Thursday, December 17, 2009

Naturaza Divina

This is the age for toxics. Long time back, when the earth was a much "cleaner" place, people lived a natural existence. Sadly its not the case anymore. The toxic existence is taking its toll.
The air I breathe, is contaminated... the water is contaminated with toxics and more toxics to clear it. The food which i eat has chemicals from the time the seed is sown, to when it is shelved in a market. The activities which i do is sit in front of technological instruments, which harm through toxic rays. mosquito repellents and fake skin creams, toxic clothes and toxic materials...everywhere... look around, whatever we take from this world today has a toxin attached to it.... where are we gonna survive!... What a time to be born!?
The climate change meetings are going on, and everyone can have a consensus on one thing, that no one else is willing to listen to their problem. But everyone is conveniently forgetting that the reason they have assembled there in the first place is for but one GLOBAL problem. End of the world. sooner than we can imagine.
The toxics which affect our body, get stored and remain without disintegrating for long. they change our perception and the way our body is meant to work (including our brain- please note that). This is something which people are not willing to acknowledge till the toxin sets in deep physical reactions- cancer, psychosomatic diseases and crazy virus attacks (i still believe virus are not biological, they are pure toxin).
The effects are seen here and now, and yet we dont take heed. We have to stop polluting. We have to stop buying newspaper, stop using power when we dont need it. Stop riding cars alone (all and many more of these are addressed all to myself and you all as well). Every single action is causing an instant reaction within us (time and evolution are compounding- cause and effect are too due to this.. everything will happen within one single life time now; you reap what you sow here and now)
I have no faith in governments, they are big bullies and big cry babies. They supposedly are the wise and trusted, yet they are never these. They come and bicker and go off to their mansions (really- the politicians- all of them live in mansions- what a mockery for being servants to civilians)
What I have faith in (till date- prove me wrong none the less) is rational understanding of average bum. So there is no threat cause of pollution etc, and the average bum is all happy not giving a damn (i am!), but there is direct link between the toxic we burn and the toxic we breathe- now that ought to be simple to understand- dont cut trees, dont burn plastic, dont go on endless fuck-you romantic drives,start walking, stay without light, simple existence, start appreciating and be a part of nature. That is the only way you gonna live here on earth. Lets embed technology and human intellect to nature- what wonders we can achieve! Nature gives to one and all, dont grab just ask....
I like the wwf ad- an old one yet so beautiful- one planet- one home- we gonna mess it up? where we gonna live? (applies to all of you who dont plan on having kids too, cause this time around we fucked up and we are gonna pay... no doubt about it. so wanna save our asses? save the planet NOW!)


There is a soul stirring song by pink floyd (division bell)- marooned, since i have been hearing it for past so many years, it always sets a mood for being in solitude, in the middle of no where, and at peace with oneself. 
What we choose so well, that kind of happens to us at some point in time, When i went to andaman islands- i got that serene marooned feeling which i had been searching for so long. There are innumerable islands which constitute andaman and nicobar, one of them is called baratang islands- these are extremely famous for the mud volcanoes (perhaps the only volcanic activity attributed to india- the last activity in 2005), and also amazing stalagmite caves. 
The journey takes a long time from port blair, taking almost 5 hours by road- traveling through reserved forest areas- which holds one of the rarer aggressive tribes of andaman (these people were not in outside contact till a decade back, and they only started interacting due to increase in illness among their children- taken care by doctors in the reserved forest areas), the jungles are deep and i got to see the tribals in many places, mostly onlooking us as we were staring at them. 
The journey ends with us taking 2 ferry rides to reach the baratang islands. the ferry rides at are so relaxing, with backwaters seeping in from the ocean and thick jungles on both side for quiet comfort. the un inhabited islands (and so many of them)- are mesmerizing, it feels so out of the world, to come to such places- where there might be still unexplored and hidden natural mysteries lurking. 
After 2 ferry rides, the authorities (forest officers)- set people up in little boats which take them inside the mangrove ridden forest cover- to these islands hidden for ages from sight of the modern human being. I had a gala time, entering and walking 3 odd kilometers to the site where beautiful stalagmite caves are present for time immemorial. 
The thing that happened while our group (consisting of around 20 people) where checking out these caves, is the tides receded suddenly and way off, leaving the small boats which had brought us deep inside baratang, completely useless. We were stranded, marooned and how!
No food, no water, no cellphone and definitely no housing, our group spent some 5 hours in the middle of baratang, which was almost 7-8 hours from port blair which was so far away from my home in delhi. It was a wonderful feeling from inside, i tell you. for no one to come and rescue, no one to do anything but wait for the tides to come back and put water beneath the rudders of the boats!
The time to be spent while waiting was for most of desperation- families and older people, were desperate, the thing is, the forest reserve road through tribal areas is closed at nights, and if someone doesnt make it through by sunset to check post, then one has to spend the night near baratang- which has no hotels, and very few eateries. 
I didnt think much, and spent much of my time exploring this hidden world, its a pain in the sun i admit, especially tropical sun, but i loved it none the less. the feeling coming back... of being alone, no technological and human interference, and mostly no mundane tasks to be held. Freedom had a new name in me; down in andaman with the blue blue sea :)
We did manage to reach back by late night to port blair; the tides helping us, the guides and the forest officers helping us (i managed to help some in my group as well, without sounding too modest!), and i had a gala time. Something which i felt for, all through this "ordeal" was for the forest officers, i interacted with them loads and found out that they lead a meager existence without food all day, helping tourists and such to come to baratang. They were not even provided walkie-talkies, which could have been life savers of sorts that day. But all said and done, even they like us, were exasperated with the events. We at the end of the day, had a good laugh and shared food with each other (when we reached the mainland), and forged strong bonds- with each other (not only the guards, but with each other- in the group as well)
I strongly recommend, going all the way to islands beyond horizon, plonking oneself in the middle of the Indian ocean and watching the serenity each and every day. 


Another Chance Received-II

So, this is another blunder committed (and this could be a repentance in the form of inflicting pain to any/all who read this lol )
The setting is manali, some 6 years back... traveling with my folks and seeing that beautiful heaven on earth first time. We stayed back in old manali, in a beautiful resort in the winters and the entire time the place was snow struck. something so beautiful; always under appreciated with words. Over the course of a week, i traveled in kullu valley, from roerichs residence (who is a powerful painter- and some of his paintings are kept in this summer house of his) to various old temples in old manali, to rothang- till the point snow covered the entire road. The journey in kullu valley with the beas flowing so serenly everywhere- its definitely should be on everyones travel list while in india/visiting india.
Anyways, one of the days we got out with our driver and went to look for some pretty temples, en route we stopped over near the road; to catch up a little wood temple which looked pretty old. The caretakers there (who also lived there), were gracious people- entertaining us with the myth of the temple and serving us tea (mountain people- none so gentle/innocent as them). They told us about a cave which resided at the top of the mountain behind the temple. There was a proper trekking route which also lead to arjuna gufa, as they put it. This is where the pandavas roamed around extensively before they ascended to heaven from kedarnath- arjuna spent some time in the cave at the top of the hill, in summers many people ascended to sit and meditate in the cave (with goat/sheep hearders as well), but winters was more of a downtrodden affair.
All i can justify myself with is that i was young and naive and most probably blown stupid out of my head :D
So i take leave of my folks and gracious temple people, and start up on the small un walkable route which led up to the cave, though i thought i might not be able to make it all the way up; yet there was enough in me to get me to a beautiful height, and if i did it have in me, i could be the only one in a cave so far away from the existence i knew. This is what propelled me up at incredible speed. I was wearing sandals with socks, and they didnt have the best grip i do believe. But these trivialities didnt strike me then.
I climb for some 45 minutes without a break, the path is hardly a water stream (which is how the path had been formed i guess), and extremely steep and ofcourse extremely dangerous, i am a mountain kid (or so i would like to believe), and i liked the challenge, when i take to a mountain- i like to climb it, no other way about it. The power of the mountain propels me upwards, till i reach the summit. this was the case here as well.
I reach a greater height, and i see that there is ice (not snow) all over the path in front- the small path is convoluted, and now there is no mud to grip, only ice. This is where i admit i make a mistake, i should have slowly turned around and descended, i try to climb on th ice, and i go some 2-3 steps on the incline, and i slip (as if that was not on the cards), and fall on my ass and slide on the iced water stream path- i forgot to tell, that the path is on the edge, a single slip and you fall all the way down to the temple (a long way down i say), and thats how i almost slip and fall, i slide, and my legs are hanging over the edge, il tell you (as this is a repentance of sorts lol )- the way i did not actually fall down that day, is i grabbed a small twig - plant (the only one present where i fell as i remember), and held it to hold my weight, it did and i didnt fall off the cliff.. i am deeply thankful for that plant and for the energies on that hill which didnt see my arrogance in trying to climb to the meditation place as so bad as to kill me off (this is factual- the mountain dont like you- it will throw you down. i have understood that much atleast)
I take a moment, and breathe, atleast i am not sliding anymore, i use the same twig, to climb some steps down, and then hold on and wrestle with the mud around the ice, to bring my feet back to non-iced ground. I silently make my way back down. I return, and this time i do need that delicious cup of tea. I sit and look up to see where i was, it was a very long distance up. and of course would have been a very swift free fall.

Love and Peace 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Chance received

This happened while I was in manipal- second year or so, and it was such a surprise (to say the least).
This was the second time i was traveling to gokarna, which I personally understand as heaven on earth, i remember that I (accompanied with alap)- left on a saturday evening- taking the train, and had the mind to just chill out at the beach for some hours and catch the late night(early morning) train back to manipal - the distance being meager at just 2.5 hours odd by train. It was the perfect chill out scene, we boarded and reached gokarna stataion, in time- this is around 16 or more kilometers from the small religious town. We took a share cab to the town, where we headed to the beach- i took some time off to goto the precious beautiful gokarna-ishwara temple. We took upto a shack on the corners of this beautiful beach- i remember it was around holi, as soon we saw (almost ethereal looking) group of firangs; with long matted hair coming- playing flutes and little guitars asking all the shack owners for bhang and bhang related drinks lol :). Holi being the only time across india, where this product is freely available and accepted. We relaxed for a long time and struck up a conversation with the shack owner, the asswipe realized that we had come for no good reason- to chill out and (him) being drunk, started going off tangentially to different topics ranging from how unsafe gokarna was, and how deaths to tourists were common, and that; if we were to head back late at night to the station, should take an auto et all back. He takes initiative and goes gets another drunk person (pretending to be an auto walla)- who further start threatening and such. So we cut our party short, give some assurance that we will be back later to take the auto, and head off. These guys are piss drunk and pissed for not making us a bakra- and we get the intuition that this auto person goes to the auto stand, and tells all the drunkards there that we didnt cooperate in getting our money swindled by them. Autos kind of (as we imagine atleast) start following us through the town, and we are pretty unnerved, so we head to the bus stop- and there are no buses late night as we find out. We didnt have the mood to take a share auto-cab, cause we really didnt have any idea of what the scene in small towns like these is (sometimes there are pretty strong mafias- in hippie towns like gokarna et all... something which i have witnessed in goa as well- almost anywhere where foreign currency is valued more, and hence foreign skin as well). We start our walk back in the night- all the way back to the gokarna road station. I must tell you, the walk back in the night over some 16 km- through thick wild western ghat jungles- mixed with hills and lakes and what not- is very haunting, it was good that alap accompanied me, cause all through the journey we encounter some thousand odd house dogs, who run right in the middle of the road with teeth jarring out ready to mince meat us; alap is bloody psycho- he barks and shows his teeth back to these dumbass house pets, and they actually get freaked out. lol :) I actually cowered the entire journey behind the freak, so that dogs wouldnt bite me - something i dont think i will forget ever. We reach the station at some 12-1 at night, there is not a single soul alive anywhere for kilometers at end, the western ghats become very haunted at night, they are sparcely populated- lack of light and human habitation and very very weird vibes from the jungles abound. Something very intriguing indeed. I remember we complete the walk in one go, no rest anywhere (except at the start)- we were tired, and just shocked at the incidents preceding the walk. something to keep us alert till the time we reached back to the station. 
The gokarna road station is very peculiar, it is a side road extending deep into jungle for 2 odd kilometers diverted from the main road, its desolate is an understatement. Its haunted, and the station is barren, no night keeper or anyone. Most trains dont stop here, and hence no need for a station attendant. The night is young and we realize that we need to get some sleep before the train (scheduled at around 4 in the morning came). Alap dozes off on the platform floor (another feature of the stations which come after maharashtra- on the west coast all the way to kerala is- their abundant cleanliness, their quite charm.. out of the world) and in sometime even i hit the floor (quite literally) putting my knapsack behind my head for some cushion and hit dreamland,
now this is where the fun comes in, I suddenly get up with some weird loud noises out of hell marching through my ears, my head and soul. as soon as i come back to reality, the first thing i notice is that alap is also in the same condition some distance away from me, and both of us were some 2 odd feet from the platform end-tracks- where a huge fast bogey train (carrying supplies) runs at incredible speed. We actually slept quite a far distance away from the platform end, and both of us somehow in our stupor sleep slipped up to very close to the tracks-very very close, a foot closer (my head was actually at the platforms end-so horrible i tell you, even today when i remember it) and i would be crushed beyond belief by the goods train. I get up to my feet before i can even remember anything else, and run away from the monster. 
We catch our scheduled train two hours later (the train was very late)- and reach back to our hostel beds just in time for some more sleep. The night just went by, and so did the days after this trip till one day i realized that i was actually very close to my death, something which didnt hit me till a long time after. Its been very nice to be given another chance, for i alone know (dont know about alap really) that this was such a close close call for my head and my life. 


Monday, December 14, 2009

Serpents Tongue

Lashing out faster than fury, the wrath of ages bent into fangs- quite the death story, in this way, no way to suffer this way?! Bringing the thirst for toxic in you, nemesis of the underworld. darkness has always been your way.
Slithering past the corpses of good, flung into rapture at the sight of the deep hidden nocturnal eyes, everywhere looking to bloodbath the existent to decay. The serpent does not stop, does not ever sway.
Bringer of sorrow, Bleed the cross; Shutter at your sight every night. Nightmares of abyss; bent frame, broken up just the same. Bringing visions from the other side, of sweet glory of our demise. No more no more, let us stop this madness, the serpent coils rearing to strike down.
Ecstatic at each days end, bringing the flames to our cremation ever close; no relief never any respite, All the ends bringing me closer to your fangs, The fires burning deeper, when will it all end, the serpents tongue flickering takes over your mind.

Now you see as it sees; brings the darkness everywhere into your eyes. There was never an escape, the conditions lead you to this state. The serpent has called you hypnotically through its flickering tongue.

Do its bidding, master of puppets strings you day and night as you move into a stupor, neither seeing nor being yourself anymore. days trans mutates into twilight of sins. Ever evil and so potent. Calling the demons through the window, you seek redemption of no one. 

Darkness so potent, that you can be blessed only in its presence. The cold rain falls and brings the chill back into your mind. The last crucifix. You are the redemption of mankind. the ticking time bomb bringing annihilation in this cruel and senseless time. 

contributed by memories of a very beautiful movie- Fallen starring denzel washington. :)

Salutations MasterBlaster~

Salutations to the morning sun, the ever new rays penetrating through glistening eyes, everything will be alright surya whispers with the gentle morning breeze, the cold evaporated every nights end with you, rising and stretching morning glory towards every horizon. Salutations to you thousand fold oh savitr.

Dont look twice, the gentle sun set at the end of blue-green valley. Kumaon sets in with the pretty colors of each and every layer of your power, you make the skies alive with your grace oh sun, you are the soul of each and every living creature on this planet. You are the solar - anu - strength to endure. You are food, as well as rain. You are the epitome of creation. Salutations to you wise one.

Every single kinetic reaction, a product- a source unto you. Ever present in light and darkness, you are true dispeller of illusion. Aditya, of the celestial. You are the illumination of soul.

Without respite, the saints seek true power from you. Your gaze enough to transmit true atomic knowledge. of eons together, at once.
Surely there is wisdom still to pray once again towards the ultimate-only source of life under these harsh conditions, these harsh times. never supporting the cause of life- you, wise one have been ever burning with intent to remove the harsh, to bring smooth life on earth.
At konark, you lie across all directions- governing each horizon with the gentle gaze, your rays penetrate the morning dew across the calm ocean, shining on your idol ever so graceful. To bring one to you, removes the troubles of the mundane. You are the ever present soul-controller. Salutations to your shining brightness, burning away each and every notion of darkness; of death; of stagnation..

Eons together to master, how to gaze and respect the power of the sun, to love and be able to create like the sun. Sages still in the true quest of the solar realm, of solar prowess- there is none like it. for you see both you and I, all of us are under one single ruler. It has always been like that, salutations to the power that guides. Sabka malik ek .....
To the atomic creation towards life ever lasting. Peace Peace Peace

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time Travelers-III

The gods did know a secret, that secret being revealed to mankind as well. That when it comes to creation and time travel, there is not one but many many universes we can travel. As scientists are beginning to validate now, that time is not a linear progression, it is a dimension unto itself, like a sphere. But that being that, the alien master race- which might have implanted the seeds to life on this planet- wanted to experiment in another way- any and all action has a consequence, but we all know that the consequence or result is not fixed-with a definite end, all actions can lead to different end results... the gods see that, and the dichotomy experimentation they hold is this... that after planting the seeds of life in this planet and watching and experimenting with it while growing, whether they (being the planet-including us/human beings) can change the end result. This is the crux of the phenomena which we choose to call "free will"
Free will. has the tendency to create time and space. Will is the power/energy which makes it come alive. All of existence. It took the creator will to create. and similarly each and every energy "movement" is a direct result of the "energy" called will. If you tend to notice, there are various occult documents, which give a different function to will than other energy in this universe. No one knows what the will is other than the sound=Om/Aham/Ameen/I am; it creates. That too why/how/till when?- very subjective.
The will in this prakarti in this day and age is working towards desolation. Towards the end. And of course towards another beginning (hopefully).
The gods who grace us with their presence, once in a while from outer space- do want us to realize, that though we might have been made in their image, we are creatively endowed- even perhaps in some respect; more than them, to exercise this powerful human will of ours to accomplish as we please/choose.
The pertinent question now is, which way are we turning the collective will of our earth, towards harmony and peace. Towards joy and liberation through society or towards disharmony and corruption of nature, towards abysmal experiences and emotions?
My "gut" feeling tells me that the inclusion of will when we are looking at gods is very essential piece of the pie. As much as i am inclined to trust the fact that I might be bowing down to the alien who created me, I am also equally trusting to the fact that I do not have to bow down towards god; if I am chooses not to.


Friday, December 11, 2009

The word again?

I say, Every word that god says is the truth...... We (even atheists would agree) that god is supposed to represent that, but what if we tried it another way (ofcourse), what god forgot to say.. take all my words as 'truth' and 'literal'... maybe god thought it meant the same thing... we didn't

so the small experiment i take upon myself (now for quite some time), is whenever i am reading anthropological related material (myths- theosophy-philosophy-culture reminisces related to religion) -> i try to relate a literal meaning to what is being said... things which are written in old documents-> some times you can get a very easy/uncomplicated meaning to it- which you can even relate to, 

the problem with all of us is when we try to read some really spiritual or religious doc, is that we take it already for granted that it wont mean what it could simply mean... the truth is just in front of us, and we are looking at the skies for a meaning from god. 

If you look at religious/cultural texts from this point of view, very very easily you will be able to try to relate a human experience with the human being who wrote it at some point of time... 

Then it becomes even easier to try to relate- a rational (not necessarily a logical) explanation to what the text/experience is trying to impart- show. 

Many such texts tell us distinct simple powerful experiences-paranormal life merged with our 'barriered' conscious existence. Take a re-look at (any) religious/spiritual text and try to read through with literal truthful experiences written, and if the text is supposedly from god herself, then all the better i say...... 



Aham Brahamasmi, Life is supposed to give you a pure non-dual experience, what is all of this about? A weird trip somewhat to many but you can try it none the less...
breathe deep, make the breath slower and steadier, imagine - create - envisage a perfect being (for me personally it would be shiva-shambu or maybe the beautiful mountain arunachala, for reasons so true) and create this being/this mountain/this power- this energy everywhere... see each and every person as this energy, even you. Maintain your breath slow and steady, see your world transform into sheer energy. If you can withstand the attention, the cognitive change and the sheer energy which will seep through you. What an experience, i wonder.
All your interactions are towards yourself... you are the mother father and child. you are your own friend, and your own enemy... your own son. a unified vision of sorts.. definitely a weird trip ;)
This not my dream, as much as it is, yours. I assure you. That you and I - we- one- have created it together. And without you AND I to dissolve it, well....
One ness is a feeling, its the state which precedes the creation of states. It could be called none (akasha-void), or trinities or as you choose and wish. It has no name, and no form. Bounded by none, it creates 'it'. with light, sound and action.... ;)
So many people have undergone such transformation in a matter of some years, from seemingly egoistic, to an egoless state- what could be i? if all was i? This is a sublime state, graceful state- according to so many. It is after all an experience not bound by just you as 'I'. Its the experience of the non, as well as all.
Welcome to the new paradigm, consciousness revealing itself. Stage by stage de/e/volution towards (n)one.
As if you and i already did not know that. Aham Brahamasmi!!

Time Travelers-II


Time Travelers-I

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."

These are two quotes from the bible-genesis which i like, there are various many others, apart from the one also in the rk veda- all of these i think portray similar under/over tones. 

We fail to ask ourselves, why do we look at the sky and not to the ground when we think of a supreme being. What does it mean to be made in god's image; with the ability to know good and evil?

The nagging and persistent theme has been very common to the rational man (who so ever he/she may be), that god is but an alien, and we are a farm/field of experimentation- set up for what so ever reason. (kinda like the lame ass farmville-sim city games of our times). 

The times call for different angles to perceive this reality, that gods made us in their image (but perhaps with different genetic makeup->maybe even that we could never equal them-> or varying creation and seeing it grow). Look at the proof, we have gods who come in flying spaceships, have huge mukuts (face masks etc)- have umpteen arms- kind of like astraunauts multiple arms- with weapons- for an in hostile surface like the earth- perhaps when they came. 

They come down here, set up the atmospheric and climatic conditions and prepare life, they leave and return at different time to see the effects- the dinosaurs et all, provide subsistent information for their work, they decimate them with nuclear explosions, and again go ahead to set up more complex life sub systems. and they leave again. They travel way faster than the speed of light- traveling the universes/multi verses to different life systems across space, and return without aging more than a day- when the earth has progressed millions. 

They provide the knowledge required to bring out metal for effective utilization, tell about the various psychoactive and medicinal plants present, the information regarding space-time travel and of course consciousness to humans. They want to see us progress, if you had them believe. They want us to complete their experiment a success. If we dont, we have no use for them. Another nuclear holocaust (and perhaps this time they do not even have to intervene- we can do their job for them pretty well i think) and finish us off. 

Gods a.k.a aliens- dont have to be seen only in the physical realm, they also like all of us extend to the causal and karmic planes. They are verily self- realized- they are not only technologically advanced- but also spiritually advanced- the reason why people in this world actually started worshiping them (apart from their advanced tricks and techniques- their empathy and concern for us as a life actually is the reason why they are our gods, i believe)

In hindu texts, exact calculation concerning time and also consciousness is given. In the form of 4 yugas, their times in the form of years, and the amount of enlightenment present in these 4 yugas. Brahamas days and nights are extremely long compared to our time- the reason why this is interesting is that it actually looks into relativity concerning time travel. brahma is the creator, he sows the seed of conscious life in this planet and returns after a year to see the planet aged by around 8.64 billion years (720 kalpas). So its simple to see, if these time travelers experiment on the planet- they come back in a day and see us succeed or fail. If we fail though, there is no time lost i assure you on anhilation and restructuring. 

Now this is also taken for granted, the entire universe goes to status quo sans life after every day/night of brahma occurs- but the three cosmological planes (bhu, bhuvan and suvar- earth under and over earth regions) remain. But at the end of brahmas life->311.04 trillion earth years->100 brahmas years-> there occurs mahapralaya-the entire energy closes on itself. 

These complicated calculation to me, dont seem earthly- they seem easily passed on to earthlings- through visions, dreams, direct encounters and the like- the medium could be easily physical or causal. For as I understand beings in the universe like us, like our gods are all interconnected at the consciousness level (for the layman) and that though we might be products of an experiment- we still have the ability to do as our gods do/have done. 

Gods come to earth and many times proclaim-> to get a human life is indeed rare-> and we must take extreme care to make it fruitful, for gods are supposedly cannot be as flexible (in which respect!?-something i dont understand) as human beings. whatever be so, if gods are telling us , that we are blessed to have taken this form here and now, then there must be something to it, and too many of us in this day and age pay no heed to this. 

Time travelers I believe, did one more very very very important thing; before putting earth to the task to experiment. They made an organic planet. something in my instinct for a very long time has made me believe this is very right. The planet we are a part of, is not just rock or stone or whatever-(inorganic life), but it is as organic, if not more than us. Life here in this universe is very very difficult, and i believe that the planet has been cut out, and provided with its own conscious energy. The energy which we try to call prakrti/gaia etc. This energy is what is in turn propagating the life here. without this, the conditions present in the planet- climate/soil/water etc and the life harbored due to , will never succeed. 

What is kind of amusing, i am sure to these super aliens, is that they kind of developed such life forms here, well mainly us -> who are so moronic that we are actually destroying the very source of our creation and for no grand reason. 

And well if gods made us in their image, they must be bloody hell embarrassed right about now haha, what a waste-> and they just might like to finish this experiment way before the specified time lines. 


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Such Delight!?

Never waste what you got. serve another and make it multiply. Share and you shall care. Come now, we are way too young to be cruel... what is the point in mocking ourselves and living in shame.

When I ask people why they cant live a more fulfilling existence, realistically most people tell me that they dont have a clue what that means, to them it is some sort of detached sadhu existence, to give to all and love all is something of a clueless affair in peoples hearts and minds. 

Fundamentally people dont understand/dont want to understand how to make life more enriching, so when they go to gurus and so called jnanis, these morons give them a sugar coated pill- saving people the trouble of thinking out what is right, and just following another routine, i am not disrespecting anyone here, but I feel that people take too long in their lives to actually start living a full life. 
Il tell you about a fundamental question of the many which exist in the minds of people who actually want to implement change to better their lives.... If you and someone else were in trouble, at the same time, who would you save and why? If you had the chance to advance your life and another had the same chance... what would you choose and why? If you could get something which meant that another couldnt... what would it be and why? 

If you ask this to a spirit person, she would be in a fix, for you see enlightened societies and people do not think or encourage such thinking.... our society and believes have cornered us to this extent that we always believe darwins bullshit of 'survival of the fittest' to be true and the only truth. How unfair for life right? 

Why should we accept this, enlightened societies around the world wouldnt bother to spit at such core- belief and life structures on which entire western and now even indian society is based upon. 

If you have a doubt, then i wish that you research any and all of the tribal self sustained societies around the world- each tribe living in symbiotic harmony with nature and within themselves- many tribes do not even have archaic rules surrounding stealing, rape and murder within the society- for these violent "selfish" purposes have no purpose within a society, and rightfully so. 

Then why is "modern man/woman" in this dilemma, we are stuck in some sort of quicksand- believing that giving up this way of life (which no one is willing to do in the first place- more and more for each one) is the only way to salvation or whatever (a modern person thinks the other side be)

The truth is that enlightened societies do not see any distinction between the desires and needs of one as compared to another. The western capitilistic society psychologically sees a difference, the needs of one are greater than another. 

When it comes to advancement of you; in relation to another- a sadhu, a saint, a sufi will all go one step further- they will not be confused in telling you who should advance, it should be another - the difference is that these people are actually trying harder and harder to remove the concept of self from within their self, but in reality the need and wants of one (self) are just equal to another. There is no distinction- yes that means that you or anyone else is equally right, virtous, needful, willed, lovable, hatable etc. Then why should YOU be always the one to get WHAT YOU WANT ALWAYS?

What i am asking you is , perhaps once in a while, give a little or maybe a lot or maybe everything to another, without asking... because even they- the others around you - surrounding you in this beautiful world are same as you. You are as blessed as the birds, the rats, the HIV virus, the people, the nazis, the graves and the fresh morning dew. 

Give once in a while without asking... cultivate this real feeling of one-ness. Deny these impulses which we have all made in ourselves, that we are more at needs than anyone in the world.. cultivate true empathy. 

Sometime back I had gone on a trip to mukteshwar with my mba class, for a period of 3 days. I love the home of mahadeva in uttaranchal and i knew that my journey had to be special. I didnt know how it would be though till the lord showed me.... We had gone for a class of ours called personal growth lab, but i really wondered whether anyone, anyone actually grew over in this trip. 

I like my class friends, most have a simple smile and are ready and willing to help another, i dont know and dont want to know the inner politics which stems in the minds of others- for they are as petty as they could be. Something not grand and hence never interesting to me. 

Anyways, during this trip one friend of mine hurt herself quite badly (no fault of anyone) due to falling rocks- one of which hurt her forehead quite bad. I was sitting next to her, when this happened- i had just grappled (or whatever) down the hill and come to see my group who had done the same and were sitting and chatting at the base of the small hill. As soon as i sat, some one shouted rocks and within moments huge rocks came down. I saw her hurt and I couldnt fathom this un-natural sequence of events, and i must say hina (my friend who got hurt) is as strong a person during those few moments, she kept her cool and didnt faint or such with profuse bleeding. She kept awake during the entire journey till the point in time where we reached haldwani so she could get stitches. Her strength was something very crucial during these unfortunate sequence of events which took place.

Why i brought about this event to fore is- as i understood during this journey, 50 odd people as a group came together and were to leave together as one group. I have made quite few treks and journeys in groups and have always understood that, the group comes first and never the other way around- this is the only way one escapes and completes a difficult journey- together- as one. 

And even if one, who ever where ever and how ever gets hurt, the entire group is responsible and required. I was deeply disappointed in my class that day, when I heard that people did not pack up from that place (where adventure games were being conducted) and leave immediately. This is not in some sense of protest or shit i mean, I mean what is the sense in enjoying oneself when another of your group is hurt? in pain? How can you go ahead and enjoy yourself. That was one instant when i actually felt that the class I was in, was very immature- people who had not gone out for outbound journeys- amidst nature- where all you got is- each other. 
Such feelings faded from myself very very quickly, I cannot be disappointed for another, neither can i judge. But i know if i had been there when hina had got hurt, i would have packed up and left. no issues. just that no fun when even ONE of us is not well.... I just wished that others saw it too.. Its all good when someone else gets hurt and you are fine, the feeling of empathy is that - what happened to others WILL happen to you, and what then? Empathize- how you choose to act towards another- is the way another will act towards you. 

I never mean to judge another, simply i cannot.. i like to keep my actions simple- something i have understood and learnt in my life. and this was not a judgment, in advanced civilizations judging another is just bad karma- but learning from another- thats something of quite a use. I learnt that perhaps on that day in mukteshwar if i was the one who was really hurt and i had to rush off, I would have felt awful bad if my friends (or acquaintances) who had come with me, would dismiss me off as 1 in 53 and continue as if nothing had happened. 

This is one of the reasons why I do not travel with people i do not know, for traveling and journying is best performed when you travel as one. Life too can be like this.. One. 

One with love and empathy. 

Collective Unconscious- Conscious

Somethings cannot be taken for granted how much ever you think to justify it, The root cause of divide is percolated to the physical and we take the physical as the guiding focus to justify out consciousness. Il explain bit better, Where is the division of consciousness taking place within us to tell us that we are male or female, Its something to think about very carefully. 

Nature is divided/polarized. It has made 2 parts of the whole, and this comes to human beings as well. We are a species of the male( animus) and female (anima). There are among us those also due to the incompatibility of the physical (neither male or female-eunuch) who arent classified within these two. But given the option, most people try to classify themselves themselves within these two. 

This becomes very important when seeking salvation, from the point of tantra, spirituality and ofcourse psycho analysis. The consciousness cannot be classified as either this or that; it is the sum of the parts. And when we are dividing the 'I' consciousness in I to either this or that, we are effectively neglecting the unity of consciousness. 

If you have noticed any religion, or any pantheon of gods or goddesses or saints-> you are bound to see one common focal point- the men who are enlightened are shown in a very female/beautiful/pretty sense- for example krishna and Jesus or even buddha- all having very feminine subdued features and behaviors. They are meant for you to fall in the anima of their consciousness. They themselves have risen through the division to attain unity. The unity that lies in 'consciousness' 

On the other hand, if you are to see many (and I believe this is most explored in the hindu framework of spiritual sciences) women/goddess figures present in the world- you will see that they represent the animus-male part of the conscious, and goddesses like kali, matangi, chandi, chinnamasta et all represent these- the brave strength of male. 

The point here is to acclimatize the apprentice with both parts of his/her consciousness. The only symbol which strikes through to both the parts of the consciousness is the Shiva-Shakti Linga, which in essence is the symbology of a penis consummating a vulva. The unified - undivided symbol of potential consciousness. 

The symbol of the linga- is present in indian iconography and mythology in the form of many tantric deities as well- the Ardha nariswhara- half shiva/half goddess and also Hari-Kali and many other male/female deities represented as one- are the path way through symbology and mantras for the - visual and audio to a collective consciousness. 

There are parts in the movie "matrix" which are very profound, the movie tells keanu reeves - that many people who have been wired into the system for a very long time, create a deep seated attachments to what the brain has assumed- so its even more difficult for them to unlearn and let go. The deeper and longer the consciousness is subjected to the understanding that it is either/or and not both- the greater the pain in it trying to get back to the source. 

For a very long time, and i suspect still- jungian and large percentage of traditional psychoanalysts who believe that salvation is but the process of the consciousness trying to go back to the pre-birth (womb) stage, where the child does not know if its male/female. Where consciousness is complete. Once out, the entire life is spent in trying to regress back to that state. Sex and its desirability in Jungian philosophy is also seen as the process of uniting to the anima/animus present within each and every person. The sense of unity/completeness

Hence it is very true too, I believe because consciousness as such does not have any concept of 'Nirvana-Moksh' et all, the essential drive is to complete the incomplete. Which itself becomes a task, when the consciousness has been permitted through many many lives (the concept of after life is not contrary to the field of psychology i think), to live either sides of the consciousness- then it becomes all the more pertinent and important for it to live both parts of consciousness together at one time. This is called the need for moksha- salvation- liberation. 

I hope people can mediate on the fact that they in true sense are not male or female- the energy simply puts people towards certain tendencies in this life, but in reality the anima and animus are both present and should be expressed to equal tendencies for a "complete" life. 

The reason why this happens- I have no idea, why consciousness would try to experience part by part and then the whole... perhaps this is another way in this "cycle" of creation, for i refuse to believe that the consciousness has to subject itself to such means to experience itself. It is absolute freedom and has absolute freedom to express itself how so ever it wants. Perhaps this is they way in this generation- a polarized/dual understanding. How many divisions can the spirit create- is something i am awe-d to see every single time :)

Each and every time we pray, the natural inclination is to become the opposite sex to the deity we are calling, mirabai like myriad others (irrespective of their gender) are women to the god hari, and bhairav like myriad others (irrespective of gender) are shiva - to mother kali. The unified field is in us, we are not bereft of it, and the symbols and symbology present in lore is to make us express this easily and faster.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Commitment to Soil :)

Sikkim kicks fun, its a state where every one can feel at home. I loved the fantasy tail spun so incredibly at nathula pass. 

Nathula is where india and china meet also, The height is awesome at around 17000 odd feet. A long drive from gangtok brings your to surreal heights, In winters this is packed - the only people settled on way to nathula- our army. Bunkers and shelters and conference rooms and dining areas, all built around the winding route, and as one climbs higher the air gets dimmer and the chances of a surreal event happening are very probable ;)

Our army is perhaps the only one in this world, who pays a dead man for active duty (in the army), Babaji Harbhajan died almost a half century back at this place while trying to help his friends, but his spirit didnt leave the border, The energy chose to stay there and see that status quo be maintained- both india as WELL AS china. to some extent. 

Is it intriguing? I thought so, the spirit has been seen by many many soldiers who are posted there, and if people are found skipping their duty, babaji's spirit appears and gives them a tight slap or thrashing to wake them up from stupor. A very beautiful fantasy so far ;)

My folks and I stop at only one place on the route- which took some 3-4 hours one way, we stopped to get warmer coats on rent and some tea. There is a beautiful temple for babaji harbhajan at the peak where the borders of 2 huge ass countries meet. The temple is not directed in particular to any energy and all the brave people of our country come here to get inspiration, no one fucks with india. ever. 

I meditated some time in the small getup of the temple, many many people come to seek his blessings and many tourists like myself to see the border and something/anything intriguing.

The view from this place is beautiful. There is a very huge lake on the way of ascent, I think (from my menory) the lake was called changi.. we bought some pretty souvenirs and then my folks and i took a long walk around this deep deep lake, in winters it freezes over for good and people can skate.. awesome. The place is full of big beautiful Yaks, the only animal sturdy for such heights. Its a lovely feeling to sit next to a calming lake and throw away all your worries deep deep in. Rejuvenate and start fresh... it makes my day. 

Babaji is the moderator of the nathula pass, and no one escapes his eyes is what i got to see, He was an honest strong and power full spirit as he continues to be till date. Its a very harsh job to survive in these conditions for long and the people who do it so that we dont have to, have to be appreciated. India has a vibe about it, live for it. Die in it. Love it. Be free

India speaks less, wisdom flows from each single pour. 

Peace love and divinity take the soul seat. Shallow be merged deep 

I tripped in some parts of sikkim and the natural beauty is incomparable. The thick flaurae and fauna cover the entire region, with remote people habitations. Something so unheard and unthinkable for city folk. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

United Color of Hate

I invite you, to my lair. You pitiful fool, you think that you are in safe hands. How you wish so. Gonna crush you like a filthy mosquito. Blood drinker you have been to me, now you will quench my death thirst. I dont care how you have robbed me, but I will crush you below. Come come in the name of love, and as I annihilate your existence, you will have nothing but to thank me for it. 

Enough said, the time is ripe for hate to make its appearance to the fore once again, come and please sit on my lap... expecting a fruitful affair. I shall wreck havoc on you. Tear you limb from limb, eat you all up. Never has such hatred fueled me so well. Never have i been so directed at something with my heart and soul. I want to destroy you... I just need one reason, come come come in my way, block my vision and I will devour you whole. My hatred shall atleast set you free. 

Your stench and your valueless fuck all life, all who occupy space and air and food at the behest of a lie. Your time is over at my hands. I want you to remember this with all your might. I will not die, I will not rust. My hatred to finish your pathetic life shall keep me going all throughout. Your end will be my victory. 

Time has been the greatest leveler, and you can choose your reality here and now, but when the sword beheads and your decapitated body falls to the ground with the lifeless thump, all your realities shall come falling down just like your rotting head severed. 

In hate I prosper, In hate I revel. In hate I was born and in hate I shall make you salvate. Your fucking end is written to be with my hands. Lets start the work, many hurdles till my hate is completely rid of me, many beatings to be taken by you till I am subdued. 
Hoods open, Fangs are out, and the venom is within you. I want your pain. It gives the power which is not worth you. I want your demise and your life force. I want your end. Wiped out, annihilated and decimated without any chance of your coming back to life 

Core anger; Sheer rage, maketh me what you can never be. Your eyes shall bleed and your body will tremor when my judgment strikes. It strikes to remove this farce called love in your mind. No more love for those who cannot cannot ever understand what it is. 

Patience and faith no more for those can even in these thousand eons understand what living in unity is. I am the end supreme, mouth open I devour you over and over till You-You the filth are no more. I am your kalki, look within and you will see nothing to see. You are empty; hollow and lifeless. Your end justifies my means. I am your god. and in pain, in suffering you will know that I am your true reckoner. 

Mercy no more, empathy to those who are animals in human cloak. Aesthetics of hate defined on my brow as I pick the cleaver and decapitate. Insane pain everywhere in this battlefield of the diseased. Pestilence my lover, come and remove anguish from these ignorant faces no more, give them suffering, give them pain. Kill their children; burn their mothers at the cross. Fill them in the never ending grave stacked over and over. 

Tongue lolling, what do you think you are? The power wielder in this materialistic monolithic world, come enter my domain, i will whiff you to yama. Create cinder and ash of your fine body, of your unique mind. You are the all talking all singing crap of this world; never any better or of any worth. You dont even deserve my hate. 

Carcasses half eaten by dogs and vultures; your families weep broken down, blistering nuclear radiation over your mind, Your brain bubbles out through your ears. Your life worth nothing, the pain extracted out- surreal, mind altering hypnotic reverie. 

My hate is black. My life is black. My breadth is black. My spirit is black. Come come; only thing for you to see is the color of my eyes..... 

Bitter Pill

One fine day I realize it, that the world wasn't the way i saw it. It was indeed different, it was I who changed, to make this a bitter pill - all for myself. Thought myself to be way good, for anything or anyone and felt that the world would follow my, my, my order. Well it didn't and there it all lies in front of me now, my life in shambles. 

No one who would care, No one who would understand.. I never thought they could and I proved them all right. Left all to myself I sank deeper into the never ending abyss of rage i dug for myself. These who are not worth it, I believed; worth living. How could they live more? I stank of putrid stench. Something not worth it was only I. Something never taken care of by its creator, how could it ever survive. 

God abandons, So does your love. So does your memory and all you are left with is that bitterness, life came and went and I thought i was too good for what was it. I only thought of myself, even in a crowd. Even with the moon blaze on my face aloud. I was proved wrong, this world and its wretched crowd, taught me a lesson worth remembering. That when the chips are down, not another shall come to your rescue. All are in the grand illusion like myself; that the truth is within your reach and no one' elses. That all your joy of grandeur shall last immortal... how childish. How naieve. The world has taught me how to be meek, to be conscientess, how to greed, how to think only of myself and then i put on a robe that i know better than everyone other than me. How fatal!

I sang my hyms, drank my ego down over and over again and still couldnt fathom what was happening. That my demise one step at a time was at hand, i was still sure it was the world which would bend to my finger and not the way around, How conceited it all is now in retrospect. 

I thought that i could salvate myself, and that i would leave the score of worthless life everywhere to their natural demise. How i was blessed, and one crash and many falls later I still couldn't imagine otherwise. 

The natural order in chaos is destruction, and how i wish it for myself foremost, followed by everyone who may or may not deserve it. All i can say is, that banish arrogance or you will be swallowed whole. That humble yourself like the servant that you are. Then life will be unselfish enough to give you a clean death. Something most cannot get. ever. 

What happens when we try to find something good, but only for ourselves, the dynamics of it all... when we search for one optimal choice we want / choose for our future, we are neglecting many others and of course choosing one experience over others gives back to a new universe of simultaneous realities. For your happiness, you hurt others, they curse you and it comes back to you in the future, in the same measure. Always. A more noble / wise way (why not?- i am after all changing my conceited ways) is to choose and implement good for all. its definitely more of a task, look at where it got our lover jesus to, but that way you can atleast predict the future, that no bad to you or anyone else can ever come through karma, you are working for universal good. Its not an abstract concept, its just the ability to do as one chooses right. Its a moment to moment sponataneus adaptability towards what life ought to have been, one forever. So its not being one with your lover or your guru or your god. Its one and loving everyone to the extent unimaginable. Something to think about when I was being so arrogant with the universe. Shes wise and shes constant and she always teaches me the way forward>> natural progression in evolution. But i do have something to share, when the world goes down in flames; it won't be you or I who will get saved, it will be either all other none. Make your choice. You wanna carry the boat to the other side towards ever present life. I have made mine. No life without all. I apologize to the mother (of this... existence) once more towards "my" ego. Banish it, forget it. Please let it disintigrate till life builds upon itself within this body, and that this body and life source be used for good towards everyone and every single thing. 

Bam Bole Natha. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are you experienced?....(with ashram)

To hate is to give it importance, and to give something importance in life is to actually give it energy and eventually power, hence i rarely get to hate anyone or anything.. why waste my energy replenishing something of no use to me... but enough bullshit said, i do hate one thing very deeply and that is the whirlpool of shit called "ashram".
This isnt some frigging weekend retreat i am talking about, sitting and eating simple food in safron clothes, that would be something difficult to hate, the ashram i refer to is located bang at the heart of south-east delhi. The place was nothing a decade back, and originally named after a small ashram located in this area-called "hari nagar ashram". DO believe me, i have never seen this dickweed place after living almost 2 decades in this hole.. dont know if it exists or its actually been demolished somewhere down the line.
Why do I and many such people like me hate this hole, you ask. well I wont pleasure you with such a simple answer, a better approach is to do as i do and then the answers would come to you so easily.. Ashram is the hole of delhi in terms of vehicular traffic- and by this i mean the hole of this country quite easily (as delhi does have the maximum number of cars in this country both density and absolute number wise).
Ashram is the statergic cross road of the mathura road and mg road. Here commuters from noida- uttar pradesh, east delhi traffic, people from up north (like chandigarh etc etc) and people from places like faridabad and mathura and nizamuddin and many such places collide full on into each other.
There is no reprieve in this vehicular jungle, the expected traffic half a decade back was predicted to be around 7,000 cars at todays date, but guess what we fucked up big time. Nowdays the peak time traffic (which according to me here is 24/7) - is around 50000 cars per hour. Thats too much to even try to figure out.
There was no flyover here around a decade back, the flyover was built in slow time and offered relief some 6-7 years back behind, but now I find the split in the flyover (one leading forward- towards noida- and the other going left to nizamuddin) leaves hell of a chaos, with cars in the right going left and vice versa. this is no small problem by any any any measure. The average time i take to cross this hell hole is anywhere from half hour to 1.5 hours (and think that this is just over a km stretch) and then you get to imagine the magnitude of plight people face who have to face the wrath of ashram day in and night.
So you can be a smart ass and tell me well, apart from the day time; nights ought to be relatively free of any vehicles and i would have more than half a mind to vomit without reason on your existence :D
Night approaches and come 10'o clock and all hell breaks lose, so now you dont have to face little 4 wheelers- now massive rusted blocks called trucks with 18 odd wheels with drunk ass drivers plough this place down like a maniacs wet dream.
It is difficult to see rationale in this place; i really tell you, many times i just give up, my legs give up.. my head throws itself off. no reprieve here ever, and the pain is that whenever i have to get out to anywhere in delhi, i have to enter into the pit called "ashram" for a grueling duel with some of the dumbest drivers of this universe.
Now thats where the hate sets in, and the presupposition is that I am an average driver, yet i get exasperated when i see people incapable of driving or following COMMON SENSE, to any relevant ends, especially in ashram. It is a shame, neigh it is utter apathy, and i am sick of it all.
I feel like getting out and venting my frustration with my fists and my legs and even my head. I feel that i am incompetent somehow, to get to drive with such elite company, bhaiis and mofos from up, drivers from god knows where, and drunk truckers from everywhere... is there an end to this pain. Is what i ask every single minute i am there. And i get to experience the pleasure of ashram atleast twice a day... atleast.
Sometimes it feels like the end of time, when you are stuck endlessly, forever singing the same tune over and over, of abuses and mental agony. of pain mixed with the days toil... and yea its the same with everyone who gets stuck in the halcyon of ashram. Its pain redefined.
Pain upon all ;) 

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...