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Shani in Shinganapur-Part I

The thing with shani is, that he is just not a astral/causal influence. He is much much more than that. Shani is the son of lord sun/surya. He is the unwanted child, born of the second wife of surya deva, goddess chaya ( shadow). Endowed with his parental qualities, he is dark, lean and sometimes limps while walking. The story behind that is also interesting. When lord ganesha is born to civa-parvati, shani also comes to see the new born, the story goes that when lord shanis gaze falls on ganesha, he is crippled as is anyone who sees him, and upon this ganesha loses his human head in due time. Parvati curses him for seeing her new born and says that he would be bereft of walking normally.
Shani reminds me immensely of the western iconography of Satan, there root names are almost the same(which might be perhaps of the same root in language). Shanis vehicle is the black crow; as satan could also depicted with the same. Shani has a trishul which in geometric looks almost like the square trident which satan is shown with in most icons.
Shani though in india, is not merely avoided but is avidly praised and prayed to; and in the best circumstances as the lord liberatar, from the world.
Shani is the only planet who is also a swami, an avadut, a self realized. Hence he is most befitting for the position of showing what worldly miseries are-can be. When he comes to your natal chart occupying for a period of 7 1/2 years or sadde satti as is generally called, most people experience very life altering changes ( this ofcourse applies to people who actually to some extent can see finer realities and patterns emerging of their lives at the least).
Shani in the early stages of sadde satti shows that anything and everything is temperory, and in due time is bound to break down, blow up, and get destroyed. Your luck is hay wire, it will definitely plummet, you will get all the karmas- or the results to the your sowing an action in the universe during this first half.
As shani progresses in time slowly across your destiny- he becomes adament to show you what he is really made of. the more you deny his existence, the more he presses. the more you acknowledge his presence, the more he shows his ways. Either ways you are bound to experience him. But if there is to be the presence of grace and/or wisdom you must ideally acknowledge what transformations are taking place and why.
I was present in bhubaneshwar and working while my first half was met. This was a very interesting and weird time. I met many difficult facts about the external universe and at the same time had to modify my own personality/persona to meet up to the world i was living in. The lord master shani is very blessed indeed, he provided me ample space and energies to pray and meditate on goddess chandi during this time, this is very important- for surviving him and even benefiting from him requires discipline and faith and a loooot of patience. He united me with the goddess so that I could survive his gaze. Otherwise it would be sheer suicide.
Shani is supposed to cause you pain by severing your good standing relationships with the world. That is the truth, the way he hurts you is by hurting the ones who are closest to you. He makes you selfless in handling universal pain. Wisdom unfortunately is such.
He makes you weak by destroying relations between your loved ones, causing them pain or even death, and finally he comes for you. This is all the cost of karma, and we must all endure it.
Strength of shani lies in discipline, faith and patience. He doesnt like non-work, and we must all create karma to essentially uphold the lord to that extent. there is instant chaotic punishment if we lose the sense of work. this also happened to me to a large extent, i have found my professional life full of pain and i could not excel in it, and as i left it even more chaos ensued.

Shani as most guys i would say doesnt get along with his father. Ego problems or tussle I dont know, but thats why in any nava-graha statue in temples which you might have visited, you would have seen that shani stands facing opposite to sun, they cant hold the same direction.

I also happened to have surya dasha during the time which i have endured the lords gaze. Both pappa-beta have been out to transform my aura in this short span of a life. hopefully they do it for the better.

India doesnt have many religious power centers to this kali-yuga lord-shani. His temples till recent have been far and few in between, mostly the reason being, he is not regarded as a benefic planet, rather people dont want to be in his gaze, his presence. That I understand, but i also understand now being in his sweet gaze for so long, that he can surely make and break you..
His powers are such that they bring kings to ruin and bring them to inner riches in no time. The most famous of praises/writing to shani is the shani mahatmya- a typical mythical story in which a king asks all the grahas which of them are the greatest. Lord shani is not given the proper attention by the king, and wise shani decides that anyways his time is up and its time to be under his astral presence. The story is very intriguing and also uplifting for shani is shown as the true master of the self. Under his grace anyone is able to see the misery of worldliness and the brilliance of self illumination - salvation.

Anyways, the most important place for shani worship in india remains to my knowledge- a place called shinginapur in maharashtra, it is around 20 kilometers from shirdi and I visited the holy power place somewhere mid 2008. I had a blessed time there. For the lord of shinginapur is sheer grace endowed.


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