Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spirit Dance

The days past winter that spelt liberation; a special reprieve for everyone indeed, when the days pick their spell. the night holds the lunatic captive, You and I and everyone endowed pick up the pieces every day and move on with life. For the fear that if we dont keep pace with what we think as change, then we would become obsolete.
We have been obsolete living without active listening and thinking. We become the dead rotting spirit cages for something and someone who could be greater. Where and why do we choose to abandon our dream and spirit for a mediocre and numbing existence.
Taking the forbidden, and feeling an ounce of satisfaction, with the peace which the inner self generates, we become calm and firm. Our power multiplies and makes life not take its so called random turns. This is our future and our true destiny, and the ones amongst us who are not willing to undergo this paradigm change, are the ones who will become obsolete.
There must be some kind of way out of here, echoes dylan’s song in every schizophrenic normal active person, when they see that their dimension changes and yields at the end only ashes to be strewn into the sea. Why o why did we choose to leave grandeur for the pocket full of leaves (mulah)
Ending the dance and the dancer disappears into the null and void. Banishing teh spirit to keep the body alive, what sense shall that make? You and I are space creators, we break the frame and build around it too. There is no stopping the true inspiration which our lives is and has always been. This is the truth; is it not?

When I sit up and watch myself, Breaking down the barriers, and accessing that which I could not be (or so I thought it to be). Wearing no masks, the path becomes glorious leading to self discovery; encompassing everything which is /has been/ ever will be.
This is our true destiny and our entitlements as the creators and actors of power. Whether we choose this to be (or not). In this never ending circle of existence, the only reality we choose is whether we want to be still or revolve endlessly.
True nirvana is that which does not pose and impose. It is lively and brings active powers which may be illusions or reality. The true intent becomes but the blessing to just be… So we sit with our bottles of elixir, waiting for the moment when it will all end.. instead of dancing on our graves if only a moment earlier… the dance and the dancer will coincide a magnificent death par reality!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sign is the Cross

Look at Jesus; on the mount giving the sermon, His aura outshines the sun above. He breaks the bread and feeds the hungry; He kisses the lepers cures the sick. He walks on water as he is lighter than air; then how or why did he on the cross despair?

The sign is the cross, the vision comes to me in a dream, jesus calls out to the father with faltering faith and asks them to forgive these sinners one last time. God the father does one better, he remains on the throne and quiet to the bone. He watches the death of our saviour for no joy of his own.
The mystery gnaws at me over and over, of why the lover of god was left alone at his moment of reckoning. He was calling out to the father and the holy ghost for redemption for all; all this while… and in the end he could not even fathom the turmoil his life would entail. To no avail?
He speaks every so softly; master Yesua, when we look into his eyes. He now sees that his bearing the cross was the sign that the people required (to see). They could not fathom god until it was shown first by the master indeed!
The master became god in the moment and the sign was the cross; the sign which became god was the union of man unto god; a sign of love and grace. A sign god sent unto every doubting man and woman’s face. Look at the mortal who believed for ever more in me, shouldering his life and death without hesitation or fear so I may take care of him on earth or heaven believe!
To believe in god entails the effort of being god. Yesua the kind master on the day of his judgement took upon the doubts and fears of entire jeresulam, his path paved the way for future faith in the father divine, his sincerity and love carried forth became the greatest symbol (the cross) of our time!
My master comes to me in dreams deeper than the deep blue sea; where I am not myself but a lowly devotee at the feet of a mortal who showed that life is what it ought to be. To make it such, one must become the sign on the cross one bears towards entirety.
Peace and Love

The cursed city

An awesome place to visit near delhi, is Bangarh. It is near sariska forest sanctuary in Rajasthan and hardly half a days drive from the city. Bangarh and the close by ajabgarh (which I wasn’t fortunate enough to visit) are old archaeological sites discovered by the ASI, Bangarh is a whole city by itself, with a king’s castle, two temples (one dedicated to Krishna and the other to Shiva), a whole town- and many more delights. The entire spread has a magical tint to it, as most of the structures are without roofs (and possibly renovated by the ASI from rubbles).
The city has a haunted touch to it by itself, over and above that many people believe that after dark; the entire city comes alive of the inhabitants of the days when the city was thriving. The reason being the instant death of the whole city supposedly by a tantric (in some cases the tantric was a lover to the queen, and other stories suppose that the tantric was the queen herself), who went ahead to curse the city causing instant death to the entire set of inhabitants there. The souls perhaps are still not at peace, and many people (whom I talked with-locals) there still believed that after dark, it was not a place to be taken lightly.
One of the guards animatedly and point of fact also told me that the ghosts are not souls and are ‘djinns’ and they meet every Saturday in the temple area. While I also met local shepherds (one of the shepherds who I could speak with was an old man smoking his hookah and tending his animals)- he said that after dark there were wild animals in the vicinity who come to drink the water from the central Jharna/Fountain area – formed between the city.
The palace of the king is on the side of a mountain and built on it as well, the inner city (for the king or the prestige of the time) is surrounded on all sides behind by beautiful mountains- perhaps a strategic move to build the city in such a location- where attack was least possible. There is also the highest point which would have acted as the watch point/tower for seeing the land beyond- located way above the palace’s height on the same hill. I could not reach till there for I had time constraints but I could explore the palace in length and also get some photos of the scenery and landscape of the expanse- very pretty indeed.
The location of bangarh is not close to any major cities of Rajasthan- it is in the pretty rural portrait of the royal land and the mighty aura of the desert envelops everything in its path in this region and the entire location looks haunted by day and most certainly by night and also enchanting or bewitched. An entire ruined abandoned city in the middle of such a landscape is pretty and eye catching to say the least.
I went during a local state conflict and hence found reaching this location harder than usual, had to change roads and even take the village roads to reach this place which otherwise is very well linked by major roads- but the ongoing gujjar reservation or Arakshan as its called had caused major standstill during this time, we found even getting petrol to be an almost impossible task as all the major roads were blocked and hence no sort of road or rail movement was taking place inter/intra state.
The Shiva temple built near the central city fountain is very peaceful and inspiring, I don’t know how it would look after dark but the central linga- made most probably in marble (white color) looked somewhat powerful, though it was almost an abandoned temple with little or no worship taking place.
The place is a cool and relaxing visit; if you choose to live within the sariska sanctuary with many resorts offering the lap of luxury, also alwar is another good option as the nearest biggest town with its own set of tourist locales to visit (i chose to stay in alwar as I am accoustmed to the place- and wanted to visit the location again)
Hope everyone has a happy travelling year ahead, exploring uninhibitedly and with awe.

Ode to Humanity

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