; figure of the darkest night I am.. Connected to the world beyond the senses, beyond what the figures proclaim.. speak or maim.
Crying, is something I followed with vigour, the sense of losing repeatedly until it made no sense to me at all. I have witnessed further the depth of love of the mother, her special gaze unto you; will be enough to reclaim your universal life once and for all, as if time had anything to do with it at all.. ever...
Holiest mother nature, you are the universal actor, through the figures which have shadows within the night. Your grace is what I understand will help us survive, reclaim the scent of innocence, will  make us immortal in our own right.
Show me your un-ending prowess to make me exclaim, dearest lover, your mace and trident, your conch and lion. You are power center par divine, without you Chinnamastika, there wont ever be the quest for realization in mankind.

In kindness, you bestow wisdom to endure bonds and ties, you break them all and surface as the sensual kamakshi, innocent and sublime~
Devi, thy feet reddened beat the evil back to none, evil of gluttony that enslaves one by one.. Your aura magnificent with the radience of the sun, oh holy divine goddess, Stay in the heart and love of your eternal servant.
The dance is so raw, and I am forced to notice you every single time.. Your brave tandav at these eyes, all surrendered at your will.
Sheer bliss rivalling none, when thoughts are invoked of your strength. Indeed you exist before space and time, with third eye open; kalaratri, you remove the illusion of body and flesh.
Seeking you in taste and form, love and pain; death and life, indeed freedom is reached. Lightening fast is the ascent, to smell that sweet jasmine smell.Your elixir equals none, the insanity of your intoxication once got, will sweeten each dream thousand fold, no misery, no ignorance...
Surrender a thousand fold at the thousand fold petal at thy feet, the saha-ahsra, the knoweldge cosmos beyond the mundane. Beyond worlds un-thought and un-done.
Only the aghori worships you with love, as shiva in a trance with the neon lights burning disco, the entire plan of things fall apart, without your gaze and love. I am sure of that. I trust that indeed.
Life with doubt is replaced with an intent to follow your will. I surrender again to your guidance mother, goddess through me and through me over and over.
Chandi Victory to your wishes, humbled stand the wise, you are the power which makes it happen, you are the love that this soul wishes for. In doom and despair, I strike to you oh mother of the universe, asking and pleading like a child wishing to be uplifted away from the world right into the plane of being and eternal timeless love.
Many dont see the cosmic glory of the mother, they dont feel their existence due to their mothers, Wishing that each and every living soul sees that they are a part of life and the mother. One divides herself into dual and finally to perish duality through the gaze of compassion. The cyclic cosmos speck on the feet of hers.

Take it not for granted, the love of the mother.
Wishing you peace inheritied and replenished over and over with the divine feminine.

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...