Friday, August 7, 2009

Restruct Restart

Earth has been overburdened enough is the general feeling. A general feeling? Lets analyze this more carefully, the quantifiable amount of remorse, angst, distaste, hate, loathing, greed, jealousy, confusion, and such other colorful words which revolve around our minds, which keep us trapped in a frame is what a general feeling is.
Sure you go out with friends, have an ice cream and share a movie. The world is revolving just fine.. is it not? The deeper working of your mind surfaces just as easily. We cant stand so many people around us all the time/ the suck our energies up, as we suck up the planet to the core with that incessant need for more.
More fun, More frolic, More Joy, More carelessness, More love, and More More.
Well I aint no fool, and I wont be set aside when that grand plan for restruct and restart has been designed by mother nature. She has had enough; just more than ever could be possible. We waste her potential energy in the name of ELECTRICITY AND TRANSPORT and what not. what she has accumulated , we destroy. For the name of more.
See the case most recent, she has made us into pigs. Swines to be more precise. She is ; believe you me. humoring our plight. She gives us the disease which will hurt us most easily through the carrier which we need most. Air. Through the source which we all have become in this day and age. Swines. Fucking Swines

At times, I have had enough I tell you, there is no heart left in the minds of men anymore, no one looks and asks why? how? what? Why are we here, how will it all end, or begin? what is I? Then without these first hand knowledge of self, they go out into the world and think that there personality, and self (the very fucking lack of substance of a self) will protect them, and will actually help conquer them from the external brutal world.

I am for a large extent, a tribal at heart, a pre timed hippie. I have no use for people who being born into this world, loathe its very existance or think that because they are born into this grand world at this time, they still are so much smarter than something which has lasted for eons before them, which is so much wiser than they could ever be.
Look at it, you will look at a sunset and say what the fuck is so important about that, it happens everyday. You fucking live for 60 insignificant years and you would probably see some 100 sunsets in that time with due interest and you think you can see and feel and know the power of a sunset which has happened for eons before and after?
What is the wisdom in this. As a tribal, one understands that things are not always as they seem, that things are deeper and more consequential than they are shown out to be, more so in nature than anywhere else.
You look at what all can be your guru, teach you about the world because they have been there way longer perhaps than you. An animal, tree, the wind, the rock, the cave, the waterhole, the sky, the moon and sun, the night. They shadow. The fire. These are not insignificant, they are indeed life transforming.

In the old days, men and women used to sit near the fire. They calling themselves agnihotris, the worshipers of fire. They lived as if they could not be separated from that source, it used to show them the other side. The wisdom of silence and power derived from the flames.
And there is today, when we all like to fashion gucci bags with air masks, so we ought not to be certified that we are Swines.
Dont worry I say, mother nature shall make us all wallow in filth of our own mess to teach us that which is the truth.

Peace. (to none of the swines)

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