Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Most I cared.

What at most do I care about? Those fading memory clouded by doubt.
They remain for a hearts beat and make me skip another without adue
Such states of love transcended to heavens cares,
Hours and days of separation feels like tightening of hells snares;

Trapped under ice is how I feel when away, the most I cared was for that cool breeze which blew my 
breath away.
Your smile, caress and those out of the world embraces.
Divinity knew not what she was before she met you.
I breathe out cold early morning fog, reminded without a shadow of doubt of last autumns sweet wish.
You in my arms, the world gone amnesia in my brain. Somewhere around the bend. The magician that I am, I wish for one last play. That we be one. In glory or disgrace.

Chance meeting, a wicked life. Travel to the moon and back for your love. All in a days grace.
Met odds, gambled against em';won my bet, saw you and made my life the drivers seat of a chevy 68.

And any day darling, you have been the one I whom I most cared (for)

Allahs Love ; Peace.

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