Friday, September 24, 2010

Shri Mahavidyas: Matangi

Pollution is man's self made notion. The energy in the foul; The rampant underground coming alive with sound.. 
Matangi My Mother; She comes over where pollution has taken over. Spiritual pollution and physical disgust, creating a residual powerful energy. The goddess Matangi; is pleased where decay and rotting take over. In the mind and the body; you are the energy that is anti everything, anti matter. 

You are the lowest of everything which could happen. You with the sensual attire; You with the power to bring us back from deep inside (ignorance). 
Matangi Oh compassionate! Keep this sacrifice; The pollution of a non-perfect mind, spewing hatred venom everywhere; decaying slowly and surely. Matangi, with the dusk attire; Third eye the colors of universe unified!
Matangi loves the left path over of the psychic yagnas. She is the energy that stays to swallow unto herself. 
You leave me no choice other than to fall on to your feet, in realms of power; You are the divine saraswati taking on the power rupa. It is the throat where you come alive, visuddha becomes cleansed from the world and clairvoyant speech comes instantly. The mother communicating to her devotee. 

You are outcaste
You are beyond words
You remain when no one can
You are dragon power within this fragile frame

Up and down, tilted without holy sound... You offer the power to liberate from the cycles of birth and ignorance. Come up into the safety of the residue; of the power that is. 
When praying in ardent fervor towards goddess matangi; you give of yourself that which is filthy and residual. The energy is consumed by this gracious maha-vidya; she consumes and reconciles it; sending it back as pure light back into the cosmos' frame. 
She is the night of intoxication; living in the sound which is not created by any creator. She is the dark sensual mother; whose glitter is more glamorous than gold. She sings aloud to the world in turmoil, listen and distill this holy sound. Filter it to your core; and take in the breath of devi matangi; so you may once again fly in ethereal dimensions, step on magical clouds; spread your tantric wings and soar. 
The mother of divine magik; the lover of kaula; the compassionate redeemer, and the sensual lover. Her eyes become wine; Her fragrance overpowering of jasmine and left over pollutants; her attire pure red like the blood we hold (inside us all). She remains without time, teaching the left hand path towards totality. 

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