Saturday, August 1, 2009

Orbital Fun

Orbit around faster. The center never shifts. Words dont have a clue when it comes to true marriage of souls. One remaining ever static, one which could not be other than shifting dance

As Depp in Hunter S Thompsons novel summerizes about true living : " I took too much man! Too Much!!"

That state; elevated and liberating where one breathes not air but pure energy. Spinning tangentially in all directions yet piercing arrow of consciousness remaining steady to the third eye.

Ajna is the presence of future where there is none. The continuous universal level of togetherness. A Movement to escape pretense. Pushing further into the shunya.

Look! Lo! The eagle is tandem; Its pulsating with eyes rolled back deep inside its mind, the flight has just begun. Awakening of the third eye where the nadi meets back into itself. Source and sink disappear like never before.

Dreams satiated, standing still and taking a deep breadth; let go. gain control. dimensions of dichtomies disappear. unity rises and then falls like sweet waves of autumn nights. cool calm and forming dire straits !

As the third eye movement rises in this world, many people will appear out of nowhere. Energies these are, not of flesh and blood like you would have seen. They dance all night long in their skin. Jumping out of it and sharing a cosmic vision.

Vision is what its all about. The ajna is a the dream center. creating and enforcing the present and the present hallucination (vision). keeping the vision, ever constant while you and your whole so called life revolve around it. orbit it. never touching or merging into the vision.

And after all, what you see disappears, what persists is what we never want to face. Face your vision with the awakened third eye. As everything burns up. The ether is what you are, were and could/would be. The dimensions of time lost. The sense of duality forgot. The nature and man looking and mirroring.

Talk to the man; about the present condition of apathy. Blink twice and it is present again. Close your eyes once and it all becomes the darkness of our selves.

The movement is on. Dance Mute and Perceive-less. Are you game dear? Are you spinning yet? out of control hopefully ;)


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