Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shams - The tower

At extraordinary lengths, the master shams taught rumi, the delight of the fruit of life. Laugher resounds in these ancient corridors still of the tower that was shams-e-tabrizi. The mystic eyes, which penetrated through the visible stains of our minds. And poured deeper inside. This was the beloved sufis favorite past time.
Shams was no ordinary power, like you or I. His creations implored with love, there was no room for mediocracy in his gaze. His path was ever blessed. Sometimes shams came to and became mad at his beloved. Cursed sweet nothings as the gentle desert wind blew over, The wine of divine overtook in no time.

There is a famous story about the fall of shams; towards the end of his life, the master renuncient became mad in his ardous love for the divine. Ever embracing it, but he lost this control, and humility while he was in afghanistan. While there, overtook by the power of soul, which tips men down. He ordered that fish from a nearby river be called out to fill his stomach, and when all the river fishes were thrown out with his personal power, he ordered the sun to fry all of them so he could eat, even today the region relevant in afghanistan remains the hottest part of the world. This was the fall of the beloved sufi, the curse of nature is unavoidable and menacing.
Shams took over to the grave, but not before transmitting his personal power to his disciple jallauddan rumi, who sent waves through this desert of soul.
Shams was of another world, these sufi i tell you. redefine what was never the question. what would be the resultant causal answers.
In another frame of mind, singing an unsung tune.. shams brought the light of lights into your third eye. In the deep corner, residing and recoiled. relentless inspirations of the divine take over your feeble spirit. Strength, courage and Power. Bliss merit and Lovers.. come be a part of this grand opening ; marriage of souls. Union without relief. Shams e tabrizi is still rolling in his grave.

Ever blossoming.
The Wild Violet Vision.

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