Friday, December 11, 2009

The word again?

I say, Every word that god says is the truth...... We (even atheists would agree) that god is supposed to represent that, but what if we tried it another way (ofcourse), what god forgot to say.. take all my words as 'truth' and 'literal'... maybe god thought it meant the same thing... we didn't

so the small experiment i take upon myself (now for quite some time), is whenever i am reading anthropological related material (myths- theosophy-philosophy-culture reminisces related to religion) -> i try to relate a literal meaning to what is being said... things which are written in old documents-> some times you can get a very easy/uncomplicated meaning to it- which you can even relate to, 

the problem with all of us is when we try to read some really spiritual or religious doc, is that we take it already for granted that it wont mean what it could simply mean... the truth is just in front of us, and we are looking at the skies for a meaning from god. 

If you look at religious/cultural texts from this point of view, very very easily you will be able to try to relate a human experience with the human being who wrote it at some point of time... 

Then it becomes even easier to try to relate- a rational (not necessarily a logical) explanation to what the text/experience is trying to impart- show. 

Many such texts tell us distinct simple powerful experiences-paranormal life merged with our 'barriered' conscious existence. Take a re-look at (any) religious/spiritual text and try to read through with literal truthful experiences written, and if the text is supposedly from god herself, then all the better i say...... 


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