Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sign is the Cross

Look at Jesus; on the mount giving the sermon, His aura outshines the sun above. He breaks the bread and feeds the hungry; He kisses the lepers cures the sick. He walks on water as he is lighter than air; then how or why did he on the cross despair?

The sign is the cross, the vision comes to me in a dream, jesus calls out to the father with faltering faith and asks them to forgive these sinners one last time. God the father does one better, he remains on the throne and quiet to the bone. He watches the death of our saviour for no joy of his own.
The mystery gnaws at me over and over, of why the lover of god was left alone at his moment of reckoning. He was calling out to the father and the holy ghost for redemption for all; all this while… and in the end he could not even fathom the turmoil his life would entail. To no avail?
He speaks every so softly; master Yesua, when we look into his eyes. He now sees that his bearing the cross was the sign that the people required (to see). They could not fathom god until it was shown first by the master indeed!
The master became god in the moment and the sign was the cross; the sign which became god was the union of man unto god; a sign of love and grace. A sign god sent unto every doubting man and woman’s face. Look at the mortal who believed for ever more in me, shouldering his life and death without hesitation or fear so I may take care of him on earth or heaven believe!
To believe in god entails the effort of being god. Yesua the kind master on the day of his judgement took upon the doubts and fears of entire jeresulam, his path paved the way for future faith in the father divine, his sincerity and love carried forth became the greatest symbol (the cross) of our time!
My master comes to me in dreams deeper than the deep blue sea; where I am not myself but a lowly devotee at the feet of a mortal who showed that life is what it ought to be. To make it such, one must become the sign on the cross one bears towards entirety.
Peace and Love

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