Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heart of The Field

I like these classes, they start you as a novice; keeping in mind that you have to become a master.
Dichotomy is the one class rule of this thing, un-fathomable immense existence (not quite the correct word to describe the being).
Dichotomy is how the being chooses to experience and then dissolve the experience in the time frame of linear time/circular space.
So we are bi-polar beings to my wonder, for our birth and death keeps revolving and never quite resolving itself at peace. This is the breath of Omkar. Of one-ness/none-ness. The dichotomy is the only rule/choice which Omkar adheres to or plays by.
For if there is light – there is immense darkness, and if there is youth there is old age. There is life indeed there is death. This is dichotomy – a supplementary-ness which needs to be there. There is consciousness – and indeed Kali dark power.
This is not something new of course. What I like about the reality of Dichotomy is that our existence and nonexistence are also ruled by this very primeval force. We now believe as we read and indeed I, write that we are residing in existence. Living breathing and shitting our bricks on a momentary basis. This existence shall soon end with the passage of time and decay of life force. Then we jump into non-existence, this means where we do not have any consciousness residing anymore. There is nothing which is calling itself I. (To my understanding non-existence is not non being. There can never be anything such as non being. Everything being a part and parcel of Power. Nonexistence is simply the absence of consciousness. This consciousness is the very axis of individuation.

When we die – we are thrown albeit for a little while (time is not the real measure here, I do not know what could be though) into nonexistence. This experience of moving from being to non being is beautiful – for this defines dichotomy 101. The very rule by which life and death abide by.
When nonexistence has had enough of non. Then it spews out power (perhaps like a generator / reactor) which then starts with a process of processing (funny indeed). It churns like a grinder and refines itself (the being of power now individuated, and its core remains the most delightful). This core – self / eye – I is where we all have come to reside and view the external and internal landscape from – and this experience then further defines our existence whole.
Dichotomy is the axis of power. Power is the being and non being (the field). Dichotomy is indeed the knowledge of the field.
Dichotomy is the heart of field. The beating stage of existence and nonexistence. Without which this writing could not have been possible! 

Peace and Joy

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