Saturday, September 5, 2015

Momentary Enlightenment


One of those realizations which is incomplete without full attention being drawn to it.

Why are we here, and what is the nature of life (and the experience of it). These questions gnaw at me day and night. There is no escape, for there is no answer which can satisfy these existential questions.

Then something struck me in the shower; a bolt of subtle soul lightening and all the other jazz. It was a momentary experience of answers unparalleled. The experience is venerated as its bound; there is no limit to infinity. There is no end to endlessness. In such situation without another – how can one be understanding the bliss of one’s own self. Perhaps this was the conundrum, not that it was not possible to experience oneself when one is everything – omniscient. But it was too easy. There needed to be forgetfulness existential; perennially; forever. And once the self was trapped in the mortal coil – it would need to experience momentary enlightenment, spanning across the warp of time and space. Of body and its illusions manifest.

Maya the great power of dark energy – continues to unfold its tentacles – protected by the power of illusion – dimensions which keep the self bound. Maker of its own demise.

Once the moment passed – the enlightenment of soul felt through true emotions (manifest energy) would let the self realize what all was possible, what all was its own self. This illusion of enlightenment as true as it is (for it is the nature of one self) is why we have taken birth; to understand at each level feeling of enlightenment and then it too shall pass. At some level all human moments with intensity and propensity of consciousness existing are moments of enlightenment.

Why is enlightenment not felt without absence of itself? (The dream sans the abstract logic to make sense of nonsense). It is a question which perhaps only each of us can answer. Can we appreciate darkness without light, or happiness without grief? What about satisfaction without soul crushing loneliness?

These are questions which make sense in terms of momentary enlightenment. Only the moment speaks truth. It speaks bare and raw – in your face. It lasts not long and it merges back into dark energy, the collective power of self.

This is paramount, even enlightenment is temporary without respect to dimension of time. One becomes oneself in the absence of moments, and then merges to the collected while at the same time breaking back into the individuations which start the cycle of delusions under the apt care of Maya

I like the concept of momentary enlightenment. Even nirvana is not worth it, if it was permanent. Possibly one of my strongest viewpoints – to enjoy the illusion as much as being naked in silence. Enjoying non being and being under constraints.

Peace and Joy


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