Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Such Delight!?

Never waste what you got. serve another and make it multiply. Share and you shall care. Come now, we are way too young to be cruel... what is the point in mocking ourselves and living in shame.

When I ask people why they cant live a more fulfilling existence, realistically most people tell me that they dont have a clue what that means, to them it is some sort of detached sadhu existence, to give to all and love all is something of a clueless affair in peoples hearts and minds. 

Fundamentally people dont understand/dont want to understand how to make life more enriching, so when they go to gurus and so called jnanis, these morons give them a sugar coated pill- saving people the trouble of thinking out what is right, and just following another routine, i am not disrespecting anyone here, but I feel that people take too long in their lives to actually start living a full life. 
Il tell you about a fundamental question of the many which exist in the minds of people who actually want to implement change to better their lives.... If you and someone else were in trouble, at the same time, who would you save and why? If you had the chance to advance your life and another had the same chance... what would you choose and why? If you could get something which meant that another couldnt... what would it be and why? 

If you ask this to a spirit person, she would be in a fix, for you see enlightened societies and people do not think or encourage such thinking.... our society and believes have cornered us to this extent that we always believe darwins bullshit of 'survival of the fittest' to be true and the only truth. How unfair for life right? 

Why should we accept this, enlightened societies around the world wouldnt bother to spit at such core- belief and life structures on which entire western and now even indian society is based upon. 

If you have a doubt, then i wish that you research any and all of the tribal self sustained societies around the world- each tribe living in symbiotic harmony with nature and within themselves- many tribes do not even have archaic rules surrounding stealing, rape and murder within the society- for these violent "selfish" purposes have no purpose within a society, and rightfully so. 

Then why is "modern man/woman" in this dilemma, we are stuck in some sort of quicksand- believing that giving up this way of life (which no one is willing to do in the first place- more and more for each one) is the only way to salvation or whatever (a modern person thinks the other side be)

The truth is that enlightened societies do not see any distinction between the desires and needs of one as compared to another. The western capitilistic society psychologically sees a difference, the needs of one are greater than another. 

When it comes to advancement of you; in relation to another- a sadhu, a saint, a sufi will all go one step further- they will not be confused in telling you who should advance, it should be another - the difference is that these people are actually trying harder and harder to remove the concept of self from within their self, but in reality the need and wants of one (self) are just equal to another. There is no distinction- yes that means that you or anyone else is equally right, virtous, needful, willed, lovable, hatable etc. Then why should YOU be always the one to get WHAT YOU WANT ALWAYS?

What i am asking you is , perhaps once in a while, give a little or maybe a lot or maybe everything to another, without asking... because even they- the others around you - surrounding you in this beautiful world are same as you. You are as blessed as the birds, the rats, the HIV virus, the people, the nazis, the graves and the fresh morning dew. 

Give once in a while without asking... cultivate this real feeling of one-ness. Deny these impulses which we have all made in ourselves, that we are more at needs than anyone in the world.. cultivate true empathy. 

Sometime back I had gone on a trip to mukteshwar with my mba class, for a period of 3 days. I love the home of mahadeva in uttaranchal and i knew that my journey had to be special. I didnt know how it would be though till the lord showed me.... We had gone for a class of ours called personal growth lab, but i really wondered whether anyone, anyone actually grew over in this trip. 

I like my class friends, most have a simple smile and are ready and willing to help another, i dont know and dont want to know the inner politics which stems in the minds of others- for they are as petty as they could be. Something not grand and hence never interesting to me. 

Anyways, during this trip one friend of mine hurt herself quite badly (no fault of anyone) due to falling rocks- one of which hurt her forehead quite bad. I was sitting next to her, when this happened- i had just grappled (or whatever) down the hill and come to see my group who had done the same and were sitting and chatting at the base of the small hill. As soon as i sat, some one shouted rocks and within moments huge rocks came down. I saw her hurt and I couldnt fathom this un-natural sequence of events, and i must say hina (my friend who got hurt) is as strong a person during those few moments, she kept her cool and didnt faint or such with profuse bleeding. She kept awake during the entire journey till the point in time where we reached haldwani so she could get stitches. Her strength was something very crucial during these unfortunate sequence of events which took place.

Why i brought about this event to fore is- as i understood during this journey, 50 odd people as a group came together and were to leave together as one group. I have made quite few treks and journeys in groups and have always understood that, the group comes first and never the other way around- this is the only way one escapes and completes a difficult journey- together- as one. 

And even if one, who ever where ever and how ever gets hurt, the entire group is responsible and required. I was deeply disappointed in my class that day, when I heard that people did not pack up from that place (where adventure games were being conducted) and leave immediately. This is not in some sense of protest or shit i mean, I mean what is the sense in enjoying oneself when another of your group is hurt? in pain? How can you go ahead and enjoy yourself. That was one instant when i actually felt that the class I was in, was very immature- people who had not gone out for outbound journeys- amidst nature- where all you got is- each other. 
Such feelings faded from myself very very quickly, I cannot be disappointed for another, neither can i judge. But i know if i had been there when hina had got hurt, i would have packed up and left. no issues. just that no fun when even ONE of us is not well.... I just wished that others saw it too.. Its all good when someone else gets hurt and you are fine, the feeling of empathy is that - what happened to others WILL happen to you, and what then? Empathize- how you choose to act towards another- is the way another will act towards you. 

I never mean to judge another, simply i cannot.. i like to keep my actions simple- something i have understood and learnt in my life. and this was not a judgment, in advanced civilizations judging another is just bad karma- but learning from another- thats something of quite a use. I learnt that perhaps on that day in mukteshwar if i was the one who was really hurt and i had to rush off, I would have felt awful bad if my friends (or acquaintances) who had come with me, would dismiss me off as 1 in 53 and continue as if nothing had happened. 

This is one of the reasons why I do not travel with people i do not know, for traveling and journying is best performed when you travel as one. Life too can be like this.. One. 

One with love and empathy. 

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