Sunday, September 26, 2010

Activate Infinity

A yaqui Way of Knowledge:

Listen to the hidden voice, deep within you. It is calling you over and over; soft and subtle looking for you to pay heed. Instead you break down every time the world and you come apart!

Its the real and kinetic nature of infinity, asking you to follow where it will lead. Where you are going; is all ways been where you have been. When you are facing problems which you think are unsolvable; then you are forgetting that all what you need to tackle this cruel and merciless world is energy, harnessed in 'you' and let out towards your intent. The world is the mirror dear friend; you are the source, looking at the mirror, seeing yourself in every thing the world has created. The energy; when overflows makes this clear, and all the rest is a mirage; an apparition. 

The energy which makes this entire creation is vast; its infinite.. There is no measure nor a container which can hold it, for if they were; they too would be part of the energy web. This is the infinite side of reality which we all want to know, understand, and participate in. 

The master sorcerer looks at the void, and he knows why he is staring at the endless pit of energy; He is an active observer, looking and getting awed at the endlessness which makes everything and everyone. 

There are known, unknown and unknowable things which make up the world, the known is in a flux and it takes sometimes more than one glance or thought to make up what the known is to us; the unknown is something the human mind has not understood or known in the past, but that doesnt make it unknowable~ it can be investigated rationally and logically and a conclusion can be arrived. But understand clearly that the unknowable is composed of the infinity~ which no one know about; the intent and understanding of the motives that make the infinite are not possible for us mortals to ponder upon, Its not in context and even if it was, humans cannot pay the price to know the intention of the great infinite void. 

The power accumulated can be held within the container of the body by maintaining internal silence or the suspension of internal dialogue~ this dialogue which makes and reinforces the world for each one of us, is the illusion of a common reality. The internal dialogue takes over all the functions of the mind and leaves us as mere drones; recollecting whatever has been taught to us or whatever we are taught to believe.
Your mind has been taken over by the whimsical mind; it is not free and it must be killed. It must receive the treatment that is meted towards a plague. Remove whatever is not creatively instilled. The infinite is pondering as we discuss right now; whether to remove the illusion of the mind and grace the truth.  The answer to this is within each and everyone of us. What we choose is what will be. The infinite is the answer we have been searching for all this time. What shall we do in its presence, What could we achieve in its absence,. and hence it becomes imperative that we move onto a path that leads us to true internal silence. 
Maintain a distance from people who live under the illusion that life is eternal, life shall change and end before you realize and hence its more than beneficial if you can keep the company of such people who understand the significance of their actions, and also treat them as final and premeditated. 
This is the sacred meeting with the infinite. When the energy gap opens up further, and the shell of man holding the energy harnessed within leaks until everything escapes to the infinite void.  Where all things come together only to split away once again, a constant and yet a flux~
Remove the illusion with suspension of internal dialogue, that you are important, all your energy is wasted in convincing yourself of your own importance, this is not least bit true, and how much energy has to be wasted in spreading this lie. You are no one, nothing and of no consequence to the universe. You are even micro cosmically insignificant; just it takes some more time to grasp and accept this reality than others. 
Go through your life, with action and intent-- think about what you want and then stop thinking all together and implement what you must, every action will have its re-action/repercussion and you must be wise enough to live with them all your life without cribbing or brooding; all which are wastage of energy. You will see that there will be times in your life when you will slow down in your actions, understand that these are times when you recapitulate everything that you have gone through. Life is giving you a chance to slow time down so that you learn everything you have experienced. Dont give up on these chances/opportunities to incorporate your experiences as energy in your frame.  

And finally to make sure that everything has been recounted, sorcerers make it a point to regale themselves with tales, of power. Activating the graceful and kind side of this unknowable framework called infinity; where we all are born love and die for how many times with a sigh...(this perhaps even the infinite would not know~)

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