Friday, December 11, 2009


Aham Brahamasmi, Life is supposed to give you a pure non-dual experience, what is all of this about? A weird trip somewhat to many but you can try it none the less...
breathe deep, make the breath slower and steadier, imagine - create - envisage a perfect being (for me personally it would be shiva-shambu or maybe the beautiful mountain arunachala, for reasons so true) and create this being/this mountain/this power- this energy everywhere... see each and every person as this energy, even you. Maintain your breath slow and steady, see your world transform into sheer energy. If you can withstand the attention, the cognitive change and the sheer energy which will seep through you. What an experience, i wonder.
All your interactions are towards yourself... you are the mother father and child. you are your own friend, and your own enemy... your own son. a unified vision of sorts.. definitely a weird trip ;)
This not my dream, as much as it is, yours. I assure you. That you and I - we- one- have created it together. And without you AND I to dissolve it, well....
One ness is a feeling, its the state which precedes the creation of states. It could be called none (akasha-void), or trinities or as you choose and wish. It has no name, and no form. Bounded by none, it creates 'it'. with light, sound and action.... ;)
So many people have undergone such transformation in a matter of some years, from seemingly egoistic, to an egoless state- what could be i? if all was i? This is a sublime state, graceful state- according to so many. It is after all an experience not bound by just you as 'I'. Its the experience of the non, as well as all.
Welcome to the new paradigm, consciousness revealing itself. Stage by stage de/e/volution towards (n)one.
As if you and i already did not know that. Aham Brahamasmi!!

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