Monday, December 14, 2009

Salutations MasterBlaster~

Salutations to the morning sun, the ever new rays penetrating through glistening eyes, everything will be alright surya whispers with the gentle morning breeze, the cold evaporated every nights end with you, rising and stretching morning glory towards every horizon. Salutations to you thousand fold oh savitr.

Dont look twice, the gentle sun set at the end of blue-green valley. Kumaon sets in with the pretty colors of each and every layer of your power, you make the skies alive with your grace oh sun, you are the soul of each and every living creature on this planet. You are the solar - anu - strength to endure. You are food, as well as rain. You are the epitome of creation. Salutations to you wise one.

Every single kinetic reaction, a product- a source unto you. Ever present in light and darkness, you are true dispeller of illusion. Aditya, of the celestial. You are the illumination of soul.

Without respite, the saints seek true power from you. Your gaze enough to transmit true atomic knowledge. of eons together, at once.
Surely there is wisdom still to pray once again towards the ultimate-only source of life under these harsh conditions, these harsh times. never supporting the cause of life- you, wise one have been ever burning with intent to remove the harsh, to bring smooth life on earth.
At konark, you lie across all directions- governing each horizon with the gentle gaze, your rays penetrate the morning dew across the calm ocean, shining on your idol ever so graceful. To bring one to you, removes the troubles of the mundane. You are the ever present soul-controller. Salutations to your shining brightness, burning away each and every notion of darkness; of death; of stagnation..

Eons together to master, how to gaze and respect the power of the sun, to love and be able to create like the sun. Sages still in the true quest of the solar realm, of solar prowess- there is none like it. for you see both you and I, all of us are under one single ruler. It has always been like that, salutations to the power that guides. Sabka malik ek .....
To the atomic creation towards life ever lasting. Peace Peace Peace

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