Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spirit Dance

The days past winter that spelt liberation; a special reprieve for everyone indeed, when the days pick their spell. the night holds the lunatic captive, You and I and everyone endowed pick up the pieces every day and move on with life. For the fear that if we dont keep pace with what we think as change, then we would become obsolete.
We have been obsolete living without active listening and thinking. We become the dead rotting spirit cages for something and someone who could be greater. Where and why do we choose to abandon our dream and spirit for a mediocre and numbing existence.
Taking the forbidden, and feeling an ounce of satisfaction, with the peace which the inner self generates, we become calm and firm. Our power multiplies and makes life not take its so called random turns. This is our future and our true destiny, and the ones amongst us who are not willing to undergo this paradigm change, are the ones who will become obsolete.
There must be some kind of way out of here, echoes dylan’s song in every schizophrenic normal active person, when they see that their dimension changes and yields at the end only ashes to be strewn into the sea. Why o why did we choose to leave grandeur for the pocket full of leaves (mulah)
Ending the dance and the dancer disappears into the null and void. Banishing teh spirit to keep the body alive, what sense shall that make? You and I are space creators, we break the frame and build around it too. There is no stopping the true inspiration which our lives is and has always been. This is the truth; is it not?

When I sit up and watch myself, Breaking down the barriers, and accessing that which I could not be (or so I thought it to be). Wearing no masks, the path becomes glorious leading to self discovery; encompassing everything which is /has been/ ever will be.
This is our true destiny and our entitlements as the creators and actors of power. Whether we choose this to be (or not). In this never ending circle of existence, the only reality we choose is whether we want to be still or revolve endlessly.
True nirvana is that which does not pose and impose. It is lively and brings active powers which may be illusions or reality. The true intent becomes but the blessing to just be… So we sit with our bottles of elixir, waiting for the moment when it will all end.. instead of dancing on our graves if only a moment earlier… the dance and the dancer will coincide a magnificent death par reality!

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