Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A little bit of soul hopping, a little bit of rasta flavour, the taste of freedom, of I mean the best deal in this lifetime.
Oh sunrise, that special feeling of everything so beautiful coming back to life, you know perhaps like i do, sitting sipping stirred wine, a meloncholy destroyed every single time..
I dont try to play with words, rather a special treat awaits me when I twist my silent self, that which has no boundaries, that soul shaken; figure of the darkest night I am.. Connected to the world beyond the senses, beyond what the figures proclaim.. speak or maim.
Crying, is something I followed with vigour, the sense of losing repeatedly until it made no sense to me at all. I have witnessed further the depth of love of the mother, her special gaze unto you; will be enough to reclaim your universal life once and for all, as if time had anything to do with it at all.. ever...
Holiest mother nature, you are the universal actor, through the figures which have shadows within the night. Your grace is what I understand will help us survive, reclaim the scent of innocence, will  make us immortal in our own right.
Show me your un-ending prowess to make me exclaim, dearest lover, your mace and trident, your conch and lion. You are power center par divine, without you Chinnamastika, there wont ever be the quest for realization in mankind.

In kindness, you bestow wisdom to endure bonds and ties, you break them all and surface as the sensual kamakshi, innocent and sublime~
Devi, thy feet reddened beat the evil back to none, evil of gluttony that enslaves one by one.. Your aura magnificent with the radience of the sun, oh holy divine goddess, Stay in the heart and love of your eternal servant.
The dance is so raw, and I am forced to notice you every single time.. Your brave tandav at these eyes, all surrendered at your will.
Sheer bliss rivalling none, when thoughts are invoked of your strength. Indeed you exist before space and time, with third eye open; kalaratri, you remove the illusion of body and flesh.
Seeking you in taste and form, love and pain; death and life, indeed freedom is reached. Lightening fast is the ascent, to smell that sweet jasmine smell.Your elixir equals none, the insanity of your intoxication once got, will sweeten each dream thousand fold, no misery, no ignorance...
Surrender a thousand fold at the thousand fold petal at thy feet, the saha-ahsra, the knoweldge cosmos beyond the mundane. Beyond worlds un-thought and un-done.
Only the aghori worships you with love, as shiva in a trance with the neon lights burning disco, the entire plan of things fall apart, without your gaze and love. I am sure of that. I trust that indeed.
Life with doubt is replaced with an intent to follow your will. I surrender again to your guidance mother, goddess through me and through me over and over.
Chandi Victory to your wishes, humbled stand the wise, you are the power which makes it happen, you are the love that this soul wishes for. In doom and despair, I strike to you oh mother of the universe, asking and pleading like a child wishing to be uplifted away from the world right into the plane of being and eternal timeless love.
Many dont see the cosmic glory of the mother, they dont feel their existence due to their mothers, Wishing that each and every living soul sees that they are a part of life and the mother. One divides herself into dual and finally to perish duality through the gaze of compassion. The cyclic cosmos speck on the feet of hers.

Take it not for granted, the love of the mother.
Wishing you peace inheritied and replenished over and over with the divine feminine.

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