Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Collective Unconscious- Conscious

Somethings cannot be taken for granted how much ever you think to justify it, The root cause of divide is percolated to the physical and we take the physical as the guiding focus to justify out consciousness. Il explain bit better, Where is the division of consciousness taking place within us to tell us that we are male or female, Its something to think about very carefully. 

Nature is divided/polarized. It has made 2 parts of the whole, and this comes to human beings as well. We are a species of the male( animus) and female (anima). There are among us those also due to the incompatibility of the physical (neither male or female-eunuch) who arent classified within these two. But given the option, most people try to classify themselves themselves within these two. 

This becomes very important when seeking salvation, from the point of tantra, spirituality and ofcourse psycho analysis. The consciousness cannot be classified as either this or that; it is the sum of the parts. And when we are dividing the 'I' consciousness in I to either this or that, we are effectively neglecting the unity of consciousness. 

If you have noticed any religion, or any pantheon of gods or goddesses or saints-> you are bound to see one common focal point- the men who are enlightened are shown in a very female/beautiful/pretty sense- for example krishna and Jesus or even buddha- all having very feminine subdued features and behaviors. They are meant for you to fall in the anima of their consciousness. They themselves have risen through the division to attain unity. The unity that lies in 'consciousness' 

On the other hand, if you are to see many (and I believe this is most explored in the hindu framework of spiritual sciences) women/goddess figures present in the world- you will see that they represent the animus-male part of the conscious, and goddesses like kali, matangi, chandi, chinnamasta et all represent these- the brave strength of male. 

The point here is to acclimatize the apprentice with both parts of his/her consciousness. The only symbol which strikes through to both the parts of the consciousness is the Shiva-Shakti Linga, which in essence is the symbology of a penis consummating a vulva. The unified - undivided symbol of potential consciousness. 

The symbol of the linga- is present in indian iconography and mythology in the form of many tantric deities as well- the Ardha nariswhara- half shiva/half goddess and also Hari-Kali and many other male/female deities represented as one- are the path way through symbology and mantras for the - visual and audio to a collective consciousness. 

There are parts in the movie "matrix" which are very profound, the movie tells keanu reeves - that many people who have been wired into the system for a very long time, create a deep seated attachments to what the brain has assumed- so its even more difficult for them to unlearn and let go. The deeper and longer the consciousness is subjected to the understanding that it is either/or and not both- the greater the pain in it trying to get back to the source. 

For a very long time, and i suspect still- jungian and large percentage of traditional psychoanalysts who believe that salvation is but the process of the consciousness trying to go back to the pre-birth (womb) stage, where the child does not know if its male/female. Where consciousness is complete. Once out, the entire life is spent in trying to regress back to that state. Sex and its desirability in Jungian philosophy is also seen as the process of uniting to the anima/animus present within each and every person. The sense of unity/completeness

Hence it is very true too, I believe because consciousness as such does not have any concept of 'Nirvana-Moksh' et all, the essential drive is to complete the incomplete. Which itself becomes a task, when the consciousness has been permitted through many many lives (the concept of after life is not contrary to the field of psychology i think), to live either sides of the consciousness- then it becomes all the more pertinent and important for it to live both parts of consciousness together at one time. This is called the need for moksha- salvation- liberation. 

I hope people can mediate on the fact that they in true sense are not male or female- the energy simply puts people towards certain tendencies in this life, but in reality the anima and animus are both present and should be expressed to equal tendencies for a "complete" life. 

The reason why this happens- I have no idea, why consciousness would try to experience part by part and then the whole... perhaps this is another way in this "cycle" of creation, for i refuse to believe that the consciousness has to subject itself to such means to experience itself. It is absolute freedom and has absolute freedom to express itself how so ever it wants. Perhaps this is they way in this generation- a polarized/dual understanding. How many divisions can the spirit create- is something i am awe-d to see every single time :)

Each and every time we pray, the natural inclination is to become the opposite sex to the deity we are calling, mirabai like myriad others (irrespective of their gender) are women to the god hari, and bhairav like myriad others (irrespective of gender) are shiva - to mother kali. The unified field is in us, we are not bereft of it, and the symbols and symbology present in lore is to make us express this easily and faster.


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