Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goa Musica

I ain't been much of techno~electronic music fan, I am flesh and blood old school man, but over the years I have been greatly influenced by EDM-Electronic Dance music to a very large extent.
To those who have no clue about what this is, let me start from the beginning-as its said!
In 1990, a new wave of music started up, especially in Goa-the epicenter- it was named trance. Cause listening to the music, actually could and does infuse a state of trance to many of its listeners. and practically thats the point of this sorta music. It was a completely electronic sort of music-made by disc jockeys-on the beaches of goa, the wave from metal (in 1990-when it was at its peak-then brought down) to dance music had started.
The psychedelic generation of the 60's who had settled in goa, progressed to make this form of music available to all the hippies and offbeat tourists who came to goa for their "trips".
Trance music currently is divided between goa trance and psy trance-both are similar to a large extent but one sticks to what works in goa, and the other fixates on the psy in music in general.
This music is further subdivided in dark/night music and morning music. This type of surreal-psycho generative musixs are played in parties in goa, or atleast they used to, now the government is very strict about these=these by the way are raves- where people can ideally go into a trance and be raving mad :)
Parties start up at night and they stop around after mornings, I have been to day parties as well as parties which continue over for days. But night music is crazy- trance is always measured by BPM-beat per minutes- in dark music there is a tendency to put all sort of crazy vibrations -creepy music to the extreme mixed in with around 160-170 beats per minutes-crazy 3 beats a second and you can clearly see people beating up the ground in tandav.
Morning music is the time when people are sobering up for a special sun rise- and enlightenment. This has around 140 BPM in average-and is amazingly tune-beat-rhythem oriented. This is the sort of music which i like to hear outside a party, night/dark music is strictly for a rave.
People who havent experienced a rave, sort of never gel with the psy music being played. Because we think of music with evolved lyrics and rythem etc. This sorta music has nothing like that, the DJ plays according to the craziness he sees before him, mixing from popular mainstream cinema psychedelic statements to crazy animal-machine noises to form something you cant put down-in fact you cant stop shaking-moving or dancing when the beat is on.
The raves are special in their own right-imagine seeing all the weird night creatures coming together to a beautiful natural spot under the moon in an open setting listening to loud crazy shaking music all night long-chilling and dancing and going crazy and getting enlightened at the same time- its sheer freedom
and hence the problem to the governments-they think its a place where people go crazy-thats a fact and isn't that why we are here-to be crazy and to be absolutely free? who in hell does anyone have a right to tell another-how to live or what to do/not do.
Trance is here to stay-the future generation might not understand its true ground breaking significance if not given a chance to party like I have during the time Goa was alive and kicking with parties, this is when with nature-one parties like only i can imagine lord Shiva to party, as nataraja dancing with the beat, going faster at the edges of destruction-enjoying the last dance-the last party.
The quality of psycho sounds in this genre has continuously progressed-due to the involvements of more than one DJ mixing music at one time-nowadays most DJ groups are dio's or trio's even and many-times in parties these people come together to mix the 7-8 minute track within themselves-this makes the music FULL POWER from the word go.. as in there is no let down time for people to recuperate when dancing, the beats go from fast to faster and stay there-without a let off period... crazy to experience under a beautiful setting.
This was a short introduction about the world of goa trance. It is indeed inspirational to hear it sometimes- for it has immense like many other forms of music to change perspective and emotions and even intent. This form of music is especially meant to be heard in alternate sense of consciousness, but that never means we have to ingest or poison our bodies to enjoy what it has to offer- it actually means that listening to such beats infected with melody- we sort of transform- as much as we wish to-change our consciousness. Atleast that has always been the case with me.
We can be a generation of metamorphosis, it includes the values we hold as true and how far we go implement the same, but at the same time it means what sort of music we as a generation listen to. If we want to be a generation which listens to gangster rap as inspiration, then I needn't go further to tell you what that means, If we on the other hand are used to listening to mind-altering music, well that holds immense promise. We neednt be scared or apphrensive to change-indeed we can embrace it, and in peace. That is the true promise of this dance music genre-trance.

Peace/Freak Out.

serotonin Soma

In ancient sub-continental texts, there are references to a mythical plant called soma, the very same soma which was created when the universe was churned out. It led out the poison called hala-ahala which lord civa drinks (due to which his throat becomes blue) and the nectar called Soma. Which leads to life everlasting. Soma by rishis is to be said a plant as well, on earth.
Many have supposedly partaken of this drug, which can be found here in the subcontinent, and advanced to the spiritual realm. But there is wide spread contention of what actually soma is/could be. First and foremost, no one living here who can document evidence has ever seen what soma is. It is a speculation. secondly there are many theories from scientists and people who havent grasped what soma really is comparing it to usual psychedelics which are present in India. many believe that it is the famous mushroom psylicibin, which can cause hallucinations and out of body experiences. But soma was a creeper, and its specifically mentioned. It grows on other trees, and there are specific rites on how to use it. First like the tribals of south/north americas, who give respect to the plant as something sacred, even Indians, who wished to use soma had to wait for the right time/date and then actually ask the plant-permission for them to cut it and use it for their personal purposes-this entailed the active acknowledgement of sacrifice and the confirmation of the retribution due to the law of karma. The plant knows why its being sacrificed and its upto it to curse the people who using it, so they too might perish one day for a higher ideal.
Soma according to me like hala-ahala are internal phenomenons. The nectar and the poison are both produced with the framework called the body. There are many hatha-yoga rituals which aim to bring about a nectar in the body (many call it also soma), this nectar resides behind and above the palate of the tongue, and the way to access it is by slowly cutting your tongue to increase mobility and then finally turning it upside down and above, to access this special area in the head which holds the nectar= this seems to me the most apt definition of what soma could be. This place which the hatha yogis proclaim to hold infinite power through the presence of soma, could be where the pineal gland in man is located. The pineal gland which is the size of a pea, located in the brain has never been explored my humans completely, we know that it produces the hormone seratonin which actually holds account of the biological clock in humans, the sleeping-waking cycle. Which is of utmost importance, as I have perhaps mentioned earlied in my previous writings, everything-the sense of space, time and reality flows down from seratonin. The effects of another popular drug-LSD-which is also a derivative of the ergot fungus-prepared in a labrotory- and used in a proper setting/set, yields hallucinations and even out of body experiences. This is perhaps because the LSD (present in micrograms in the human brain) actually allows all the serotonin to flow out at once-simultaneously. This yields the motor neurons which bring back information about the outside world to the brain-useless or impaired for a certain period of time. This is the adequate time period required for the ego-I to frame-form another reality-based on any given inputs from the external-imposed with the internal aspects of the self-which come to the fore.
The true aspect of soma is this I think, that it is actually a gland product, and it can be actively increased or changed for what we would wish to see, and even more than seeing, feeling and being. For i believe that serotonin actually instigates all of these in the self.

Another day for what hala-ahala could do :)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shams - The tower

At extraordinary lengths, the master shams taught rumi, the delight of the fruit of life. Laugher resounds in these ancient corridors still of the tower that was shams-e-tabrizi. The mystic eyes, which penetrated through the visible stains of our minds. And poured deeper inside. This was the beloved sufis favorite past time.
Shams was no ordinary power, like you or I. His creations implored with love, there was no room for mediocracy in his gaze. His path was ever blessed. Sometimes shams came to and became mad at his beloved. Cursed sweet nothings as the gentle desert wind blew over, The wine of divine overtook in no time.

There is a famous story about the fall of shams; towards the end of his life, the master renuncient became mad in his ardous love for the divine. Ever embracing it, but he lost this control, and humility while he was in afghanistan. While there, overtook by the power of soul, which tips men down. He ordered that fish from a nearby river be called out to fill his stomach, and when all the river fishes were thrown out with his personal power, he ordered the sun to fry all of them so he could eat, even today the region relevant in afghanistan remains the hottest part of the world. This was the fall of the beloved sufi, the curse of nature is unavoidable and menacing.
Shams took over to the grave, but not before transmitting his personal power to his disciple jallauddan rumi, who sent waves through this desert of soul.
Shams was of another world, these sufi i tell you. redefine what was never the question. what would be the resultant causal answers.
In another frame of mind, singing an unsung tune.. shams brought the light of lights into your third eye. In the deep corner, residing and recoiled. relentless inspirations of the divine take over your feeble spirit. Strength, courage and Power. Bliss merit and Lovers.. come be a part of this grand opening ; marriage of souls. Union without relief. Shams e tabrizi is still rolling in his grave.

Ever blossoming.
The Wild Violet Vision.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Toxic Level~Serpentine Move

Slithering past the conscious, the serpent devours all which is present. Consuming it, burning it up and moving past. Descions left to the ignorant. Free is the key.

Toxic levels reach maximum in the system; and what I is left with is change of conscious.
Datura is the way says natha, eat it and travel eons in an instant. Take it and serpent uncoils within I.

It is a shame that when you think psychedelic you cannot move past your own inhibitions. Toxic levels permeate within your system and set the snake (naga) within you on its unfettered motion to the beyond. to the unknown and unknowable.

The emanations are strong, they cannot be noticed with a roving eye, or perhaps they can only be seen with a gaze which is not direct.
Addictive substances beyond your control take over and make you need. Oxygen and proteins demand their right in I. datura liberating these bonds, sets you to step null. There you are innocent like natha civa. All intoxicated and no where to go, you fall at the feet of your love; shakti.
Demand your existance and body exit through the key; key is one-ness, it is love incarnate beyond the need of the body. Demand it Now! There is no tomorrow.
Shallow words spoken all through your life, until the day comes you are no more. When you are burnt along with precious wood. Buried down with hungry vermin. Take it from me, intoxicate and permit the movement of the serpent.
naga involves the reverence of a thousand eons of sacrifice, of worship and endless love. It is sheer power. The fangs are drawn out to increase the toxic levels of life within your system.
Are you sure? Are you really sure that you dont want to get bit?

A venom inside your system enters to decide your fate. It will be your liberation, or your demise.
As you roll back your head, in dismay perhaps, dont. The fates of all are intertwined in this cosmic play. The player? Should i mention.. is the serpentine move on the chessboard of no-consequence.

The most I have got intoxicated is with the movement of the body, the state of mind being in zen, almost no-mind. and the serpent in a constant unfettered movement towards rise. Showering humility and no-ego. There is no presence of i when i disappears under datura.
The lord namaciva drinks the holy soma, datura to some not for most and makes the world dance under his feet, where all ignorance resides. and eventually is burnt.
Third eye movement when the serpent conquers your head. wont let go. the venom in your blood and you still wishing for enlightenment?
Blow your body out of the dance floor. Unity toxic states

For those who think datura, soma and toxics are something tangible, you are sorely mistaken.
These are the internal states, which turn you even when you are residing peaceful six feet beneath the ground (sometimes even when you think you are alive)

Bam Bol


When the ram pulls up its horns, comes at you. Your fears disappear. You are ready, you are made.
Manipura is the center of fire. Etheric center I mean to say. The color of this plane is red. Blood red. Passion stems from here. Its supposedly located at the navel, or a bit above it. The sacred chants call out to the base mantra as Rum. which is said with power. this is verily the power center. Here everything is blurred out except for passion or power. There is a famous saying, either man is made to be a bhogi or a yogi, he cannot be both. this is because of the true nature of this plane. The location of this etheric center is over the stomach and for a normal average joe it becomes the fire of food, or consumption. Have you ever gotten drunk and then really hungry, or stoned or such and you just cannot get enough of food, this is manipura in full force. the energy engages to make you consume. For a yogi with the advent of different psych states, the manipura becomes activated and it nullifies the need for food or water or energy from external sources. Manipura is the fire center and its the top most of the three base etheric centers when the awakening (kundlini rising ) takes place. After this the nodes become different in nature. Till here, the tendency to ruin the power of the center with latent tendencies of mundane are present. After this, the kundalini cannot be stoppped.
When we worship the god of truth, rama, the mula mantra being said is Rum. with power. This is the energy of this plane. We are worshipping the three headed god of fire, agni. There are many many mystics who arise to this plane, and are wrapped up by the sheer magnetic nature of this plane. I myself am one of these, not a mystic but definitely a magnet ;)
There are many tendencies which are exhibited by people with energy flows in the manipura, the absent tendency towards food. Tobacco and psychedelics to a large extent affect this region to nullify the bhogi tendencies, The yantra is downward triangle, with ten petals as the lotus of this region.. These are symbologies, the true nature of these chakras are the nadi or sounds which are present to invoke the relevant states.
Each chakra represents a gland in the physical body. The activation of the gland to release the relevant hormone to an extent which induces these hallucinatory conditions is the western mans and to a large extent a rational mans explanation of these etheric states. But that actually might be indicative of reality. The sound or nadi pronounciation yields excess or the right quantity of hormone to be released (in this case) from the endocrine gland located in pancreas. This leads to the energy being pulled-alligned to the manipura state. The red zone as I prefer to visualize.
This in western occult is referred to as the solar plexus by many, it leads to greater enhanced intuition towards power and intent of being. The feelings of true real physical power of the etheric sense can be immensely felt in this plane.
The down fall as i see it is, that when the energy is roused or raised to this state, any mistake is almost fatal, we are dealing with true power. The mistake is deadly, if there is movement away from the manipura condition, the pancreas, will fail and death is not pleasurable. But this is the case for the energy manifestation in any of the seven chakras to some extent.
manipura still remains a fascination for me ( i cannot remember why though-perhaps a past/future life phenomena)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freedom in each of us

I am over burned with these words of suppression, which bind you to your state of apathy. Come now, haven't you ever tasted it? Freedom, without boundaries, which extends; spills over to everything. Freedom is within each of us. Lets partake of our true selves. Where and how did we come to be like this, listening to others and their concern for power and greed more than we could listen to ourselves. Bowing down to the nation of autocracy, of beuracracy, of lies and hatred. What apathy we have drawn into our souls, not to be hurt, moved by the dispair of the children on the streets. Of the disease within our minds. How did we land up to be like this in the first place.

I am not morbid, just fed up. There is a thin line between rational and insanity, and all of us havent even bothered to look for that line. We just crossed over to the stupidly insane. Without even a single glance of what we left behind, our true selves. Atma

Just a sign, is sometimes required to turn our life around, an event , a moment, an emotion, a glance and we are made. Saved from a life of apathy. Where we roam around without knowledge of our higher existence. Lets be saved. Lets create a world which will honor love and truth. Truth for life. Hunger and thirst for the greater permanent life. Not a state of despair, and loneliness, of dishonor and pettiness. Can we do it? or more importantly can You do it. Do believe me when i tell you this..
Freedom is in each of us.

Godless endeavor

Thats what all of us have embarked upon. Haven't we?
Ought to ask yourself that once in a while. What so god-full in the actions that we are performing, day to day and moment to moment. Look around you for sacred divinity, many of you could only point at your decaying body as its symbol.
I ask, beseech, implore you to look further, than your crumbling age. We are living (if you didnt realize this by now) at the end of times. Dissolution is upon us. The age of rot and decay are here to stay and everything contributing to that will have to perish/decay.
So where is god? where is the divine? is it that green/yellow note in your pocket. does it buy you redemption.
If it doesn't and i bet most of you would say no it could never, then why this incessant need to run after it. Money and material gifts, something for more for oneself and never for more.
See this is the basic contradiction, and there are oh so many of them here and now, yet we never want to think or act about them. We would rather write(like myself eh), debate,discuss and sit on our arses than ever bring about a moment in this time filled arena of sheer bliss.
Its difficult what i say, to be put in words, for words are rather late in evolution of bliss. Bliss is evolving, ever continuously i say, yet words are not apt to capture something which seeks to liberate and not bind.
Your godless endavor is this life, you were born into it, you mix and match till you get your blend of ridicule and then term it as a success, life well lived, morals and love and what not. The reality of the matter/energy is that we dont know what life is till we accept godliness in ourselves.
So how goes that? You would act without thinking, on instincts, modifying those instincts which are base, and elevating the elevated ones. You are love, and the consequences of no death. You know no fear or greed for there is only one here and now. One true global consciousness. Interacting within itself and liberating only itself.
There is no covert motive here, like how we are all used to thinking, there is no benefit of practicing such, you wont be in a better position suddenly, but please think of that only in the short run, in the long run all the benefits are yours, everything under the sun is a matter of your thoughts and their intensity, when you have discipline and intent, patience and perseverance anything-one is under your whim. But these are figurative measures, something concrete like nirvana is left only to you. Do you wish or choose it, a freedom which surpasses every single emotion/energy of this plane. Do you choose to be it, to experience it and transcend it ?


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dark Wave

It is clear now that I have partaken of what is to be my mental wreck. There is midnight looming near, and the effects are quite clear. Walking on the shores of lunacy; beckoning me to join in twist and rave. I have been moving quite lucid. Sitting driving on this bike, with endless soul on the periphery looking for that elusive party. The moon stark, showing the way. We hear the beats. its unmistakable you see; once you are smitten... you have to run, run rabbit run. digging that hole, forgetting the sun. words of floyd deep embraced in my head. The madness and the night and the darker beat of the universe brings all the psychedelics out of their realms, to partake of the soma. Soma which draws out in this full night, this never ending night, this night of no sorrow. this night which enlivens/enlightens. We park near the edges of the mountain looking down to the endless waves, the rave has way past the sanity's crescendo. Its time for weird lights and kinky bright shimmering nirvana. The beat is louder, the earth is quaking, you have been to such a state? there is silence, but there is the beat of a thousand thunders from the epi center, unmistakably mad. Dark wave has shown me to this dance floor, made of mud and sand, overlooking eons of years of history of this earth. The moon in full bloom has lit up the entire place. There are dreadlocks and fancy lights on the bodies of creatures all around, i roam around with a purpose, looking for that particular drop. Dropping down and then high. Want another tingle, someone is trying to please my senses, but I am in no mood. It is tandava all around. The night is about the darkness, the dark musix. That is not relief, but which moves in spirals above faster and faster, either you have to dance, or you have to die. it is as simple as that. We all like to lose it once in a while, but in bamboo forest it is forever, the place absorbs your soul and never lets it breathe out again. I go next to the speakers, huge and towering. they spread out the colosseum with their base and blast the next generation of madness that this universe is spawning. There is no respite, the djs take pills to play for seven days, and the torsion just increases with every passing second. Many aayas sitting now, playin with the beats and making money with tea and biscuits, the ground is vibrating and to me, who comes back to sit after half the night is over, the ground is not horizontal anymore, it is tilting and shifting and murmering. It is beyond belief. Indeed the dark wave has entered its climax. From the beginning there was no doubt about this. I see faces all contorted and without the need for breath , as the jatadharis light up their pipes and enter the mosh pit for that special lsd tandav. Expressionless i move with the groove, I spend my energy in revitizing my soul. The night and its horror. The beauty and the beat. The love and the dance. All of it Mixed in with the dj console. Take another drop. Forget it. This wasn't part of the plan Bam Bol Bhandari Kailas~natha GauriPati Jatadhari Bhairon Booom Shankaar~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Musings-Old times

The temple is dark now, within the human limits I wonder? Yesterday rather in an intoxicated mood, I ventured to goto the temple, where I met 2 companiions of the wolf family, who also joined me in this rather peculiar mood, almost impossible to describe.

Shallow are words, and I place no weight in them for the wonders which are to be seen, are rather … peculiar. Distinct with their own taste. The divine comes and moves within this frame to blossom it once more.

Today too, I was rather in that foul mood, which makes one to see. Where there are no limits and no fear, or rather where fear can be seen in almost the most fascinating sense. Of wonder and purpose. But ah! I wonder, do these words mean anything. Even when they form a part of an experience which is the truth. I know now, that everything in this framework of reason, and more is present here and now. All contained and wild in the same moment. So what to speak of what is felt when it could be seen a million times better.

There are 3 shooting stars which I saw tonight on my regular walk near the tcs villa road, which leads to the main road. The weather is to my need at this point and hour of time. And also I saw something which is almost sensless. I felt I saw it first when I went to the temple yesterday night, when in a state of complete silence and darkness, I was seeing the goddess with my eyes almost closed. I saw a golden light at the corner of my eyes. In that absolute darkness I saw gold at the left edge of my eye.

And tonight during the walk, I saw a sort of a phantom in the sky which at first looked like some sort of a telephone wire (as it was very clear to the wires) but then I saw it distinctly move, and it was hollow like a cylinder, I thought it might be due to my poor vision or perhaps my state of being how I was. But I know that I saw it as something different.

These are visions which are pouring out of the framework. Are these visions?

There are points when I can merge together, where I am not like how I am or supposed to be or can be. Here I just am. Without a notion of thought. Blissful in the breadth. But I know this is the calm before the storm. The storm of infinite bliss.

But the path is the pleasure and the joy. The path is life. Lived to state of absolute being – ness. Where by all joys are increased ten fold.

Perhaps this is called love, oh no love does not exist. It is but myself which bends as love.. it is but myself which melts into another. And then creates by myself the notion of love.

It is I and only I who exist. And that is false too.

Bending into framework and breaking away.

I saw it in a dream that I was fading away

At the edges and in the center, there the void

Stood like a vast thorn in the middle of the river

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Goddess sits; blazes apart. Lions throw themselves at her fierce eyes.She Remains still. Kamakshi is beauty of this universe unparalleled. Look once and you will not be yourself anymore.

Kanchi is a small town in tamilnadu, it is also a shakti-peeth as many proclaim, When sati of parvati takes place, her navel falls towards kanchi. The goddess here is magnificent, she is kamakshi.

I have visited kanchi many times in my life. partly because she is my kula deva (from paternal side) and mainly because she calls me to partake of her gift. Gift of her beauty of being. The temple is a small affair, and its mainly flanked by ekamreshwara shiva temple, which is humongous to say the least. There are also some 1000 odd smaller old temples in this little town. Yet its easy to understand, no one can draw attention as my devi can. She calls out. And we insignificant, respond.

The sensuality of navel is understated, yet indians and myself are highly awed by the navel. It is an erotic sensual center. And to many (including myself ;) one the most beautiful parts to a woman's body. Kamakshi portrays this, Inside the inner sanctum next to her beautiful idol is a pillar, this pillar signifies the center of the universe. For it is where the navel of the goddess chandi has fallen. There is a tantric yantra cut on this pillar and people can put their hands inside, and feel what they choose.

Kamakshi is a benign and passive goddess, she sports a sugarcane (for agrarian purposes i guess), she has a noose (gord), and is in a wish giving and protective state. She is also par-excellence the virgin goddess, she here is independent of consciousness (shiva). She is verily tripura-sundari here. ( Goddess of the three worlds)

The story goes as this. Ekambreshwarsa is the place where goddess kanya-kumari (parvati) comes to meditate for her var (her spouse). She meditates here as the peepal tree, and she is still present here (inside the compounds of the ekambreshwara temple). The lord ekambreshwar comes (or rather is pulled beyond control.. as it happens when true cosmic love for a lover happens.. we all ought to have experienced that atleast once in our life ) to the very spot and they get married under that peepal tree. The tree and the spot still exist, while meditating kamakshi is present in her sanctum. The main consideration here is not the idol, as in many temples, but the emphasis on the yoni which is present and worshiped. There is a small circular kund of sorts, without the shiva linga which is to represent the goddess yoni (reproductive-creative powers) in this place. All the sacrifices are offered to that yoni, and all power is derived from that itself.

I visited kanchi last summers, as well as two years prior to that. I got the privilege to see the ekambreshwara temple as well as this time, Chola architects and kings, were magnificent in the grand aspects of temple worship. the temple is humongous, as much as many of the kaveri basin temples which i have seen, the shiva linga here is made of mud/or some other substance which is dis solvable in water. Hence there is no abhishek to the linga made here, which is very very strange for any shiva temple (shiva under constant meditation experiences such samadhi heat, that he has to be cooled very very fast... hence he is always known as abhisheka priya. )
Offering abulations at kamakshi is a beautiful heart rendering experience, I offered a saari as well which was the first that day and hence put on the idol. It was a green gift and the goddess wearing it looked the prettiest damsel in the world even in stone.
The idol is made in black stone, characteristic of south indian temples, I personally feel that the human touches come grander/greater in this, rather than in marble. But each to their own.
But let me tell you this unmistakably, when you look at the goddess here, you wont think she is beautiful or powerful to some human attribute, it is out of the world feeling, with diyas lit around her, and her eyes and face radiating true grace, all you can do is get charmed, lose and gain your heart. Give up everything for her vision.
Somewhere we all give up ourselves, let it all be. You know, a place to rest. Kamakshi is a place like that, leave the madness which is there to worship for there is nothing like that when you gaze at her face, look at her feet and chant her name in your inner self. It is true experience of power, a restrained look at power. Feel of love. All in one go.
Kamakshi has come under light recently due to assholes (many of them) who are pandas, and true to their characters thieves without emotions. But the power in this virgin ground is unmistakable.

The goddess energy in this place, is virgin.. It is concentrated not on sheer power, but the beauty and grace and the sheer
kama ( the true love, lust, for life). Visit and xperience metamorphosis.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most I cared.

What at most do I care about? Those fading memory clouded by doubt.
They remain for a hearts beat and make me skip another without adue
Such states of love transcended to heavens cares,
Hours and days of separation feels like tightening of hells snares;

Trapped under ice is how I feel when away, the most I cared was for that cool breeze which blew my 
breath away.
Your smile, caress and those out of the world embraces.
Divinity knew not what she was before she met you.
I breathe out cold early morning fog, reminded without a shadow of doubt of last autumns sweet wish.
You in my arms, the world gone amnesia in my brain. Somewhere around the bend. The magician that I am, I wish for one last play. That we be one. In glory or disgrace.

Chance meeting, a wicked life. Travel to the moon and back for your love. All in a days grace.
Met odds, gambled against em';won my bet, saw you and made my life the drivers seat of a chevy 68.

And any day darling, you have been the one I whom I most cared (for)

Allahs Love ; Peace.

Shani in Shingnapur-Part II

Its had been in my mind to visit shirdi for a long time, I love babajis (sai nath's) grace. Shingnapur is around 20 kilometers from there, the roads now have become very travel friendly (which was not the case a decade back-when my mother had visited the place). We (my folks and I) set out morning in a cab to reach the place. The place was packed to some extent (shows a lot of people need shani's grace in this day/age), but we had no major hassles, to some extent it was on my mind that the lord will show me his leela, on that day. I was a bit cautious i guess because of this, i have associated shani to a large extent, with hassles-both mental and physical-from people around me and the settings. But it was not to be on that day. My father and i changed into dhoti, for it is only men who are allowed near the sanctum-shani has remained a brhamacharya-a astute sort of energy and I guess for that reason women are not allowed near that energy, for it might be that there might be some sort of consequence which we are not aware of. Men are to be strictly in traditional wear in this temple, no shirts etc and only dhotis. besides this, everyone who goes near the shani energy is to be bathed, and clean.
Shinginapur holds a rock, a power stone which is the shani consecrated form. There is no idol, or temple there per say, only a long winding sort of corridor which leads to this open air stone known as deva. The story goes that this stone came as the amsha form of shani in this place-which i guess was the backyard of some person. The energy here does not like to be bound inside a place- as in the rock has always been in open air. Whenever there is any attempts to build some sort of sanctum for the stone, it has always been brought down.
The interesting thing about this little village - shingnapur is that till date, there are no concepts of locks or doors here. No one bothers to lock away their shops or even their homes, there are no problems of leaving your property anywhere in this village, it will be untouched. For the fear of shanis retribution of commiting a crime where he is present is so so great that no one-not even from other religions-cultures takes this risk. It is the plain fact. In this town leave your worries aside, the lord is here.
My father and I stood in the queue in the baking hot maharashtian summer, pulling us down and scorching our feet completely, the temple management is kind enough to put cooling water in the open air area, where the sun beats down mercilessly i imagine for most of the year. As we come close to the stone, the energies within me are released and I feel almost benign, content and satisfied.
Shani likes metal- his element is metal and his favourite gift is either metal or oil. You cannot imagine the amount of oil which is poured on the stone day in and out for eons till date. I couldn't imagine it when it was staring at me! We also took some oil to put on the god, the priest who stands next to the stone idol pats my back with a lot of oil as a prasad from the lord, there is no ego status for the priest i see and i like that a lot-often remaining so close to power forms, kinda gives a false sense of power within people who are near it.
It is a small affair, but as I approach the stone idol, I am immensely happy, for a long time i have suffered the consequences of my actions through his sweet gaze, and there is a sort of culmination-a thank you from me to the swami for teaching me patience and hopefully wisdom in the process. perhaps the point of the whole exercise.
Shingnapur remains famous for people who are afllicted with shani, often many people from very different walks of life and even religions come to this place to seek blessing of this powerful deity.
The deity here is benign and in full power wisdom. He remains ever peaceful and loving towards his devotees- it might sound strange than anyone actually might pray to a astral planet for liberation- but that is the truth about this lover of life, he remains so we may suffer the world, and maybe in the process we might actually liberate ourselves of this selective perception which we see of who we are.
I got to visit some more awesome laid back temples in the villages around by. I always try to visit as many places-which are the part of the culture of the place- so that i may have the best, most non-biased, non-judgmental-complete picture of the life which is there.
My visit to shingnapur refreshed me immensely and it was only with the love and grace of sai-natha that I was able to see such power with my living body.

Peace to All.

Shani in Shinganapur-Part I

The thing with shani is, that he is just not a astral/causal influence. He is much much more than that. Shani is the son of lord sun/surya. He is the unwanted child, born of the second wife of surya deva, goddess chaya ( shadow). Endowed with his parental qualities, he is dark, lean and sometimes limps while walking. The story behind that is also interesting. When lord ganesha is born to civa-parvati, shani also comes to see the new born, the story goes that when lord shanis gaze falls on ganesha, he is crippled as is anyone who sees him, and upon this ganesha loses his human head in due time. Parvati curses him for seeing her new born and says that he would be bereft of walking normally.
Shani reminds me immensely of the western iconography of Satan, there root names are almost the same(which might be perhaps of the same root in language). Shanis vehicle is the black crow; as satan could also depicted with the same. Shani has a trishul which in geometric looks almost like the square trident which satan is shown with in most icons.
Shani though in india, is not merely avoided but is avidly praised and prayed to; and in the best circumstances as the lord liberatar, from the world.
Shani is the only planet who is also a swami, an avadut, a self realized. Hence he is most befitting for the position of showing what worldly miseries are-can be. When he comes to your natal chart occupying for a period of 7 1/2 years or sadde satti as is generally called, most people experience very life altering changes ( this ofcourse applies to people who actually to some extent can see finer realities and patterns emerging of their lives at the least).
Shani in the early stages of sadde satti shows that anything and everything is temperory, and in due time is bound to break down, blow up, and get destroyed. Your luck is hay wire, it will definitely plummet, you will get all the karmas- or the results to the your sowing an action in the universe during this first half.
As shani progresses in time slowly across your destiny- he becomes adament to show you what he is really made of. the more you deny his existence, the more he presses. the more you acknowledge his presence, the more he shows his ways. Either ways you are bound to experience him. But if there is to be the presence of grace and/or wisdom you must ideally acknowledge what transformations are taking place and why.
I was present in bhubaneshwar and working while my first half was met. This was a very interesting and weird time. I met many difficult facts about the external universe and at the same time had to modify my own personality/persona to meet up to the world i was living in. The lord master shani is very blessed indeed, he provided me ample space and energies to pray and meditate on goddess chandi during this time, this is very important- for surviving him and even benefiting from him requires discipline and faith and a loooot of patience. He united me with the goddess so that I could survive his gaze. Otherwise it would be sheer suicide.
Shani is supposed to cause you pain by severing your good standing relationships with the world. That is the truth, the way he hurts you is by hurting the ones who are closest to you. He makes you selfless in handling universal pain. Wisdom unfortunately is such.
He makes you weak by destroying relations between your loved ones, causing them pain or even death, and finally he comes for you. This is all the cost of karma, and we must all endure it.
Strength of shani lies in discipline, faith and patience. He doesnt like non-work, and we must all create karma to essentially uphold the lord to that extent. there is instant chaotic punishment if we lose the sense of work. this also happened to me to a large extent, i have found my professional life full of pain and i could not excel in it, and as i left it even more chaos ensued.

Shani as most guys i would say doesnt get along with his father. Ego problems or tussle I dont know, but thats why in any nava-graha statue in temples which you might have visited, you would have seen that shani stands facing opposite to sun, they cant hold the same direction.

I also happened to have surya dasha during the time which i have endured the lords gaze. Both pappa-beta have been out to transform my aura in this short span of a life. hopefully they do it for the better.

India doesnt have many religious power centers to this kali-yuga lord-shani. His temples till recent have been far and few in between, mostly the reason being, he is not regarded as a benefic planet, rather people dont want to be in his gaze, his presence. That I understand, but i also understand now being in his sweet gaze for so long, that he can surely make and break you..
His powers are such that they bring kings to ruin and bring them to inner riches in no time. The most famous of praises/writing to shani is the shani mahatmya- a typical mythical story in which a king asks all the grahas which of them are the greatest. Lord shani is not given the proper attention by the king, and wise shani decides that anyways his time is up and its time to be under his astral presence. The story is very intriguing and also uplifting for shani is shown as the true master of the self. Under his grace anyone is able to see the misery of worldliness and the brilliance of self illumination - salvation.

Anyways, the most important place for shani worship in india remains to my knowledge- a place called shinginapur in maharashtra, it is around 20 kilometers from shirdi and I visited the holy power place somewhere mid 2008. I had a blessed time there. For the lord of shinginapur is sheer grace endowed.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Self Respect

I have given due importance to this before admitting it, our country India, suffers from paradoxes beyond belief.
One the one hand, we choose to discuss brahaman, spirit entity and one ness with the presence of diversity in all respects
and on the other hand we are divided beyond belief with these baseless beliefs of caste and creed. gender discrimination and religion, all going to destroy our very minds.
India remains a crumbled man, a shit pot for everything which has ever happened in this world.
In this land, there are most who still believe that caste is more important to life and the way of life to be maintained than anything grander.
There are those who believe that respect from 'samaj', from society precedes everything else, if one has been brought down in the eyes of another, then that is it! how the fuck do people like this exist? People I know will be able to kill and die for respect; of such sort. Who the fuck needs such pathetic sympathy respect and support of such a society? a society of lies, ignorance and apathy.
For people i know, this samaj and respect of such sort is the very base existence need. A motivation for life. Losing their fucking non existent self respect in the process.
I am not talking about villagers illiterate in ways of life, I am talking of people like you (presuming that you are a brown skinned tanned brain fucked jaundice ridden malaria infected diarrhea infested indian) who still think that to do something against the prevalent norms written(where the fuck have they been written) is the only way to be.
Boys are more wanted than women? why; for India remains one of those backward places where marriages are still arranged, where the bride and groom have no say in the process and the parents decide eventually who their kids would be penetrating in the night. Women are more of a burden in this respect, for they have to be sent away from home, they wont ever do anything productive for the house and of course not for the 'samaj' and hence least valued. Their one and only use is to produce more offspring's to litter this already crowded space. Where is the self respect? I am not talking about some island, i am talking about the mainland where more than a billion assholes congregate every waking hour to make this fucking stupidity a reality.
Freedom and choice are things of the unknown, India remains the only backward place where we try to boast of it, yet remain perpetually in ignorance of these states.
What is freedom? It is a consequence of self respect and vice versa, a man who cannot produce respect for the self, cannot in a million life times experience freedom and its joys.
Where does this insane logic of respect due to others giving it come? What if one day another person doesn't give you respect? will you kill for it? will you devise the world in such a manner that you could climb up tyranny and sucseed in getting your respect in 'samaj'
I have lived amidst animals so base, that it makes me vomit in disgust at times, I have cultivated enough patience and indifference to look the other way, but i need something now, a sense to actually destroy all this insanity in the name of 'samaj' and respect which i see.
The new age if there is to be one, cannot survive on these pathetic baseless values. People who have stopped being people must die. The world cannot hold on to useless baggage. It cannot value something of no value,
When life itself has no intrinsic gift to give to nature, then nature shall dissolve it back into nothing.
I wish the same for all the people in india who choose to be ignorant rather than wise. Base rather than elevated. Diminished instead of grand.

Dreaming & Stalking

If you have ever read any of carlos castanada's books on shamanism from central north america, then you wouldn't have a problem deciphering the title. The shaman don juan matus; who remains the central figure in these books tells us about two shaman sorcerer methods to get to the goal.
Dreaming and stalking unmistakably are those.

There are dreamers, in this I mean as a basic practice lucid dreamers. Lucid dreaming is an old practice, where the dreamer is very aware (even more than waking reality) of the fact that he is dreaming. Then he is at whim/freedom to change the dream as pleases. This of course has many constraints, and all those are encountered as one becomes from a novice to an adept at lucid dreaming.
Dreaming roots its awareness that the energy levels of our sleep can be changed. That according to my understanding; is that the kundalini can be raised if the will is sufficiently developed for dreaming to accord that.
Kundalini rising and will power are almost interchangeable terms, as in the rise of the former leads to the latter while the former shall only take place with the help of the latter.
We have all witnessed dreams in which something unexpected, horrifying, or even beyond words can take place. we know the possibility of that. and the shaman takes use of this vehicle of dreams for consciousness to will itself into nothing.

The second path is through stalking, we all dont have dreaming within our capabilities or even control, I personally cannot dream an ounce of lucidity, not that lucid dreaming is not a part of my system, but there is no consistence and there is always an outcry of third person observation in the dreaming.
Stalking is the living dreaming scenerio. while dreamers have to lie down, close their eyes and consciously transfer their energies through the dreaming vehicle, the stalker intiates the same in the reality illusion matrix.
This is as difficult as the former, there is no easy way i am always reminded, its just that many have a knack for the former, many for the latter.
Stalking is the method of inacting normal in day-to-day scenario. seeing and observing and pusing in your energies from the will to act as required, but at the same time behaving in a manner of status quo.
So you understand the world is a farce, it is more of a dream than when you close your eyes, yet you choose to ignore these information processing, consciously. you are acting, method or stage acting in an illusion. You are NOT enforcing the dream, but rather creating a limbo where you can create the reality which you choose more apt, the dream which is more preferred. This is a tedious process, for reality is a pain like no other. The interaction with so called real life people and things makes the energy drained more easily. yet it is also which pays faster dividends if required.
I am reminded that don juan often maintains the fundamental difference is in the attitude of the shaman when he follows a particular path, for dreamers it is such.. they are in turn concerned about their fellow man/woman, they never tend to show the same for they know the path to progress is always personal. They remain aloof, distant and always unapproachable. Stalkers on the other hand always have to maintain the world while disassembling it, they remain approachable and always warm, ready to help for in turn they understand that in reality no one can help another, hence they from their attitude never bother about anyone else in reality, their actions are never in sync with their minds.
What kind of lover of life are you, how do you choose your transformation ? your alchemist metamorphosis?

Chitragupt~Secret Images of Self

The final moments in anyone's life is dedicated as a review. Many people who undergo that little bump; the near death experience where they goto the extreme of life ending yet come back have this to recount. Many see a visionary experience in which they travel, they can see their bodies lying mute. And they see what all they have experienced, perhaps in an objective manner, perhaps with the conflicting or assuring emotions attached with that experience. But it is for sure, most undergo that state where they recount what all their minds have lived through in their life.

In Indian mythology, lord yama could not clarify easily enough who all were to goto higher rebirth and lower births well. He asks lord brahma for some assistance, like a supervisor asking for more shop workers! lord brahma (confusingly enough he is the lord of creation.. think about that) gives him chitragupta. he is the keeper of records, as they are called 'akashik records' or ether records which are stored in the mind itself, and then extracted judged seen finally by the individual soul itself. To look at in another manner, you perform certain actions in your life, and when it ends, you can sit back see the movie and see where all you could have done better, and where all you did. For at that time you have the perfect wisdom which you might have/not had during that experience.

Looking at it from the body/dream perspective, the body dies and the brain activity does not cease upto 10 minutes passed. The 10 minutes is an endless dream time, as we know each dream which we think lasts- minutes,hours,days or even months in a night lasts approximately only 15 seconds. 10 minutes is close to eternity in that respect, more than enough for chitragupta to make us see what all is stored within ourselves. Before we are pulled towards the light.

I have read certain death experiences, and mostly all of them have a light source, a light being or light in some respect which comes and envelopes. Verily we can say that we ourselves are light beings, and that to some extent the light has slowed down to make the physical selves. This release from the dense, shows the real selves, you see light cannot be divided. there is no way for us to divide the light and make it different, even if we separate the light into different quadrants, the light remains the same.

The tunnels, towards the source, the interaction with the light is to my understanding mostly simultaneously or after the chitragupta account. The account is to my ability of understanding not a judgment, though it can be perceived as that. It is simply a time recount, time-space understanding of the self. To see how the light behaved when dimensions reduced and physicality increased.

I hope that this increases the curiosity with this mythic yet less known figure-chitra~ gupta. The lord and re-counter of secret images, of within ourselves.

Hymn to Tara Ma

How have you let this pass mother?
that you remain passive to plight.
Your forests fell, and your honour sold
by these demons in disguise called men.

Hour is now ripe to bring the cleaver down
Jai Tara! stand on namaciva laying supine.
Think of this fool as you decapitate.
Liberate with one swift blow~

Your image horrifies no end, and many who cant see truth in your eyes
Forgive them as you do me, for I see not your wonderful glory.
Mother, to ask is a childs duty. I ask grace from your feet.
Grace to dissolve everything in thee, grace to let it all be.

Take my nights in your rapture, fill them with your light.
You ascend further in the columns and lead everything else to blight.
Soul stirred and breathless, I roam the smashan of human plight.
Looking only for my mother, where is she where is she, i cry

Somewhere in this endless jungle, this wasteland of everything.
Is that place where ma tara, looks on in love and awe for everything she is ready to devour
Consuming the entire worlds with her lolling tongue,
She laughs that madness unsung.

Jai Tara~ I shout and praise with my heart
I curse and laugh and praise thy feet.
You art the third eye of lord namaciva.
Consciousness endowed with grace supreme.
Compassion; redemption thy gift.
Lead me from darkness unto ever eternal light.


Madness Supreme Jai Tara! says Vama

Vamakhepa, is a man-saint-god of the power place of cin-tara, Tarapith!
Vamakhepa was born in 1837 in tarpith and his father named his such, which meant the mad saint. And he as everyone of us suited his name to the letter. Bamakepa became the greatest saint of tarapith, born to serve jai tara in whichever way his mind-body accepted to do.
Bamakepa became the priest of tarapith, and he roamed the nearby cremation ground at will serving it and sharing his temple food with the animals there. Taking nothing in return, just chanting jai tara's name.
As with vama and any goddess worshipper its difficult nay impossible to predict the moods with which he/she worships jai tara ma.
At times the mad saint would curse tara ma, comparing her to a earthly woman, a prostitute cursing how she had dragged him to this plane and to this situation.
and at others he would pray and pray and praise till he brought on the situation of trance once again.
His only redemption was Jai Tara~
When he was thrown out from the temple and kicked and brutalized, the queen of tarapith temple who owned the temple had the dream in which ma tara was leaving the place sad, saying shes going back to kailasa; that she was insulted because her true true lover was insulted and there was no place for her. How could the mother eat when her son was had not eaten.. ?
He was brought back to roam the grounds free. Vamakepa was the true renuncient, the true bhairava, the true yogi of the left hand path of ma. He lived and was the left hand mad path to devi.
Bama was truly the lord god civa in his earthly rupa, ma in tarapith is seen to breast feed lord civa, because here in this place lord tarakanatha is actually the son of the mother. Isnt it the truth that ma tara is the mother of this whole universe, and here she is actually the mother of her partner-consciousness. She lets civa suckle to let the poison of hala~ahala have no use. She is truly jagat ma here. Jai Tara Ma~
There is a story in which bama is tested by a man, who wants to know whether he is fake so he hires a prostitute to seduce bama, and show he really is not a saint.
The prostitute comes and bama even more fiercly identifies her as ma, and he starts suckling on her breasts as a child would towards her mother. For you see there is no distinction in bama's head that mother is here and now, she is all that is. no where in this world is a love so powerful as in the heart of bamakepa. He is the last ansha which is away from mother tara. He is saved till then for he chooses to love ma. The very moment the love is complete, he leaves all. becomes the heart and the third eye of ma tara.
Tara in Tarapith is the shakti-pith where the third eye. the very source of consciousness is seen to fall. Here the lord civa is a part of tara ma herself. there is no distinction. For consciousness and power are the sanctum of the cremation ground in this place. It is sheer divine. Irish cream ;)
this is an excerpt of what he said once :
"Ma (the Mother goddess) is asleep in the muladhara chakra and should be awakened- if she is not awake, who is there to give one liberation? Only she can do this.... The first sign of the awakening of Kundalini is that the person does not feel satisfied with the ordinary state of life- one gets a great urge within to get over this confinement. The awakening of Kundalini gives men great pleasure, a kind of pleasure that ordinary men never attain ... as you pass through and move from one chakra to another, you feel the manifestations of the varied bhavas of Kundalini Sakti. But what is important, as a result of kundalini Shakti's functions in every chakra, is the kind of bhava it creates, a different bhava in each place, and the feeling of these bhavas brings such a state of bliss that it cannot be described."

Vama kepa worships the akasa-tara. the ether consciousness power vision of mother which is the savior.
Vamakepa remains to be a true shakta worshipper, where his entire being is enveloped in the mother. Where sakti is the only way up and out. There is no other way.
He gave up the body in 1911. In nirvikilpa samadhi. In true style.
Jai Tara Ma~
Jai Tara Ma~
Jai Tara Ma~

Good Books I have read

One of the very first decent books I read in my life was a book called 'conversations with god'/ I believe that i was brought in contact with it when my mother bought it of a street hawk from nehru place. I had already read many religious/spirit related books by that time, and I was not impressed one bit by the title and the fact that it was written by a firang called 'neale donald walsh'

But i did enjoy one fact a lot, that in its preface it mentioned, that if you are reading this book and this phrase- that meant that you have been brought to this book for you required the knowledge that was present in it, not by a chance or a coincidence. That type of foresight or foresight wisdom marketing was immense for me. I liked it from neale.

There are three parts to the continuem that is the conversations with god. Neale describes himself in honesty as being a failure and a loser through his life, in relation with his family, job, god and life in general and I dont think god makes him feel better in that respect, So one day he picks a pen and starts penning down what he wants to know from god, questions and angst and frustration. and all this comes back with answers and a dialogue begins.

The schizo neale is very well endowed in wisdom and wisdom sayings. God(dess) is very kind with him and teaches him and many others in this world through those books what it is to be human, there are surely many things which I also learned from those books, about how humans mess it up; and that if we follow our head and heart in unison, there is no need for that book.

I like the third book (3rd part) in particular, it is the fattest book of the lot, and it discusses many important things for the sake of humanity, god(dess) calls humanity a kindergarden religion, that we have not learned many things which are so basic to living in peace and symbiosis with the universe that it is not surprising we are at the brink of world's end and we being the cause for the same. God discusses many advanced civilizations in the universe and what their approach to day to day problems are.
These answers to problems are very easily found in any indepth psychology or anthropology books perhaps. The wisdom to see the whole picture, the gestalt, is not there in humans
That is where religion, alien and human wisdom and spirituality comes so much into importance- it is that glue which brings the bigger into picture, without which we only see selective perceptions, filtering out the bigger picture and ready to settle always for something smaller and less grande, perhaps because we find comfort in it, for our internal state of being has never been so grand. Never so vision filled.

Recently this is what humanity has been obsessed with, to see the bigger picture. But this is not possible unless we get to become spiritual. Some call it having a vision, value, principle, discipling, will etc but its the glue which binds it all up. The spirit. The energy of the universe. The one.

If anyone has not read these trilogy of conversations, i would recommend them anyday, for they are very enthusiastic, positive, filled with life. and bring about that very vision that humanity needs to embrace this very moment to make peace with every single thing in this cosmos.

check it out :



I see this creature at the ends of my sight, every night and every waking hour during the day, it bends like I do , and it shows the fangs which I keep hidden most of the time. It smiles when I pretend to be compassion
He shows himself never complete, like myself he dances with naked feet on ice. He prances on fields of corpses. When I look behind, he jumps on top of my head, grabs my divinity, makes me twist. Makes me swing to his tune.
I believe that I hallucinate of my own flesh, I understand that I am long dead, rotting under the cancerous ground of this earth, but if this is so , why cant I let go of myself as this other, this other which comes and never leaves,
I pour like water, I go like the wind to the corner of the world. But there is no respite from the visions which I encounter,
No words which I describe, the love which doesn’t compare.
Creatures which sucks my dead dried blood from the ground, the one which growls when I groan. The one which howls when I cry.
The pain of falsehood in my head, is now blooming, is now ripening in blood.
There is no respite in this world or in non-existence. The visions never stop.
I lose myself in pain. Pain not like the one which is experienced. This is pain which I have become , pain which is all consuming.
Visions which I could have been let of without being. Visions here and visions there.


**Aloof Time**

The Plot thickens to ripen in time
Leaving no scars of this last crimson sunlight
Sheepishly he walk into the middle of the road
To get hit by a fast moving anonymous truck
To be a part of the part which is true nature
There are lights like the butt of the cigarette
These colors form the part of the staircase, reaching somewhere closer to heaven not in my mind . In your mind
There is wanted error in the system
And all which Is left is the end of the world
Swallow all up In one go. Towards infinity rising slowly
And rising still…
There is this way which things will go, before they start afresh
And all of us are closer to the things which we stand united for
To create something new , something which makes us masters of ourselves.
There is a smaller legend associated with the death of god
It seems that we stopped the embrace to ourselves
And stop singing those little pauses which happen to us all the time
The greatest of the prophets walks still now.
Till now he is the lord of the matted hair
Not removed his anger and the dance of delusion
Of which we all sit in amazement and watch
Before all of us becomes all of none.
That which I speak can never be closer to what I never felt
There is this which flows through me, there is this itch which has never left me.
And which has all of “I” has become of I.
Leave it in peace, there is no love here.
Only the power of I filling it up
There is this pass which must be cleared
There is this love of the self which must be removed
The Buddha walks alone in the garden
Listening to his murderers speak in truth
There is no love for the Buddha , there is only knowledge of him
There is no Buddha, Kill Buddha. Kill Him now
Some speak of Sabbath as a bad element to society
Of the laziness and drone it fills us with
And with that awful sense of murder which comes is not because of the music,
And some times the word spoken is not an echo but a peeling of the soul. This is the most destructive power.
Inside or outside, You and I are burning up into this lie. Into this word.
Time to rest. Time to ripen the wine.
Time to spend in aloofness of this crime.

(A long time back write. somehow it seems to befit the crime just this moment)

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...