Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sacred Mark

‘Sacred Mark’

The mark of consciousness; is direction to where there is none. Point to where there is none, wisdom in a dark uninhibited nothing and everything ness undefined and hence the process of making the mark all the more auspiciousness; so that bhola will dance in high spirit in the lap of mother darkness divine.

Wherever you see; there it lies, the mark of existence. It is the head and the tail. The structure of a mushroom. The same structure that is present in the skeletal system of the spine hooking up to the head. The mind. There is lies again in the mark of all creation – in sperm drifting into the dark nothing ness of everything which dark energy is. The sacred mark is all around us, on the foreheads of men and women. Pointing to the song which is what doors is about. To get the hell out and escape into sheer freedom only for an instant perhaps. To escape and make your mark and then dissolve back into nothing and everything.
The kundalini is the mark of man/woman, and she travels up into the darkest part of your psyche and makes it painful and then sublime. This is the power of nothing getting a mark. The power of becoming only to know and be itself for an instant and then disappear into the well of void.

The same mark which are all trees, standing from their base into branches which flood into the world giving life, the mark of shiva linga penetrating through entirety to reach a moment  of orgasm and the repeat.
This is the true rave. Love for life and all that. Notice it everywhere in everything. The power of the vector in the dimensionless void. That is everything which our lives were meant to be, and then we are not. (As if we ever were in the first place..)
Sometimes it strikes me as strange, how the world so called a primitive place by people now who own our race. They seem to forget and not see the simple things. They seem to believe that complex lives well lived is somehow more fulfilling. IF they were only to open their eyes, and look all around. The sacred mark of goddess abound. Oh it is truly wonderful I must say; the play of word and form merge into one and separate. Like curd from milk; like love from lust. Like purpose of the mark of consciousness in the entirety of the existence dark and void.
The mark is the fish structure – the most primitive life form in the universe. One which is replicated in every part of being. The head / brain which is being fed by the tail. The tail which shifts and moves around; the tail which sees life as it is. The tail which creates illusion and the way it can be conquered.
Peace and Rejoice

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