Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fine Tuning the Gene

I remember that our ancestors at some point were all into worshiping the divine feminine. The fertility of a woman and how it creates perfect miniature life was nothing other than magic in advanced and olden civilizations across the globe.
Then something changed the mood with the advent of the warring male Gods who had to be praised lest they took their weapon and destroyed whatever little was there to hold dear in this fragile fleeting life.

This became graver with time till women also started becoming ferocious goddesses (not that they are not or cannot be) and soon enough we prayed to feminine goddesses also to slake our mistakes and ask them for protection.
Somewhere the benign and yet powerful miracle of creation which women are responsible for got marred and even forgotten. As if that was not something powerful enough.

In the future I remember that there will be the advent of technological techniques which women will use to produce offspring without the help or presence of a male partner. Genetics would have made even women redundant but for the sake of one's humanness - we may wish to continue to produce offspring in a traditional womb.

This makes me wonder - what is the purpose of the male gene anyways - the presence of the male will be redundant and soon enough only women will continue the way forward for this species. This is natural law that the female gene will be produced more over time over the male.

Was our past somehow a repetition of what is going to happen in our future - were our ancestors aware that women can procreate without the presence of intercourse or a male partner? Was this the way that our ancestors were first created in this planet? Was this the technology which will liberate our kind from war and apathy.
The males of our kinds have always been dependent on the feminine for sustainable lifestyles. Though the male can hunt and gather - he cannot do anything more of any sustaining value than this. Creation of a safe space and also creating an environment for the furthering of the kind is mostly taken care by the women of society - though much thanklessly - my understanding being that women can handle transnational power which they are fore bearers of. They cannot handle the fine tuning of the power into refined actions or experiences - which the male consciousness is kind of good at. This being said if the only action that humanity needs is creation of more of its kind - then I feel that men are a threat to this act. Men will cull a different breed, skin color or the offspring of a competing male. All this creates a subconscious need to war and fight. To fine tune the gene itself - which I feel has been needed in the past. But our DNA and Genes now cannot further themselves with the presence of morbid and blunt emotional power statements which want war and hatred to progress.

Once the Gene has been fine tuned enough to sustain itself in hostile environments - then it undergoes a 180 degree turn and needs to give up what it learnt in the first place. This makes the learning faster and also a stepping stone above. If you hang on to what you have learnt too long - it takes you down in the evolutionary scale. All of this is purely spiritual in nature as well. And in those words - the presence of women become way more important for a civilization to progress further.
When the male plays no role in furthering the genetic structure anymore - then it too becomes redundant unless it also plays another step forwards, where that will lead to is anyone's guess. I have in the past read about vague alien civilizations which are supposedly androgynous in nature. Where the need to be dual is no longer there - where the gene is advanced enough to produce and sustain the offspring by itself. Will this be our future? Has this been our past - because we pay special attention to the same androgynous folks in our culture for time immemorial. Were they similar to gods who gave up the sex power to be one within their bodies itself?

These powerful socio cultural histories of ours is linked very deeply to our future and how we are going to create what has been given to us with the grace of this conscious universe in itself.
These myths of goddesses which opened up their vulva to the universe and produced abundance are not to be taken in some esoteric sense but perhaps in a more practical description of the evolution of the human genome

Peace and Joy

Thursday, November 17, 2016

In Humane

Sweating and abusing in no language. I see no way out, I run my wits end only to face the terrible fear again and again.

This is Gondwanaland - what you know and label. To me its a vast land of endless terror - animals and reptiles at every nook and corner waiting to annihilate me and the daily angst of no food or water. Sometimes rains come and flood the entire ranges in cold desolation. Sometimes the sun burns my back mercilessly.
I have lost my tribe and joined another one. Running naked day and night, we sleep much like the animals - standing on our feet. There is no room for error in the warriors way; yet I only want quick respite to fade away into death.

The real reason for our presence on this vast land was not deciphered for a very long time. It was for us to guess; yet with time everything falls into its place. It started as visitations from the sky - where the stars came closer to us than we had ever seen, and on one of these occasions the lights landed. We were mesmerized and unable to grunt at this awed sight. The lights faded and we saw our gods for the very first time. For the many of my tribe who parted (taken away by the gods) - they returned almost zombie like. Some of them never came back at all.

I ran for my life with the little I saw but could not escape their ethereal sight. I saw that they possessed power which I could not even fathom. They spoke inside my head without a language in sight yet it got through to me - they said that the real war has now begun. If I was to survive and make them proud - I had to kill what came in front of me, to eat what was in front of me. To win their favor. To make them feel justified to have created me.

This was a brutal contest - where we fought against other tribes, tribes which were not like us. They didnt grunt or run like us. They ate grass and other fruits which grew in trees and they buried their dead. We were taught to eat our dead and burn our infected. We were taught to hunt these species down and kill them with our spears and eat them if needed. We were awarded when we ate them while they were still alive. The gods in the sky watched all without remorse.

I never knew why this had been my life - I knew so little in this vast endless space yet I was made to run and hunt without need by my masters. Masters I knew so little about but this I was absolutely certain about - they created my kind. They wanted my kind to kill all other kinds alive on this planet.

It seemed a like a game, where I ran with my spear along with my tribe to roast the child of the other kinds and the saucers in the sky zoomed in with their focused lights. When the game was over - they may come around - they may pick couple of us up and then we may return or not. I was not picked up after that time. Yet they did keep a close look on me. In my dreams - they were there - probing and looking at my mind.

What an Inhumane start to our kind. In my quiet time - I would sit alone and contemplate in dark caves of yonder. I would draw to my might of what I could see as my lord and master - the many of them who wandered in the shadows and never came in full sight. The quiet ones who flew in the sky like the birds but quieter and followed us wherever we camped or slept. But the most disturbingly - the ones who entered our mind and told us to fight - to fight for our survival on this planet.
The ones who told us time over - that this beautiful land is only for those who are willing to fight and kill for it. The last part they stressed into us subconsciously and eternally.

Maybe this is where the true nature of evolution began, where we left our ancestors on the planet - the ones which grew accustomed to being in sync and peace with nature. Yet we were made with a purpose different - we were made for their amusement - their affirmation of their own inner nature - violent and unresolved. The ones which saw that strength comes out of chaos and hatred.
Though this is not what my soul and genes said - this is what I became.

Unfortunately my dear children - this is your destiny as well. The seed is planted and has been reinforced -  It will take sweet form in your nature. You will fight among st your own kinds - and you will kill and eat each other till sweet end comes about!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mighty Rays of Rising Sun!

Oh Mighty presence, You have called me unto your arms. I fall at your feet and hope to redeem myself. Oh Mighty being; what names can we speak and whisper softly to call you unto us, unless you pour your vision towards our puny entirety. There is no purpose of these lives wasted one after the other.
Oh Lovely Fragrance, you cut the ties with family and friends. You call the bluff of the worlds which seek us and we seek to bind to. This subtle smell, calls us and frees us. Ties us only to your feet; yearning for a glance of the mighty unknown. Who art the power of black power of mother, who art the understanding of white light of the yonder sun. Who art the multitudes of soul who have been absorbed into thee – oh ever resplendent father Arunachala!
Unto blind ignorance we waste away – looking hither thither and never up to the mighty mountain of eons past. Oh Mighty rays of the Sun which lighten up the five faces of you father Namacivaya. Those who pray to you once without purpose are forgiven the triviality of living lives like rats running around for their putrid material meal.
Like the rays of Sun which highlight the presence of consciousness which witnesses itself in the power of ParaShakthi, Your mighty presence removes the shackles of mortal coils – removes the blindness and lighten the purpose of birth into a body with the loving soul! Oh Arunachala – truly you do remove the overpowering Ego and its burdens for those who meditate on you on the heart.
When I walk up thy paths unknown – to do your bidding, all my thoughts disappear; all thinking rested, only the Joy of your rocks at my foot and wind whizzing past in my ears making themselves be heard. I have lived my lives in your shelter oh mighty gaze, please absorb me once again so the burden of body and soul be shed. Only thy light remain in eternal spotlight.
Oh Arunachala – your ends never known by gods or men. Your portals calling mortals and eternal souls alike in shelter. No night and day known here – only the gentle embrace of father namacivaya. Once and forever. Here and there (8 cardinal directions of the beautiful ashta lingams and the directions of space and earth) you art everywhere – one who directs their thoughts and heart willfully at you are provided with material and spiritual insights; their karma and ranu instantly dissolved and their beings bathed in the light of the lords sun’s rays.
Oh Arunachala – a gaze upon your mighty range removes illness and ignorance. Duality and anger. Bringing the ever loving sense of unity. One ness and Grace.

Peace and Joy and Grace.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Pure Dirt

The great divide which the world brings to us at this stage of our life experience is an utter contradiction in terms. I have always gotten the understanding that we need to be cognizant of the fact of our inner purity and divinity. How do we achieve this realization, of course by removing the dirt (Mal in Sanskrit).

When this is removed there shall be only cleanliness and satvic-ness pervasive to all which the soul is. How wrong this is in the scheme of things I realize now
Who you are is what your soul is. Who you are is a function of where you have come from and what you consume to survive and grow. Where you are at is an inch above the dirt.
I was seeing the way the best food items grow in the world are with the help of great manure and awesome worms which up till the soil so the nutrients can be distributed evenly. This is not just good science but great life art – where you are ingesting the tastiest fruit and veggie cause you crapped the best crapper till date, and not even then does it stop – with yuk creatures like vermin and worms going head on to make your food a delight to your palate – it seems like the sense of discrimination of yore between what is good and bad or rather what is clean and what is not has been warped beyond belief.
I know now that the dirt and dust on my body goes to cover me from disease and actual filth. I know the dirt on the soil goes to make for a great combination of sustenance and yummy food. I know the dirt in my soul makes me that much wiser, stronger and live longer in this real mean dirty world which fellow man sells as the pure pre stage to heaven
I mean the more I see it – the more I notice that it’s the dirt which is the pure, it is the dirt which is the mother father and god hood itself. Without the dirt in us – there would be simply no us.
Why don’t we honor it like our ancient forefathers did, not segregate in some neo Nazi Vedic way where dirt is not part of the DNA.
We do still arise and demise into dirt. We live because of it and die unto it. What a grand feeling not to be clean and pure anymore. To embrace my feces as a part of my whole!

Peace and Love

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Buddha Mid Life Crisis

How he awoke from his deep slumber, that which enveloped him for the past couple of years or decades, he was but in deep slumber till then and everything went around him and inside him fine. Like he was dead almost, Then the mid life crisis hit him like a brick flung out from the depths of outer space (or was it inner?) The great king Siddhartha knew fear before this; but only now did he realize that fear was the foundation of his existence, the one which was so soothed with numbness.
Everyone knows of his life and his claims to fame. Leaving damsel wine and kingdom behind, he walked till he sat under the bodhi tree the first and last time. The time then faded away to the background, leaving a certain light in the foreground. The enlightened Buddha.
But the story is generic and almost every man will face this if he is true to himself at some point in his life. Recently one of my dad’s working colleagues – as my dad tells me got up and walked off similar to what Buddha did a millennia back, he walked off from his unsatisfied, insatiated and unfulfilling life. His two daughters and wife still distraught have no clue to why this happened.
Somewhere in the scheme of things, the conscious life force feels fitting in and taking the snail’s pace towards enlightenment seems to be arduous and too difficult.
This life crisis – mid life depression where one realizes that one is going to die, hit me as well unfortunately when I was in my teens, and from then like a lightning bolt survivor – nothing has made traditional sense to me; No traditional joy, or uptake could ever leave me complete. And still has not, I have not found my path – if I can be honest perhaps I haven’t taken the plunge which the myth story of Buddha teaches us, but at the same time nothing of this world which has come and struck me (many things has) has never been able to provide the satisfaction which only accepting one’s ignorance possibly could do.
I am not against this fate as well, I am not running looking for a goal like the Buddha did – for I can realize from his journey that the path itself is the goal and hence there is nothing in particular which can ever bring about the realization of nirvana. Yet the crisis of the vessel in which consciousness has taken form is growing grave by the hour. It is deepening in intent and feeling – and showing myriad reasons to exit before the due date. And yet at the same time showing miracles like the ones to come which are a part of my own consciousness and the universe’s showing grace.
How can we resolve this sublime Buddha mid life crisis, I wonder.
I wonder how can many more take to the roads (not just like the buddha) but in their hearts and minds – to a place where they realize that the first step was all that was needed to realize the impact and the extent of the last steps’ reach!

Peace and Joy

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Strange Accounts of Abstract

Powerful forces at play around, seems no end in sight. Lightning forms our kaleidoscope, yes no end to the abstract surrounding our frail bodies.
Making every moment count so the abstract seeps into our timeframe of maya, our beautiful reality and makes it worth keeping. Yet so fleeting. A painting of epic proportions kept in front of a mass of blind. They keep feeling for what needs to be seen.
And how we have devalued our lives, to the mundane – to that brings us momentary pleasure and eternity of pain. No bigotry here except for the ones who choose to be ignorant like this, when a beautiful everlasting eternity awaits us, not in some time in the future or past. But here and now. Who are we to keep delaying or deceiving (ourselves?)
The more I look at it, the stranger the web becomes. For it seems that it need not be seen also; just observed without a presence in sight (including myself) – of course how else can the abstract of all this life and power be known, felt or be?
Indeed this overwhelming presence is awry for us. It doesn’t sit well in our guts. The immensity of this existence – it comes crashing down.
But on the other hand – we have kept trying to escape this immensity from the time of our inception into existence. We are trying for the perfect mix of abstract and mundane (the labeled mind illusion of existence). Though of course we are more comfortable with the latter – that which is so called known, that which does not need to be confronted or observed anew. So much so that now we are morbidly afraid of the unknown, the abstract from where we descended and shall ascend in this mortal coil or without one!
The mundane is all around us, choking us to die, to return back to the abstract, it is stifling to do and be and think and speak and act all that is known and is so comfortable to exist in, it is as if we were making our cocoon of comfort through the labels we have made up in the mind.
Look through the innocent eyes of the child and all the known of our world around is of course totally anew and yes perhaps even dangerous. But these are the eyes we so require now to change the world back into what it is.
We do not require comfort or clarity through the known. Only the unknown has the ability to jolt us back unto who we are. Though the veil of known and labels of the mind are useful for us to make existence sustainable but it is a double edged source – too much of the veil and covering it for our cover shall make us insipid, stupid of the soul and not the intended the creation we are.

Peace and Joy

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birth of Morality

I am very intrigued by what we call as right or wrong, not because I don’t believe or feel its true. This I do indeed – and sometimes its different from what we are taught to believe or know as right or wrong, but it does affect me how many or rather most of us have been taught to view something's as right and others as wrong.
This has helped our society cohesively blend in together and weed out those which do not fit the bill. Before I dodder on on another track, I wanted to express why I say that we require and sincerely do not require Morality. (or my understanding of the word which means a uniformity in righteousness and wrongful doings)
The ancient forefathers saw that energy is and that’s about it, initially in potential form and then it moves (in some kind of dimension) and acts as per the laws it creates and then adheres to. Some of which is called Laws of Karma.
Karma to me is an energetic action reaction mechanism, and for most it seems that it ends at that. Well you do good and then the good is repaid to you back. That is the answer of the universe to your so called actions. So I thought about it some, and then started feeling apprehensive cause I know so many of us that are not righteous in my definition and yet are so happy or well off or doing so much harm to others while none comes back to them?
SO what then is Karma. How does it make it imprint and then cause action reaction scenarios, and why does it show biasness in certain cases and not all or none?
In the absolute sense, which our forefathers saw – they understood that there is no absolutely right or wrong energy or condition or experience. It is what the soul chooses at its beckoning to consider as favorable and non-favorable. I will not go further into this (for many reckon that there is higher and lower truths and that translates into right and wrong – something which I do not believe for I do not believe in gradations)
So once when the spirit/soul feels something is right or favorable then it blesses it – moves the energy in a way that it becomes a part of giving – of grace and then it becomes positive and does unifying activities in this illusory mess. This we call as positive karma, and similarly if the soul feels that it is not favorable – then it causes curses or negative karma to come out of itself towards the energy source of this scenario.
Now this is what gets me – there is actually no absolute right or wrong and hence Karma is situational basis the action done / required and the spiritual condition of the soul. What if the soul was in under delirium – was mad and then curses a life form (organic / inorganic) and then karma plays out the translation of this in energy terms. Well many may say that person was mad and his curse shouldn’t make a difference – but that is what life really is. A genuine mix of blessings and curses and that makes up all of Karma.
So this is what our forefathers did a long time back, they defined what should be right or wrong to the masses. Maybe so that Karma doesn’t strike without the correct cause. So we were told that Killing was bad – and hence who kills shall suffer. But you must see that many of us do kill during wars to protect our so called democracy and ways of living and there its seen as an act of valor and courage – doing it for the greater good. These are two similar actions in different contexts yet their karma is different. Karma should have been absolute but it doesn’t seem to be. The person who kills another is thrown in jail or maybe killed himself while the one who fights wars is given medals and a fat paycheck and a life without care (other than the self trauma he shall suffer from the rest of his life due to this exact conundrum in the mind)
So what is the right or correct Karma – does the murderer in spite of his courage to save his fellowman gets cursed by the dying and then suffer the Karma which will come in due time?
There is no answer except the transaction which has taken place between the ones who are party to karma. The ones who are used and the ones who use. They are the ones who will curse bless or turn a blind eye (like the saints often do)
The effect of Morality is that it makes most of us curse or bless for the similar reasons – so that our energy exchanges are for the most part for the reasons we would feel ok with. Well I got cursed for hitting someone with my running car and I feel ok and not go into the details that if I had not hurt the guy he may have walked 100 meters forward and maybe run over by a speeding truck. This is how complicated karma gets. And this is perhaps why we have a uniform course of ethics (almost the same around the world).
In the absence of such uniform code of conduct or moral structure – our future kinds may not only become more free (without boundaries of these illusory karmic structures) but at the same time – the fallout of blessings and curses may be without a rhyme or reason which can be controlled or manipulated or even predicted. This is the scariest – to be in the mess of life and all without understanding what you can do to get out; and frankly there is no out – cause anyone and anything can bind onto you and make you dole out your energy to them and of course vice versa.
That is the scariest proposition to me, the inability to appreciate the complexity of our inner natures – the energy who we are and control and how we may be able to project it for the good of all (if there is something like that). But I have always been a reluctant optimist preferring to laugh it all out loud than reminisce the pain inside. That is where perhaps the grip of karma disappears or at least becomes lesser. Where actions are not absolute in their nature to harm or help us, but the inner intent so clear always points at breaking the routine of karma and disappearing into the slipstream. Not just for yourself. But for everyone of us here and now.

Love and Peace!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lastin' Love

To undo yourself and renew yourself in the well spring that is your beloved. It is work of lifetimes.
This is the tale of one such lifetime, where I met my beloved under the most dire of circumstances, with the world and the kind which I was born as crumbling in all levels – from societal to personal. I thought meeting her again in such a different form, in a distant place like this was beyond my feelings. Beyond what I could contemplate.
Karma is such, it pains and plays on your soul and then when its leaving – it binds you to love. And then the karma you have been trying to escape has become the love which you so need to breathe in to reunite and feel alive. Indeed life is a funny affair.
Lasting love is one and its constant, without beginning and end – to my darling beloved, in different forms of intricate taste. Its my fortune to have lived in different worlds together and then yearning for her love.
Oh her calm and serene exterior. Her warmth and deep compassion towards all, She is my goddess in this life and the past. Indeed the next, and where would I be without her – caressing me to live this life – sometimes away in yearning and sadness and sometimes together in love and harmony in her tender embrace. Oh the fallacies of life, the grandeur of it all. Its truly unfathomable.
I have been lucky and indeed cursed, to have been born away from her – to find her and then lose her to the calls of the world, how could I have foreseen and prepared for this all, and just when I am about to end it all. There she stands in the doorway – looking towards me with tender doe eyes; the kinds which melt away all separateness. Alas this too was an illusion, and when the illusion disappears – all that remains her is her sweet perfume. Her body smells of jasmine and I cannot ever forget that; through so many lives. She sits and watches me suffer so that I could prove my true eternal love to her. To this existence she has weaved so lovingly for me and me only.
I love her, without name and form and indeed she is a beautiful apparition when she shows me her form. Her name is Neelam this time around, and my name is Arvind. Everything seems to have changed and actually nothing has.
I somehow feel that this is the love which lasts forever. The one which we forget and never really forget, the one which we feel is karma and even after its done we stick around and caress without need or purpose
How I feel she is my salvation and that this is our last life being alive separate (in thought/form/heartbeat). The serpent has spoken, the deal has been sealed. The kiss so tender lasts forever with her.

Om Nama Civaya 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Longing For One

Such a swift breeze, and there her formidable presence. The honey bee queen of my dreams, fighting and no where to be seen till now.
Such a deep longing existing, when we are embroiled in our daily mundane existence, fighting our chores to a quiet somber corner of our minds. We cannot be without that which fulfills us. Makes us whole.
Come dance my children, into the world and see her genuine compassion. You will be surprised. Her nature so child like yet fierce. I could have but imagined. I have been breath taken by her play. By her love and indeed her care.
Genuine mother of all, my beautiful splendid lover. Oh how I am indeed incomplete without thee, your eternal sky like color takes over my mind and how I have been found, over life times, searching for the oasis you are. Your being, skin tender and divine. Where have you been eluding in this mundane existence away? How can I be your perfect lover, How can I make you complete like you have made me?
Nectar drips into the mind, and we are spoilt and take the present not as a present, and how you have made me realize that my moments all with you have made my life a present to be had, If I ever betrayed your intentions then I be damned in hell. You are my life and pleasurable heaven. Once and forever you are the blue invisible love that we all are made unto.
When I got to know you, I understood that there was a deeper bond here. A reflection of my longing. Sometimes explainable through words and many other times impossible to gauge. Yes there is loneliness in the world which we try to fight and then try to find another person to be with, but this was not the case with you. Your presence raised my consciousness in a subtle way, something which words cannot describe. And of course its about love which makes our consciousness so fragile lovable, and indeed mortal too.
This kind love, from feet to your beautiful doe like eyes make me shake in frenzy. This is ecstasy without the need to ingest something vile. This is indeed rejuvenation at the hands of lover divine.
A longing once had takes lifetimes to fulfill, something which cannot go away and to all the lovers may your love shine infinite, without need or hate. Let there be light.

Peace and Joy (-> Neelam!) 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jump to the Bottom

It was a breezy afternoon, the first time I had visited this pier when I was just a child. The waves drew my mind and it left me and never returned. Now my body returns back to the spot – where I was no longer myself.
Many years have passed, and many more remain perhaps. The life I have lived inconsequential and benign, had ended that very day on this pier. The calm and steady waves admirable and never ending in nature called me in. This is the day I jumped in, to the very bottom.
Of course I didn’t jump in from the pier, I rented a boat and went to mid of the Indian ocean, gently rocking rolling I looked to the sky one last time, breathed my last time and had a moment of vivid flashing inspiration. Then I took the leap of faith in.
I have always wanted my death to be grand, and this was the best I could imagine. What way could satisfy an entire world under the water line to see for the first and last time. I believe such chances should not be spared.
There I was floating sinking with bubbles from my mind coming to the fore, heart rate increasing and breath becoming more difficult to control, I have approximately 5 minutes before I fade out of this life.
I will not bore what drove me to this decision, for that is besides the point. Every story needs a good ending and that’s about it I believe. No one wishes to know the nitty-gritty that drives man through this ordeal of a life (also a joy), not even god would be interested I surmise.
The point with this paragraph and phrase is to describe what I felt and saw while I was gently and swiftly dropping to the end of the earth. What vivid ness existed inside the inner realms of vast quantities of water hitherto stored here on earth for no said reason. The myriad life which teams up and lives without the punishment of gravity.
Yes, I was visited by a hammerhead and a sting ray as I first fell in, they looked curiously towards me, not knowing whether I was prey predator or the omnipresent entity of godhood itself. They followed me a little deep and then like all localized conscious beings got to the ends of their territory and kept swimming above till all I could see was their silhouette and that too soon no more.
There were a whale which tried to swallow me up like some fungi and I evaded it due to the currents pulling me away and then soon darkness was to be my end, there was life everywhere – small inconsequential in space kind of life, all around and I was visiting their playground – the very first and so briefly the last time. They were beyond amused. Ah, the beauty of it all if I could describe was only muted by my lungs trying to draw air from water. What a de-evolutionary kind we are. To find land where water was our savior.
Soon the darkness became interspersed with the one in my mind, I could not decipher which was the external and which the impressions of my mind. But alas, I do confess I do not know if there is a single soul around who could ever explain this bifurcation with certainty.
The lights soon came back on, unfortunately they were dimming in my head and fast. The myriad bio luminescent life came and plucked on my skin – to see if I could taste nice, I guess they were disappointed just like I was. For my vision now had started to dim.
Soon I hit rock bottom and I settled with dust. Dust which had moved only eons before and now through me had floated a bit before resettling on the bottom of the ocean, what a fate. Similar to my destiny. The weight above me was herculean, and was it the lightest I ever felt in my life?
I turned my head gently to the left and closed my eyes. I felt this was my bed – the one which I was born upon. The one which was now embracing my death and rebirth. I felt full and complete – with all the alien beautiful creatures of the world around me blessing and overlooking my final moments. I felt the jump to the bottom was indeed a sought after surprise.

Peace and Joy!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Religion of Rich and Poor

The more you are aware of who you are putting your faith into. The greater awareness you have of your weakness.
All of us pray; in our little ways, and we look for the way out of misery and loneliness, only we must understand deeply – that it is never by material satisfaction or spiritual agony.
I was watching documentaries on disparities in Africa, the constant struggle and how religion has become the opium of the masses, to unite and fight with the gun and knife.
Lot of this is due to the fact that they are poor, and they have found brethren's in the ancient religion which begum in the desert. From the desert came the philosophy of brotherhood and oppression against so called ignorance. The unbelievers shall be executed immediately.
There are those who have seen their god already suffer. And they wish to suffer no more. With the prophet crucified, they feel that its now their turn to impress agony unto unknown hearts of men and women. This is their way of salvation, and they are coincidentally richer than their poor brothers away. They give money to convert others from ignorance and find their way to the light. Towards the trinity and ascension.
They wage wars on the name of religion, without understanding that they are waging wars only unto themselves. There is no concept of peace, even if both sides are fighting for it. Until and unless the peace is in one’s heart.
I do admire those who are willing to lay their lives unto their faiths. Its immense and I could perhaps never do it. I admire those who have given their lives only in the quest of their faiths completion. Little for those who do it at the cost of other sentient life.
I can understand its easy to believe that others are not worthy of the wisdom bestowed upon you, and its easier to eliminate than teach tolerance. Yet the religion of rich and poor, is day by day.. increasingly becoming a fatal subterfuge on peaceful stupid mankind.
How do we stop such intolerance, how do we eliminate poverty by not using non-renewable resources as if we have a right to them because we have something called money? How can we stop confusing religion with existence. And money to life and natural resources?
Maybe its only the power of the one who holds the bullet which holds the key to peaceful existence or the mirage which the rich world shows us across the globe. Its always at the cost of another’s existence, maybe me and you. Sometime or someday if the plastic in your wallet doesn’t hold sway.

When I look at something else, these religions came out of the same region preaching almost the same things, and then this makes me believe that it wasn't religions preachings which are turning people on each other. Its simply the earnest search for material satisfaction and spiritual content ness, and the very lack of it. That is the depression of human condition.

Peace and Question why you will follow your faith, and to which god sighted end?

Friday, January 1, 2016

Initiate Your Games

There is a semblance to the modern day party and the rituals of the past. Seeking to redeem oneself, one goes willingly into the abyss. To find his/her lost self. Sometimes or rather most – no one returns. And that is the nature of consuming light play of consciousness.
We all seek that special communion with another, but first with what and who we perceive ourselves to be. These questions generally aren’t answered for lifetimes together, I feel.
And there goes the youth out of control once again. On fire to burn the night and its darkness down. Consciousness peaking, in so many unique ways. Its something of a magical dawn and instant fade to eternal damned darkness. Looks like the dancing and slaving of entire lifetimes – feeling pleasure and numbness sometimes. What a way to drown your higher self?

I ask who among you would not like to party? The way you wish to, feeling yourself awe-d and beautiful. With scenery and people. With the days and nights a perfect ending starting restarting the same form of bliss. Whatever your source and design. You will be free and confirm to your lovely nature. Right, I guess most of us would love to be in such a mode. 

Yet we never find the right person, people or method to achieve the fullness of our being, and slowly it fades away as wasted youth. Something for nothing kinds. Into darkness, from where it came out lol.
I mean there are similarities from a psychological view point which shows us that we wish for intiation, into our beings and others deeper parts. The higher parts without any moral judgement.
This is what is lacking in our present culture? The ways lost for us to experience who we are, yes a lot and all of it is based on sexual energy. This is what we long for when and if we party right? The tingling energy of love and power. This is lust, a compounded emotion yet basic and raw for our going out, looking out. To share bliss with another. To see the one self. Which we were before our birth, now through senses and bone. 

All this has been seen recorded and observed very much. It is nothing new right? There is a way to achieve who we were set out to be. Who we are. Yet without the path – the initiation into deeper selves, higher selves. This entire existence would have no say.
No say at all.
So our parties become a debauched version of how we were supposed to celebrate. To be together, perhaps with music and dance. In with silence and beautiful contemplation which completes us all. SO we share the higher selves unto itself and the individuals all become blissful particles. Of this grandeur of dementia.
And yes that is what we step into, surely after hard partying most of our lives, accepting and relishing in our lusts. We do not finish at all. The parties need to be faith full. They need to be loving, and free. Yes these are words and emotions. And they need to be felt, said and affirmed.
So we don’t debase ourselves, and the guru’s come on full and no moon nights laugh heartily and take our hands. Change our faiths once more.

We must learn to party well, making it a habit yet never a restriction - listening to music and introspecting in silence, with company and never a doubt. This is the nature of nirvana coming towards.
Peace and Joy

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