Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Books I have read

One of the very first decent books I read in my life was a book called 'conversations with god'/ I believe that i was brought in contact with it when my mother bought it of a street hawk from nehru place. I had already read many religious/spirit related books by that time, and I was not impressed one bit by the title and the fact that it was written by a firang called 'neale donald walsh'

But i did enjoy one fact a lot, that in its preface it mentioned, that if you are reading this book and this phrase- that meant that you have been brought to this book for you required the knowledge that was present in it, not by a chance or a coincidence. That type of foresight or foresight wisdom marketing was immense for me. I liked it from neale.

There are three parts to the continuem that is the conversations with god. Neale describes himself in honesty as being a failure and a loser through his life, in relation with his family, job, god and life in general and I dont think god makes him feel better in that respect, So one day he picks a pen and starts penning down what he wants to know from god, questions and angst and frustration. and all this comes back with answers and a dialogue begins.

The schizo neale is very well endowed in wisdom and wisdom sayings. God(dess) is very kind with him and teaches him and many others in this world through those books what it is to be human, there are surely many things which I also learned from those books, about how humans mess it up; and that if we follow our head and heart in unison, there is no need for that book.

I like the third book (3rd part) in particular, it is the fattest book of the lot, and it discusses many important things for the sake of humanity, god(dess) calls humanity a kindergarden religion, that we have not learned many things which are so basic to living in peace and symbiosis with the universe that it is not surprising we are at the brink of world's end and we being the cause for the same. God discusses many advanced civilizations in the universe and what their approach to day to day problems are.
These answers to problems are very easily found in any indepth psychology or anthropology books perhaps. The wisdom to see the whole picture, the gestalt, is not there in humans
That is where religion, alien and human wisdom and spirituality comes so much into importance- it is that glue which brings the bigger into picture, without which we only see selective perceptions, filtering out the bigger picture and ready to settle always for something smaller and less grande, perhaps because we find comfort in it, for our internal state of being has never been so grand. Never so vision filled.

Recently this is what humanity has been obsessed with, to see the bigger picture. But this is not possible unless we get to become spiritual. Some call it having a vision, value, principle, discipling, will etc but its the glue which binds it all up. The spirit. The energy of the universe. The one.

If anyone has not read these trilogy of conversations, i would recommend them anyday, for they are very enthusiastic, positive, filled with life. and bring about that very vision that humanity needs to embrace this very moment to make peace with every single thing in this cosmos.

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