Friday, August 7, 2009

Chitragupt~Secret Images of Self

The final moments in anyone's life is dedicated as a review. Many people who undergo that little bump; the near death experience where they goto the extreme of life ending yet come back have this to recount. Many see a visionary experience in which they travel, they can see their bodies lying mute. And they see what all they have experienced, perhaps in an objective manner, perhaps with the conflicting or assuring emotions attached with that experience. But it is for sure, most undergo that state where they recount what all their minds have lived through in their life.

In Indian mythology, lord yama could not clarify easily enough who all were to goto higher rebirth and lower births well. He asks lord brahma for some assistance, like a supervisor asking for more shop workers! lord brahma (confusingly enough he is the lord of creation.. think about that) gives him chitragupta. he is the keeper of records, as they are called 'akashik records' or ether records which are stored in the mind itself, and then extracted judged seen finally by the individual soul itself. To look at in another manner, you perform certain actions in your life, and when it ends, you can sit back see the movie and see where all you could have done better, and where all you did. For at that time you have the perfect wisdom which you might have/not had during that experience.

Looking at it from the body/dream perspective, the body dies and the brain activity does not cease upto 10 minutes passed. The 10 minutes is an endless dream time, as we know each dream which we think lasts- minutes,hours,days or even months in a night lasts approximately only 15 seconds. 10 minutes is close to eternity in that respect, more than enough for chitragupta to make us see what all is stored within ourselves. Before we are pulled towards the light.

I have read certain death experiences, and mostly all of them have a light source, a light being or light in some respect which comes and envelopes. Verily we can say that we ourselves are light beings, and that to some extent the light has slowed down to make the physical selves. This release from the dense, shows the real selves, you see light cannot be divided. there is no way for us to divide the light and make it different, even if we separate the light into different quadrants, the light remains the same.

The tunnels, towards the source, the interaction with the light is to my understanding mostly simultaneously or after the chitragupta account. The account is to my ability of understanding not a judgment, though it can be perceived as that. It is simply a time recount, time-space understanding of the self. To see how the light behaved when dimensions reduced and physicality increased.

I hope that this increases the curiosity with this mythic yet less known figure-chitra~ gupta. The lord and re-counter of secret images, of within ourselves.

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