Sunday, October 24, 2010

The complete Path

India has two paths to worshipping the divine. Indians call it traditionally the right hand and left hand paths. Most of us; have been accustomed to worshipping or praying by only the right hand path (its denoted right hand cause we as a race are mostly right handed, and hence I assume right is considered more auspicious or even right~eous than our left hands).

Right hand path is to attain purity by negating the polluting or unrefined sources of energy. Well you see that sex has great energy in it, and so does eating meat, but our thinkers consider this/ or see this energy as a raw, course and un refined form of power. And so we shun it, for when dealing with power; there has to be responsibility exercising it (otherwise the power holder becomes the first victim of such callous experimentation).

Hence the right hand path, abides in cleanliness and purity; physical mental and spiritual. We negate many things when we tread on this path (all of you who have religious grandparents would see it in them as well- they have spent quite some time in fortifying this right hand path to liberation)

Well there is another path as well. The left hand path; or so it has been termed, I term it as the complete path. Its the path for those who follow the action of tantra.

Tantra for most people means some sort of revelry in flesh and doing things morbid. Most people in this illiterate country (ironically the very same country which produced the bliss of tantra) associate the complete path that tantra is to some black magic or ‘jaadu-tona’. Well ignorance is no excuse anymore.

The left hand path does not look upon the earthly attributes (material) as non spiritual, The flesh; the senses, the mind and body are all both the obstacle as well as the means to liberation/moksha. For you see; that in this world and this universe; tantra advocates that nothing is unholy or non-divine. Everything is pure; including the so called forbidden things according to the right hand path.

The only thing which tantrics possess which we normal people of our race don’t is subtle and powerful discrimination and will power. This is what makes one a tantric in the first place.

All of are bound to our material lives for we do not possess the willpower and discrimination to use the same for higher ends. We see sex/coitus or eating flesh or hoarding power as ends to themselves, while tantrics who are masters at enjoying the material also at the same time use the orgasmic energy created due to these material interactions for creating means to liberation.

The complete path is dangerous; for the line is extremely fine between careless abandon and wilful concentration. At any time a tantric is walking a razors edge between forgetting his true nature; and falling down to forgetfulness. All that can save him is his will power and his discrimination. He is truly a warrior when it comes to the day of reckoning.

The complete path is tough; and it cannot be sustained for long by most. The patience required to reap rewards which are intangible as compared to the bliss of losing oneself in material and physical intoxication is highly compulsive and tempting to say the least.

Hence I pay utmost respect and venerate those who especially in today’s day and times have given their lives to tantra, its ways and its study. Who at any given time do not negate any part of this grand reality/experience; and at the same time are concentrated on an abstract goal of moksha; with the will power of gods par excellence. Tantra is the complete path. Its is the path which is the conscious recognition of the power manifesting; creating this world and many more.

The use of intoxicants like sex and substance and power are for expressing our divinity. They are not the end; as far as I have learnt, they lead by themselves to boredom and depression. They are to be used with wisdom, to expressing our true cause. Our true nature. That is for me the complete path.


Peace Be Upon Us All


Monday, October 18, 2010

Not quite capitalistic

I was looking at the night sky, the pleasant winter wind (late late night), and I wasn’t looking for no answers. Then it struck me, something which i had been brooding on sometime back; Its called an epiphany I guess, but this one struck when least expected.
This is a generalization in all respects. But I hope you get the context (that’s most important).
Our present state of affairs is such that we are a pure performance oriented civilization (and civilization nowadays comes to mean one humanity with the efforts of true globalization)
Performance means results, we are a results or end game oriented race. Our education system and our colleges as well each and everyone of our past/current/future jobs are such. This is capitalism, which honours only results. This is what struck me, the path or the means to the results is least respected (as has been the case – corruption, hypocrisy, not practicing what you preach—time over). This also is not a hypothesis, You and I both know that most times a ‘smart way’ of doing things- which could include any array of means, is better than a sincere or hard long way. (though its rightly quoted as a better way of doing anything time over by religion/spirituality/moralism etc- almost a indian middle class culture bound way of looking at things lol)
So this comes to mean that, whoever gets the grades, or the marks or has the intelligence or cruelty to do what it takes to get those results is respected. I partially appreciate this philosophy, what struck me was that it should be the effort or passion (as the greek say) which one has for the work which should matter and not just the results.
In the gita, time over krishna proclaims that the true way to live is by doing work (karma yoga), no end dedication for the result, there is dispassion in this regard. I am not jargoning any book or quotation but what strikes me as the balance between capitalistic (nihilistic almost way to life to me) and the impractical Marxist or socialistic way of life is that;
if we as a civilization start honouring and respecting the effort which is put by individuals towards a goal and not just the result of that effort; then we would be actually moving towards rewarding those who most deserve it.
Think about it, We currently only look at intelligence as the key factor, to be respected, in our education systems, if this was to be replaced by how much effort, sincerity or dedication is put by the student; the true worthy would be rewarded for their efforts.
This scheme has worked in many European countries and is even started trends in India, where other aspects of the individual personality are evaluated and tests and exams don’t have to be mandatory.
Now I propose the same in evaluating the worth of the individual holding jobs across the world in companies and establishments. If the individual is actually putting in effort for the organization’s good, though it might be not yielding very productive results, such an individual currently would not be rewarded adequately than such a person who would be intelligent or dishonest enough to get ahead in the system any which way to his own benefit. Such a person who could persuade, be dishonest, be competent or skillful as a result of intelligence or smartness, would be at an unfair advantage.
The thought which goes into me elaborating this, is that what is the source of happiness for humanity, currently following a capitalism model; we are trying to maximize every aspect of our lives, the corporations and organizations across the world are doing the very same thing. This un thought-of of greed for more is destroying the glorious chance for every one of us to live a life; dedicated to living and working passionately at what we would want to work for or at/
If each one of us would be rewarded according to a test of the dedication and hard work we put into the work we choose; the world would be a lot more peaceful and better place to live.
Check it out; a student who works hard for learning though he might not be very intelligent or adept at it still would be given encouragement to go for more as compared to a very high IQ student who would be marginally interested in theory yet currently would end up scoring or getting better grades or jobs than a sincere one.
A person working in a service more dedicatedly; longer; more passionately would earn more than a person who could just deliver results or be smart enough to get results.
I understand that to many delivering results might seem to logically flow from working hard or more passionately. Unfortunately reality is a bitch, and people more often than not get better for not being sincere in true ‘karma’ ways.
Work is life and truly life is work. There is no escape, you cannot work half your life to one day not work. It simply does not happen, if you think that work is a means to an end, then you are mistaken. Work is the means to the end and the end itself for every one who lives.
So when we work for profit or maximization of it, as I see it; many a time we just work to destroy everything around us, so that we get more. The obsession for more equalling better is a myth. More cars or houses or women or money all come with equalling baffling problems centered around them. Hence i say that you can never work to get to a situation where your work will cease. Your work will continue till the day you die.
A new paradigm shift in thinking is required for us humans, we have to reward the sincerely dispassionate; the strong and not the cruel. The brave and the sincere. The humble and the truthful- This is the way to enter a new millennium (at least that's what I feel fit to see for a beautiful race like us human beings)
So your suggestions are also welcome; I honestly say, how to change us beings and creatures of comfort and inertia into powerful sincere and loving organisms promoting life and not just the slavery for more (and please do ask once in a while --- from within--- what does this more get you – a temporary euphoria—a drug to get you high--- does it last? of course not, thats why you want more of this more….. )


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The true state of things are such, the great ordeal that we as a kind face or have always faced is to view reality or our perception of reality (or real state of affairs of this world or us or we or I or the entire universe) from only one viewpoint-or one and only one single interpretation of reality).

From time immemorial people around us have witnessed, seen, experienced and understood of underlying subtle psychic phenomenas ranging from alien encounters to out of body experiences (NDE), from undying eternal divine love to spontaneous combustion... and there are oh so so so many. We do not live in a singular predictable environment let alone a single continuous stable reality.
Now the point what I considered is, I conform over and over to this one single interpretation of reality (the world as we see, hear and know it as from birth); I conform even when I do not want to. The organism called arvind has only understood of one reality. He has not been able to understand or experience any other.
This in any intelligent evolved dictionary would mean to being plain simple apathetic towards life or plain boring (thats what I see our great challenge as a race of creative willed people- how to work for a life or create one which incorporates not just one way to live but many ways to live, so that we wont get bored with life so early lolz).
I am sorry to say, that all of you like me are also the same, I wouldn't for the world want that in all truth, I really want to be inspired; elated with such people around me who can make me soar in the skies with their interpretations of this/// *these* glorious realities abound... people with acceptance and understanding of the many aspects or dimensions to this life we all possess; yet do nothing to create value for)
Why has humanity become so lax; its such a magnanimous opportunity (equivalent to non existence!) to live life. Life is numerous and more numerous than our imagination (There is more to heaven and earth; then is dreamt of in our philosophy ~ so true) could ever fathom; and look at all of us; instead of nurturing and growing that imagination, inspiring and elating each other, we embrace a drone reality... made of sure shot certainties ;  our life time slowly and surely getting filled with routines which have no use for us, for we surely never even learn from even a routine (its wisdom or futility)
I see it sometimes as apathetic within myself; that I let myself get bogged down, bullied into conformity or submitting my free will and time for useless activities, or activities from which I dont learn (its a problem; from both the subject and the perceivers viewpoint. Major conundrum~)
Well there is only certain times I like to brew on this existing reality which I live day in and out; and when I view it with clear sober (not rose tinted) eyes, I see that its as apathetic towards the cause of life itself as it can get!!

What to do, I shift the blame on the rest of us (like we all do), I blame the apathetic situation of others as compared to the same which I let blossom in my own heart. I refuse to take heed, I refuse to open up, let it all be and let it all be at ease; to let go of the fascination of a single stable reality. Perhaps it shall go on, and then one day the experience of death would free me (us). Or maybe, just maybe I choose to clear the dust from my eyes, look around one last (first) time before I change it all.

I have seen that what you and I perceive or even experience is to say the least, vast; its an entire rainbow of everything life is. Its sad, that at times (and I mean all of us here) we cant hold on to life, enjoy even this one single perception of reality we choose to hold on to. If we are really such senile unhappy creatures; why bother to be here.
So Lets let go, Lets stop brooding one single way of life; for others to conform to you, or you to conform to others. There is no right wrong; good bad; Life or death. Its the widest range of parallel overlapping dimensions, worlds, states, realities, experiences, breaths, Oh holy light! we can ever have. We have all that we dream of; and more.... and more.... So let's all Let go.

Peace and Love and Ananda!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Insights into a Better Life

For a long and wholesome life, somethings must be kept in balance within and outside of our bodies. Some kind of relief brought along with our rigid and stress ridden lives..
We can take insights from our lineage of ancestors who have tried learning the secrets to eternal youth and vigor. Some things which I consider worth while are:
1. Breathing is key to natural wholesome life, our breaths going right inside to every pour and seeping our selves with energy. The entire body and mind gets uplifted with the in breathe and gets energy filled with the out breathe.
2. Walking is key to memory; taking steps at regular intervals and keeping a balance between speed, intention and enjoying the process of walking. Taking long breadths and walking slowly and intent fully is key to a complete life.
3. You cannot escape what is coming for you; you are the decider of your fate and you have already chosen it; over and over. You want to quit choosing then develop dispassion, and leave things to themselves. No energy poured into creating your future, You remain always in the present
4. Must keep your body active, your mind refreshed and your spirit renewed. I wont describe the explanation, for these things can be understood by everyone at their level.
5. Honor and revere your parents and your teachers, These are thankless roles and what they do can sometimes be never be done by anyone else; They mould you an can teach you more than you or I could imagine.
6. Spend time creating abstract dreams and then apply your will to implement them in real life, its a tough deal but its the easiest we get in our life. Life is a beautiful plan by the creator, the force of reckoning. And now its up to us; to create what we may, to glorify and exude the sense of realism, the sense of eternal timeless life!
7. Know thyself. Its the only thing which has or will matter, IT is the concern of the hour, embarking on the journey of self discovery; all mental masks torn and facade revealed. The weakness is now converted to a source of inner strength, the will becoming strong molded from the sense of I within all of us.
8. This is not a moral issue, but remain truthful to yourself, your friends and close ones. Effects of these would be the improvement of positivity and removal of all sources of depression. You will become a saint and your words will become nectarous truth to all of us who share this common blanket of reality.
9. Reset die and restart, the process is never ending and only intermittently broken by a source called 'death' or rebirth. Remove the jargon, feel the pulse of the energy pouring within everywhere. This is you. This is me.
10. Listen to music, different forms of melody just reflecting like how this life ought to be.

Peace and Love.
Happy Winter Navratri~2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unified ~ * ~ Collectively

Evolution as explained in terms of consciousness:
1. The de-evolved human being believes only in individual unique consciousness existing; to explain more simply imagine a mental frame where you only see non-living inorganic items; like we see cars and computers and watches and everything non-living, expand this frame to include people too. The devolved man is blind perhaps; he uses his kind (human beings) and others which are alive for he thinks that he and only he is truly alive and hence its imperative that he uses any and all means to his end. This is termed as Machiavellian personalities to some extents, but I see such people as the real fools for they forget to understand that they are not the center of the universe, they are not special and they are not favored, they are equal and that is the true treasure of life. 
2. The evolving Human being does believe that individual conscioussness exists similar to him in other beings as well, but their importance to him cannot be as much as he cares for his own conscious self. This is because deep down, at an instinctual level he has believed this mirage to be true- that even though other consciousness exists; it is partially alive and hence its never as important as his needs wants or desires ever.
3. The evolved human being understands that there are others exactly like him around him everywhere in living things and people; if hes truly smart, he would find life in a lot more places than we usually care to look; and he would know at an instinctual level that his needs wants or intentions are exactly like any other life, maybe for different desires but they are equally important to those living beings. There is co existence at this point between individual and a collective consciousness. Yet there exists a dual understanding; as in the individual evolved being does not still see in a unified field* This is termed as empathy in our psychological constructs at times.
4. The saint is one who understands that in reality or mirage there exists only one unified collective consciousness, though it fills space between as void; all life exists everywhere every-time and though the mirage of separation of mind body thought and spirit exist. the soul is the same. The intent of all life remains to expand this very same consciousness, perhaps through different means; but the individual and the collective co exist and are also experienced and understood; not at a mind level, at a no mind level, and it cannot be put more detailed than that, for language fails where silence and unity prevail. This is termed by buddha as true compassion! (How I agree with the buddha), and hence you see that saints time over giving up what might be held as dear to their life for another, for there is no true difference in energetic terms as long as life survives as one (the collective is the symbol for the one and only one consciosness; and individual consciousness a representation of the many that are still one - again in terms of energy)
5. Ofcourse In this recount of evolution, and surely this is an expression of evolution at a energetic-power oriented level, I have not accounted for mad people or schizophrenics, whose energy aligns to see world present as different consciousness, some real or imagined. I never pay attention to the titles; for at an energetic level, you can understand what the state of evolution a being has attained by the 'subjective wisdom' present within and around such consciousness *for saints; this implies they become collective storehouses of power and consciousness and also attracting more conscious living beings at the same time




Monday, October 4, 2010

Higher Order

Humans harp about order and chaos; as if kids know anything of such sort. I firmly believe not; A higher order calls upon, what biologists have termed as symbiosis. A collective life as I term it.
We as humans have constantly evolved on individuality (whatever we define that as) and not upon collective consciousness, I also see that this maybe vague or abstract to some who have never thought on its lines.
The human entity is closely defined upon rigid physical lines of the body; One body is intrinsically seen as different from another, by the organ of logical reasoning i.e the brain.
Symbiotic relationships are by far common in nature, and many organisms cannot physically survive without the existence of another, man has no such problem as he is not bound to any 'one' such organism, in symbiotic terms he is a parasite (yes that too is a form of symbiosis unfortunately)
But its my observation is, that throughout the phase of his/her evolution with time, man has still not freed himself from apathy and great depression, her life remains at best a case of survival against the odds until some form of enemy or death takes over to finish the unfinished life. The life which calls upon 'more' in all forms of knowledge and material gain for no apparent reason. Its only said that at best its man's nature to satiate himself with more, until satiation itself is a cause of demise.
Symbiosis of such lower order is still thought by the lower order (of man) as order, but to the highly evolved organisms which also roam this universe, its at best a beastly and ghastly way to approach life. I am at agreement with such sentiments (highly evolved refers to the race of men as well as organisms we can fathom and those we cant...)
What I mean to broach upon, is that life is a collective effort; life cannot exist without multiplicity; because that has been the intent of the creator (or whatever comes close) in the first place. Multiplicity which is understood and experienced at a unified level is the highest order that life can be experienced at. This is not an opinion or a perception or even an observation. This to most living organizams in the universe *I mean to say highly evolved life* is the definition of life itself.
This is what the modern human has partially understood. Parents go out on the limbs to take care of their own, and brothers protect their sisters. But we are one family; more over all life belongs to one family, its understood that humans cannot do without the presence of other life in the world. Yet we take extraordinary measures to be callous at all levels towards this need for symbiosis (need referring as the base levels--> at a biological physiological and physical level itself not even coming close to mention the definition of life as understood by highly evolved beings)

We see traffic lights and parades in lines and babies being delivered in the safety of rooms and decide that our world is at the peak of order than it ever has in the past, away from the brutal and savage wilderness of what the world was before we came along (the jungles and inhabitable terrains where only the most fittest survive, *refer darwin - that and almost everything else likewise has always reminded me of the world of men; where the meanest and the most vicious survive; it has never ever seemed to reflect nature or the life existing in an ecosystem sans man). There is an arrogance or a naivety combined with stupidity that makes our race unique at times....
But that is not the intention of any highly evolved life form ever (to be stupid lol), so if we are to consider ourselves smart, learning and mature life forms then we must first learn what it takes collectively to experience life not at the expense of another, but also with the benefit of another. I am sure that it would multiply the experience that life is meant for us to be;
There are always going to be capitalists and materialists who argue that they somehow deserve better more or greater in terms of anything for their own body defined consciousness as life than the person next to them, the life they will devour to try to make their own. But this too must be considered as part of our parasitic nature, and sure some natures can never be changed (as some people and their intent to devour down everything on their way cant be changed too).

Now what I really wanted everyone of us to experience if not completely indulge in is a form of symbiosis which is voluntary for the good of another as much as to oneself. Oneself and the definition thereof will change then, Experiencing a dual state of individual and collective unity in intent, being and life.
What some might imagine as an impossible achievement (clearly at the lack of intent being understood), is a whole lifes effort for others right here on planet earth. People leading lives close to mother earth, the source of all of life on earth, feeling close to other living beings both physically and spiritually. Learning and interacting for a share in the power and energy that makes all life happen (what some call prana or chi perhaps) and in the way also removing all the conflict an misery that could ever be created or exist (seems mostly from the world of men). It is sometimes defined by thinkers and writers as a "utopia" but most would shudder to imagine that this utopia is actually already present to us when we are born to the world, and man in his infinite need to have more actually just disillusions himself to a world made to conform to him and not exactly what life is (or could be)!

Peace               Peace                     Peace

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...