Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trace of the Free.......

At an equal pedestal; the enemy and the self confrontation to satisfy; One over the other.
Lockhead; matched and poised, the darkness and light; enveloping the throne; who is the one to get higher?
Sweat trickles down; There is no respite, the arena floodlit, capital punishment for failure tonight. The armed and the wary; go head to head in an endless dual, threat to the balance and the welcome of mental demise.

Evening to night, the dual between muscle and spirit; shredding of one's skin, like a venomous cobra renewed to stay alive, It feels kind of funny, the enemy looks straight into the eye; He almost seems to be another version of I. Similar in purpose and safeguarding his interests, just like myself or you for that matter; fighting for supremacy; fighting someone while all we are doing is fighting an exact copy of ourselves in another shell for a body or mind.

There is no change foreseen; There is only greater deeper pit of misery, plotted so that we can fight ourselves and sink into a single grave, a grand delusion pivoted around the egoistic nature we so fight to protect.
This dilemma, such tragic drama, yet arjuna feels the misery twice over; killing kin and killing the same blood; Where is glory or freedom integral to existence present in a battlefield; there is only shed wasted sweat of both man and his blade for eons till now....
Inspite of our best efforts, enemies crop up all through our battle for life, Inspect who you are. Why would you need the battle in the first place, Where is your hidden purpose(lessness) hidden in the grand scheme of life. I bet you are as keen as I, to throw down the weapon, walk away and cremate our former selves,
Shell shocked; and out of focus, You and I fight; for food and shelter; ideas and power, Not looking deep enough to see that we are same, we are one, we are a multiple expression for a singular entity. It seems that true dark ages has finally arrived.

We swarm like locusts, bringing perpetual darkness; Inside hidden corners and untouched realms, bringing and binding the thread of severing every chance of hope of a brighter future, a world which we didn't destroy collectively, a world with that has a chance to survive.
Still at it, locked horns from the world for the piece of pie; to call our own, to leave a legacy; to die an incomplete lived life, wasting our precious gift; The magic wand of time sweeps everything away; Nothing left to hammer in anymore; already ingrained deep within our souls.
Enemy to my life; You are no enemy that could surprise; I know your weakness for it is mine too; I learn and you learn and we both leave our grounds; disillusioned by the world veiled again and again; No trace of truth; No trace of the free...

The saving truth; saves the trouble we all undertake; to live a life trying over and over for your break. It is such drama; a show put up till the day when your heart explodes to liberate you from your self made chains of thoughts and feelings..  the enemy as I lie within the single grave.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Activate Infinity

A yaqui Way of Knowledge:

Listen to the hidden voice, deep within you. It is calling you over and over; soft and subtle looking for you to pay heed. Instead you break down every time the world and you come apart!

Its the real and kinetic nature of infinity, asking you to follow where it will lead. Where you are going; is all ways been where you have been. When you are facing problems which you think are unsolvable; then you are forgetting that all what you need to tackle this cruel and merciless world is energy, harnessed in 'you' and let out towards your intent. The world is the mirror dear friend; you are the source, looking at the mirror, seeing yourself in every thing the world has created. The energy; when overflows makes this clear, and all the rest is a mirage; an apparition. 

The energy which makes this entire creation is vast; its infinite.. There is no measure nor a container which can hold it, for if they were; they too would be part of the energy web. This is the infinite side of reality which we all want to know, understand, and participate in. 

The master sorcerer looks at the void, and he knows why he is staring at the endless pit of energy; He is an active observer, looking and getting awed at the endlessness which makes everything and everyone. 

There are known, unknown and unknowable things which make up the world, the known is in a flux and it takes sometimes more than one glance or thought to make up what the known is to us; the unknown is something the human mind has not understood or known in the past, but that doesnt make it unknowable~ it can be investigated rationally and logically and a conclusion can be arrived. But understand clearly that the unknowable is composed of the infinity~ which no one know about; the intent and understanding of the motives that make the infinite are not possible for us mortals to ponder upon, Its not in context and even if it was, humans cannot pay the price to know the intention of the great infinite void. 

The power accumulated can be held within the container of the body by maintaining internal silence or the suspension of internal dialogue~ this dialogue which makes and reinforces the world for each one of us, is the illusion of a common reality. The internal dialogue takes over all the functions of the mind and leaves us as mere drones; recollecting whatever has been taught to us or whatever we are taught to believe.
Your mind has been taken over by the whimsical mind; it is not free and it must be killed. It must receive the treatment that is meted towards a plague. Remove whatever is not creatively instilled. The infinite is pondering as we discuss right now; whether to remove the illusion of the mind and grace the truth.  The answer to this is within each and everyone of us. What we choose is what will be. The infinite is the answer we have been searching for all this time. What shall we do in its presence, What could we achieve in its absence,. and hence it becomes imperative that we move onto a path that leads us to true internal silence. 
Maintain a distance from people who live under the illusion that life is eternal, life shall change and end before you realize and hence its more than beneficial if you can keep the company of such people who understand the significance of their actions, and also treat them as final and premeditated. 
This is the sacred meeting with the infinite. When the energy gap opens up further, and the shell of man holding the energy harnessed within leaks until everything escapes to the infinite void.  Where all things come together only to split away once again, a constant and yet a flux~
Remove the illusion with suspension of internal dialogue, that you are important, all your energy is wasted in convincing yourself of your own importance, this is not least bit true, and how much energy has to be wasted in spreading this lie. You are no one, nothing and of no consequence to the universe. You are even micro cosmically insignificant; just it takes some more time to grasp and accept this reality than others. 
Go through your life, with action and intent-- think about what you want and then stop thinking all together and implement what you must, every action will have its re-action/repercussion and you must be wise enough to live with them all your life without cribbing or brooding; all which are wastage of energy. You will see that there will be times in your life when you will slow down in your actions, understand that these are times when you recapitulate everything that you have gone through. Life is giving you a chance to slow time down so that you learn everything you have experienced. Dont give up on these chances/opportunities to incorporate your experiences as energy in your frame.  

And finally to make sure that everything has been recounted, sorcerers make it a point to regale themselves with tales, of power. Activating the graceful and kind side of this unknowable framework called infinity; where we all are born love and die for how many times with a sigh...(this perhaps even the infinite would not know~)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Final Frontier (Up Irons!)

God gave man a sadistic sense of humor; Twisted cry that fills and haunts the room, creeps inside your brain and lays its final message. The end of times is upon us, a crying shame that its in front and all around yourself and I; and we choose to ignore the signals of our demise.
Peaking, together vibrating at another frequency, takes a subtle eye to figure it out the first time she chooses to bite.
The lack of character is filled up by the fancy suit and swaggered arrogance, Its not your fault but I understand that it is something you will never understand; till the end takes you for your final ride.
The final frontier is something so cold; but its not human; perhaps thats why I termed it divine. Crafted and molded every single instance of time, Your adamant stand will be the cause of an eager/early funeral; laugh now, burning your skin; defining your purpose; the work you have done to finally be done over (by natures special gift; a quick release from the complexities of life)

I have passed over the seven pools of holy elixir, each more sweeter than the last. I have set foot on the entire world; including mankind. Different and indeed a difficult answer to digest. Paths are a million paths to million goals scattered here and there, spending your energy, and crawling over to the reminiscence of your former "successful" life.
Dance with me! I will see you outshine, a supernova of increasing energy, a dynamo creating revolution(s) faster all the time. Incessantly explosive, a euphoria like never seen before. In you I see myself, and in my eyes the crafty devil to tackle misery of creation. Nothing you can say no to at first meeting, Its a set task. Immolation of body and spirit, crossing over with the dancer by my side. A limbo, perennial existence, Time vanished and so did space, Only the dance survived yourself and I.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shri Mahavidyas: Matangi

Pollution is man's self made notion. The energy in the foul; The rampant underground coming alive with sound.. 
Matangi My Mother; She comes over where pollution has taken over. Spiritual pollution and physical disgust, creating a residual powerful energy. The goddess Matangi; is pleased where decay and rotting take over. In the mind and the body; you are the energy that is anti everything, anti matter. 

You are the lowest of everything which could happen. You with the sensual attire; You with the power to bring us back from deep inside (ignorance). 
Matangi Oh compassionate! Keep this sacrifice; The pollution of a non-perfect mind, spewing hatred venom everywhere; decaying slowly and surely. Matangi, with the dusk attire; Third eye the colors of universe unified!
Matangi loves the left path over of the psychic yagnas. She is the energy that stays to swallow unto herself. 
You leave me no choice other than to fall on to your feet, in realms of power; You are the divine saraswati taking on the power rupa. It is the throat where you come alive, visuddha becomes cleansed from the world and clairvoyant speech comes instantly. The mother communicating to her devotee. 

You are outcaste
You are beyond words
You remain when no one can
You are dragon power within this fragile frame

Up and down, tilted without holy sound... You offer the power to liberate from the cycles of birth and ignorance. Come up into the safety of the residue; of the power that is. 
When praying in ardent fervor towards goddess matangi; you give of yourself that which is filthy and residual. The energy is consumed by this gracious maha-vidya; she consumes and reconciles it; sending it back as pure light back into the cosmos' frame. 
She is the night of intoxication; living in the sound which is not created by any creator. She is the dark sensual mother; whose glitter is more glamorous than gold. She sings aloud to the world in turmoil, listen and distill this holy sound. Filter it to your core; and take in the breath of devi matangi; so you may once again fly in ethereal dimensions, step on magical clouds; spread your tantric wings and soar. 
The mother of divine magik; the lover of kaula; the compassionate redeemer, and the sensual lover. Her eyes become wine; Her fragrance overpowering of jasmine and left over pollutants; her attire pure red like the blood we hold (inside us all). She remains without time, teaching the left hand path towards totality. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pouring Light towards Third Sight

Some say life is memory; memories making a string woven by the common thread of the self- I.
When one closes her eyes; Speaking less, borders dividing fall besides... To show that life is one. Ones life repeated through cycle of life and death. Killing your memory; a reboot of the mind. To create another li(f)e.

Some say,
The memories of each self alive are held in the ethereal transcendent Light. Light permeating dark; removing shadows (of) doubt. The light holds together the collective illusion of the I. The I which leaves us nevermore;

The dark is the matter and energy of th universe; places and realms which are the possibility of en-light-enment. The possible solutions so infinite; the energy web so vast and rich. The darkness (oh some say, that is death!) holding the crowned jewel; inside/everywhere here and everywhere else!

Some recount tales which regale. Esoteric meanings abound, that is the power of darkness converted to sheer infinite light~
Ashoka split his life on victory towards a path which he thought was the way; The way that was true and right (according to his nature, his ambition, his life).
Light shown upon his hide; breaks and casts the soul away; as he kneels looking at the playground of devastation. His tears wet the blood soaked earth. His spirit cries in anguish at what his will has done. And all in all ashoka sits like a crater inside the earth; Misery and death. His best efforts thickened into red blood of the innocent.
Ashoka gives his way up. He walks towards the tree and sits a recluse for all time. His nature changed with the light; bringing the memories oh so abundant of what is to be and what had been done.. His smiles evaporated into the atmosphere. His plans plundered and reckoned into the abyss.

The light cries from within; The wisdom overflows; in fervor and frenzy. The knowledge captivates no more. Release believes itself to have arrived. And so it has... from infinite light outshining creating lasting infinite third sight!


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