Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fine Tuning the Gene

I remember that our ancestors at some point were all into worshiping the divine feminine. The fertility of a woman and how it creates perfect miniature life was nothing other than magic in advanced and olden civilizations across the globe.
Then something changed the mood with the advent of the warring male Gods who had to be praised lest they took their weapon and destroyed whatever little was there to hold dear in this fragile fleeting life.

This became graver with time till women also started becoming ferocious goddesses (not that they are not or cannot be) and soon enough we prayed to feminine goddesses also to slake our mistakes and ask them for protection.
Somewhere the benign and yet powerful miracle of creation which women are responsible for got marred and even forgotten. As if that was not something powerful enough.

In the future I remember that there will be the advent of technological techniques which women will use to produce offspring without the help or presence of a male partner. Genetics would have made even women redundant but for the sake of one's humanness - we may wish to continue to produce offspring in a traditional womb.

This makes me wonder - what is the purpose of the male gene anyways - the presence of the male will be redundant and soon enough only women will continue the way forward for this species. This is natural law that the female gene will be produced more over time over the male.

Was our past somehow a repetition of what is going to happen in our future - were our ancestors aware that women can procreate without the presence of intercourse or a male partner? Was this the way that our ancestors were first created in this planet? Was this the technology which will liberate our kind from war and apathy.
The males of our kinds have always been dependent on the feminine for sustainable lifestyles. Though the male can hunt and gather - he cannot do anything more of any sustaining value than this. Creation of a safe space and also creating an environment for the furthering of the kind is mostly taken care by the women of society - though much thanklessly - my understanding being that women can handle transnational power which they are fore bearers of. They cannot handle the fine tuning of the power into refined actions or experiences - which the male consciousness is kind of good at. This being said if the only action that humanity needs is creation of more of its kind - then I feel that men are a threat to this act. Men will cull a different breed, skin color or the offspring of a competing male. All this creates a subconscious need to war and fight. To fine tune the gene itself - which I feel has been needed in the past. But our DNA and Genes now cannot further themselves with the presence of morbid and blunt emotional power statements which want war and hatred to progress.

Once the Gene has been fine tuned enough to sustain itself in hostile environments - then it undergoes a 180 degree turn and needs to give up what it learnt in the first place. This makes the learning faster and also a stepping stone above. If you hang on to what you have learnt too long - it takes you down in the evolutionary scale. All of this is purely spiritual in nature as well. And in those words - the presence of women become way more important for a civilization to progress further.
When the male plays no role in furthering the genetic structure anymore - then it too becomes redundant unless it also plays another step forwards, where that will lead to is anyone's guess. I have in the past read about vague alien civilizations which are supposedly androgynous in nature. Where the need to be dual is no longer there - where the gene is advanced enough to produce and sustain the offspring by itself. Will this be our future? Has this been our past - because we pay special attention to the same androgynous folks in our culture for time immemorial. Were they similar to gods who gave up the sex power to be one within their bodies itself?

These powerful socio cultural histories of ours is linked very deeply to our future and how we are going to create what has been given to us with the grace of this conscious universe in itself.
These myths of goddesses which opened up their vulva to the universe and produced abundance are not to be taken in some esoteric sense but perhaps in a more practical description of the evolution of the human genome

Peace and Joy

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