Sunday, October 24, 2010

The complete Path

India has two paths to worshipping the divine. Indians call it traditionally the right hand and left hand paths. Most of us; have been accustomed to worshipping or praying by only the right hand path (its denoted right hand cause we as a race are mostly right handed, and hence I assume right is considered more auspicious or even right~eous than our left hands).

Right hand path is to attain purity by negating the polluting or unrefined sources of energy. Well you see that sex has great energy in it, and so does eating meat, but our thinkers consider this/ or see this energy as a raw, course and un refined form of power. And so we shun it, for when dealing with power; there has to be responsibility exercising it (otherwise the power holder becomes the first victim of such callous experimentation).

Hence the right hand path, abides in cleanliness and purity; physical mental and spiritual. We negate many things when we tread on this path (all of you who have religious grandparents would see it in them as well- they have spent quite some time in fortifying this right hand path to liberation)

Well there is another path as well. The left hand path; or so it has been termed, I term it as the complete path. Its the path for those who follow the action of tantra.

Tantra for most people means some sort of revelry in flesh and doing things morbid. Most people in this illiterate country (ironically the very same country which produced the bliss of tantra) associate the complete path that tantra is to some black magic or ‘jaadu-tona’. Well ignorance is no excuse anymore.

The left hand path does not look upon the earthly attributes (material) as non spiritual, The flesh; the senses, the mind and body are all both the obstacle as well as the means to liberation/moksha. For you see; that in this world and this universe; tantra advocates that nothing is unholy or non-divine. Everything is pure; including the so called forbidden things according to the right hand path.

The only thing which tantrics possess which we normal people of our race don’t is subtle and powerful discrimination and will power. This is what makes one a tantric in the first place.

All of are bound to our material lives for we do not possess the willpower and discrimination to use the same for higher ends. We see sex/coitus or eating flesh or hoarding power as ends to themselves, while tantrics who are masters at enjoying the material also at the same time use the orgasmic energy created due to these material interactions for creating means to liberation.

The complete path is dangerous; for the line is extremely fine between careless abandon and wilful concentration. At any time a tantric is walking a razors edge between forgetting his true nature; and falling down to forgetfulness. All that can save him is his will power and his discrimination. He is truly a warrior when it comes to the day of reckoning.

The complete path is tough; and it cannot be sustained for long by most. The patience required to reap rewards which are intangible as compared to the bliss of losing oneself in material and physical intoxication is highly compulsive and tempting to say the least.

Hence I pay utmost respect and venerate those who especially in today’s day and times have given their lives to tantra, its ways and its study. Who at any given time do not negate any part of this grand reality/experience; and at the same time are concentrated on an abstract goal of moksha; with the will power of gods par excellence. Tantra is the complete path. Its is the path which is the conscious recognition of the power manifesting; creating this world and many more.

The use of intoxicants like sex and substance and power are for expressing our divinity. They are not the end; as far as I have learnt, they lead by themselves to boredom and depression. They are to be used with wisdom, to expressing our true cause. Our true nature. That is for me the complete path.


Peace Be Upon Us All


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