Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shared Space


We are playing our favourite music sitting in our rooms and our parties. The waves are travelling through everywhere in this shared space.

We are put on a small rotating revolving rock on one corner of space. Space which never seems to run out but it just might. Lonely and desolate yet filled to the brim with life and darkness.

Think about it, our planet in this vast universe. And so many other verses put together almost like putty mixed in with flavour and colour. What a combination, spiced with this organic consciousness which seems to grow sparsely. Completely covered with the chocolate dark space and beyond. The unknown and unknowable by anything called ‘alive’

So many breathing burning fires of life everywhere, some in physical space (energy in lower vibrations) and some in rapid ethereal movement, all in one space. Our bodies and rooms and dimensions; all shared. Nothing is you in a final sense. There are many of “you” here and at any given ‘point’.

It stops making sense after a while, the more you stare in the abyss. The less it needs to stare back, cause you are realizing what you were; are. The endless dark abyss too.

Shared space with mind and bodies and souls, clumped together; heaving trying to aspire to greater; grander. Consciousness power trying to realize itself. Futility may be description. Beauty and reason-less bliss might be other words/labels which describe this state. This state of space.

Space is what we all are. Energy flowing endlessly and seamlessly. Without a farce of boundary or imagination. I really understand this to be our great grand point in schemes unknown or worthless to know.

Every time we listen to music or meditate or play; we are almost transgressing into regions where it seems there is no one sharing our space.

But believe you me; there is no you; There is no I or we. There is only this shared space. We are all this space in reasonless grace.



Through and Through


My heart explodes at just the thought of my love. It beats and faster it burns to yearn for its lover. My heart remains an infant; crying and pleading for its mother to return to suckle it to life.

All through life, times and experiences change yet this burning desire never got tired. It just built up the fire. Burning higher and higher; consuming everything which was close or far… In such blissful sighs; my heart seeking the inevitable void.


Lover where are you? Where did you hide, why do you torment me such; even the night seems tired. Come now to me; make me abide; through and through I am yours. This life and verily the endless next.

Such intense dispassion; such great melancholy without you being near. Lord of loving grace, absorb me in your eyes. Lift my life. ever blissfully intertwined.

Through and through I have been searching; through and through I realized. That the more I searched, more love eluded me. Sat down at the cross roads, gave my cloak and staff to the winds. I sat and embraced my tears alive.

Reclusive and yet so elusively designed, the space and theatre enclosed makes breadth feels vibrant; such intense effects of causes unknown. brings back memories never created almost.

There is no passion in love; no compassion; only an quietude almost like melancholy. This love has no beginning and no end. This love burns for itself through and through.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Mantralaya Hanuman

I have wanted to goto mantralaya from since when my roommate from undergrad told me about it. He lives in Raichur (north Karnataka, India) district and the place is around 50 odd kms from it. I took a weekend off in the blistering indian summer heat to visit my friend and also to see what this place kept in store.
Mantralaya is where a saint Raghavendra Swami took his samadhi. The temple is not very big (thankfully) and yet receives its fair share of devotees across the year. Its built on the banks of the beautiful river Tunga-Bhadra. The temple has a sanctum which holds a stupa where the saint resides, and right opposite it lies a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman in his supreme panchmukhi form (5 faced).
I have always been interested in Hanuman, I believe that he is one entity who is always on guard to help anyone who approaches him. He understands human psyche and believes that human beings should make their own free willed choices. Which almost always go horribly wrong from human perspective *why?* well cause humans always have an innate ability to see what they do not have/possess as compared to what they presently have. This nature causes human beings to be always on a suffering note. They are and cannot ever be kept satisfied, well hanuman - the first primordial nath always helps out in such scenarios.
Hanuman always helps those who ask from him, without asking anything in return (this is my personal experience)
Apart from this the symbolism used for him has deep impact when seen with open eyes:
Hanuman is a bhakta first and foremost, he is a master yet he never indulges in ego facades. This is a key requirement for all those who strive for self mastery. To be a master is always to be in a disciple mode. When you have learnt everything, then isnt the end near? What is the point to that as well.
Hanuman remains the vigilant, powerful, attention focused god whose will can create and destroy everything as is. It's kind of neat if you ask me, he remains the rock for everything. He will fix it if it has gone wrong. He will assist it if it goes right.
Hanuman is the immortal natha, he remains always through ages. Time does not seem to affect him and his continuous duty on this world is to bring love and peace through his own master - Lord Rama. He is a tantric deity who is as much a householders delight as he is for sadhus across ages and time.
I got an immediate feeling of being called when I saw the panch mukhi hanuman standing right opposite the samadhi of the saint. Somehow it felt that this was the first time i have seen two objects of worship opposing each other under the same roof. It was indeed weird.
As everyone knows, wherever one goes for worship, the object of worship is but one. This was perhaps the first time when I saw that there were two of them and opposing each other.
The intent of the temple artists was to show that the saint actually merged with the object, and is currently still in deep contemplation of the same. What a wonderful concept shown through temple architecture!
My friend and I visited the temple and the river close by (the river had all but dried up. It was in a pathetic condition maybe cause of the huge influx of tourists to mantralaya).
The temple also has a beautiful simple and serene idol of mother chandi. She is in her benign form and is looking ravishing simply.
Though the temperatures were over 40 degrees through the trip, and walking barefoot on stone in these conditions is an insane impossible task - yet my friend and i managed it without any real in depth faith or need. We wanted to see another place; and we were amazed at what we could see :)
Peace and Love.

What You Do Not Know


I was reading a particular book, which, based on poltergeist phenomenon also explores various other angles to why such activities happen in the first place.

For starters, a poltergeist phenomenon is when certain paranormal activities take place in a vicinity (most commonly a house) when people are present. Generally this would involve anything from flying throwing articles of the denizens of the house, voices which emanate or even other spook activities like footsteps or apparitions. The author goes all angles to try to explain what might be causing such events.

So apart from the ghost spirit theory - which most people are fascinated by, yet do not have sufficient proof to back up with; the author also understands our own latent brain functions to try to decipher why a poltergeist phenomenon would take place.

He remarks, that the brain being divided into two hemispheres does not necessarily mean that our sense of self (our I-ness) also is bifurcated. Infact the sense of I-ness resides in the left hemisphere - our logical or dissected nature. Which is of course interesting to know.

The author goes on to say that most hauntings take place where there is presence of a child about to go through puberty. He tries to explain that the process of levitation, tele-kinesis and so forth take place when kids who are undergoing hormonal and brain revamp are in vicinity coupled up with areas which have greater amount of energy (he calls it earths field - or earths magnetic field). Such regions where the place holds greater power coupled with a medium like that of a child undergoing mental changes are where perhaps other ethereal energies are drawn easily and can let loose some of their mischievous activities.

Well poltergeists do not really interest me that much; but the fact that the author incorporates the left brain and right brain concepts is extremely interesting. For one; he says that the right brain also has a sense of I. In effect there is a divided self in all our brains. This left sens of I also cannot know what the right is doing. But the latter can know what we as I are upto. (This is not in contradiction to the above statement which I made; The sense of immediate I required for survival etc is only present in the left brain. Nowadays when we only look at our own personal gain all the time- it is but natural that our definition of I/self will never leave the left brain framework)

So here comes a theory of the right brain being super conscious in some respects while the left brain causes the being to create a sense of local identity. Which might be just fine to act and react for our day to day situations. But in perceiving reality; I mean actual reality of this universe where we are created unto- I requires to be unified in appreciating it.

Reality is intangible as I see it. It is not possible to dissect and appreciate every micro detail of reality and that is what we all are majorly trying to do; are we not? If not for arts, music and maybe theatre. Everything else is dissectible. Reality is not reality if we are not able to see how its there.

But certain events/experiences are present without being able to know how they are there and if they even serve a purpose. Love or Will could be a prime example. Here the right brain sense of I takes over. There is still a self which is perceiving. But this perception is dramatically different from what our left brain sees it to be.

So the author surmises, that at times of extreme emotional disconnect there is a sense of the right brain taking over activities. This might cause the grand vagaries of poltergeist phenomenon's, UFO activities (abductions), Near Death experiences etc. I completely understand this perspective the author explains, actually it was a big surprise to me cause I didn’t think that a western psychiatrist would be able to come up with such deductions. Cause after all entire western science and research is based upon deductions and reason.

What must be understood is that at the end of the day its just the left brain sense of reason. A puny drive for a puny body and mind for surviving day to day to day. its not a grander construction of the self. Which is required, for seeing and appreciating those parts of reality which are beyond scope of any sort of institutional learning or experience.

Maybe we all can start intuiting a lot more. What I mean by that is, give up on this struggle to save our I-ness. And just accept, and believe me this is what all religious doctrines have been preaching. Just cause its preached the left brain does not like it, it needs proof once more. And by creating it; it makes an institution around it. Some sort of common reality experience of the left brain I-ness.

But reality is like a white room void. Anything and everything can come out of it and be absorbed back in it. We all create our reality. Its time we see that we actually do that, and not just sit around be institutionalized so that left brain is safe yet extremely bored and dead.


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