Saturday, April 21, 2012

Simple Conversations


The eye sat down at the bar; a tall stool, in a dingy room filled with stale smoke. The eye was kind of split into two, It told to do one thing and then refused its will. The eye was in perennial doubt. Doubt of being, of the path ahead in the dark. The eye was quite simply looking not nowhere.

Across the table sat a gentleman with a hat to cover his eyes. He wasn’t being mischievous. Quite simply aloof. He drank his will down his throat and ordered for another round more. His aura if that was anything material was the brightest light in this room.

Time passed and the drinks lasted, and with inebriation came the sense of sorrow. The two met over the bar and a conversation ensued. The eye and the mysterious man started but a simple conversation.

He removed his hat; turned it over and made it flat. Quite quickly made it disappear, a laugh dawned on his face as he introduced himself in soft tone as the grace. As he put it; Hearts grace.

The eye tried to peer through and label him a lunatic, just by the nature of his reason-less smile. Maybe he has drank his lot, maybe he has lost all hope. What could it be that brought him here? Is he like me, analysing the sense of ever lasting doom, or is he someone I would not care to meet?

The heart’s grace spoke to him in a kind of comforting tone, soothing and sensual perhaps, “Why are you hell bent in ruining your own mind. Do you know that you have never acted in absolutes. never existing in an absolute? I do hope you have analyzed that

The eye is amused then quite literally guffawed. This is not normal, This is not fair; how the hell can this asshole sum up my reality in a sentence. Its just not done.

The grace spoke once more “Its the nature of you- the split personality duo; the left and right hemispheres of mind. To think quite conclusively, to think the mundane and abstract, dissect and repair; build an empire out of nothing, try to build your heir? Is it not so, then why would you ever be in shadows of doubt, exercising your will only to confuse yourself? never acting in the absolute, You do realize that degrees of actions shall never provide you a moments respite”

The eye is confused, but that is his life story. Though this time, he tries desperately not to dismiss or be disgusted at what is being said, maybe there is merit this last and final time. In man and creation; to let a way out.

Heart’s grace continues “ Oh yes you think you deserve so much more, liberation and fantasy walk side by side in you don’t they? You deserve everything you drunkard, everything shall come its way; as long as you act in absolute. Can you see me here? Do you know that I have never acted as if i Cared, I just cared or I didnt. it works till this day, I feel my way through this life, and all it brings. I act in a subtle way. If I feel so, It is complete. If I wish/choose/will not to. then is shan’t.

You cannot understand what I say, for you try to see reality; grasp this beauty; when its not any one’s to grasp in the first place. All that you can do is act in harmony of where you exist. Of who you are as existence itself.

When you do no half-measures, where you falter never. Where you are master and grace. Well this is the heart’s way. Which beats and then not, which is full on or off. Can you see that the split in your mind, In you is causing everything to fall apart. Causing everything to become so sorrowful, so without care”

The eye now sheds a tear, the first perhaps in a long time. In probably a lifetime. It does not comprehend how this has happened in the first place. It feels solace, feels abandon and yet infinite oceans pouring within. This could not be a feeling, it could not be a thought. What was this which had made itself manifest; when it was clearly not. Something's are beyond comprehension. Some things are quite simply heart’s grace.

Simple conversations pronounce clarity and alleviation of this pain (of supposed knowing). They hold the promise to liberate where there is just nothing there to liberate.

Peace and Love

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