Friday, August 7, 2009

Dreaming & Stalking

If you have ever read any of carlos castanada's books on shamanism from central north america, then you wouldn't have a problem deciphering the title. The shaman don juan matus; who remains the central figure in these books tells us about two shaman sorcerer methods to get to the goal.
Dreaming and stalking unmistakably are those.

There are dreamers, in this I mean as a basic practice lucid dreamers. Lucid dreaming is an old practice, where the dreamer is very aware (even more than waking reality) of the fact that he is dreaming. Then he is at whim/freedom to change the dream as pleases. This of course has many constraints, and all those are encountered as one becomes from a novice to an adept at lucid dreaming.
Dreaming roots its awareness that the energy levels of our sleep can be changed. That according to my understanding; is that the kundalini can be raised if the will is sufficiently developed for dreaming to accord that.
Kundalini rising and will power are almost interchangeable terms, as in the rise of the former leads to the latter while the former shall only take place with the help of the latter.
We have all witnessed dreams in which something unexpected, horrifying, or even beyond words can take place. we know the possibility of that. and the shaman takes use of this vehicle of dreams for consciousness to will itself into nothing.

The second path is through stalking, we all dont have dreaming within our capabilities or even control, I personally cannot dream an ounce of lucidity, not that lucid dreaming is not a part of my system, but there is no consistence and there is always an outcry of third person observation in the dreaming.
Stalking is the living dreaming scenerio. while dreamers have to lie down, close their eyes and consciously transfer their energies through the dreaming vehicle, the stalker intiates the same in the reality illusion matrix.
This is as difficult as the former, there is no easy way i am always reminded, its just that many have a knack for the former, many for the latter.
Stalking is the method of inacting normal in day-to-day scenario. seeing and observing and pusing in your energies from the will to act as required, but at the same time behaving in a manner of status quo.
So you understand the world is a farce, it is more of a dream than when you close your eyes, yet you choose to ignore these information processing, consciously. you are acting, method or stage acting in an illusion. You are NOT enforcing the dream, but rather creating a limbo where you can create the reality which you choose more apt, the dream which is more preferred. This is a tedious process, for reality is a pain like no other. The interaction with so called real life people and things makes the energy drained more easily. yet it is also which pays faster dividends if required.
I am reminded that don juan often maintains the fundamental difference is in the attitude of the shaman when he follows a particular path, for dreamers it is such.. they are in turn concerned about their fellow man/woman, they never tend to show the same for they know the path to progress is always personal. They remain aloof, distant and always unapproachable. Stalkers on the other hand always have to maintain the world while disassembling it, they remain approachable and always warm, ready to help for in turn they understand that in reality no one can help another, hence they from their attitude never bother about anyone else in reality, their actions are never in sync with their minds.
What kind of lover of life are you, how do you choose your transformation ? your alchemist metamorphosis?

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