Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Obelix Runs Helter Skelter

Obelix ran and fell in a soup. 

The soup tasted fabulous and he felt better than ever before. He was but a burly cute kid and did not know what got him here. His mother bore him in pain and he remained a child throughout his waking and sleeping life. Many saw obelix as a dullard but not his friend asterix – who made fun to his face but never behind his back.
The time is of lore; and the place not very well known – amidst the thick burning forests, a lush town spread itself with genteel people gathered to live in peace. There was nothing of the sorts to happen – as the romans attacked not once or twice but time over in their vain attempts to gain false control of the heart of men.
Asterix and Obelix were the best of friends since childhood. They looked at their warrior clansmen and felt proud to be born to defend their mortal freedom against waves of oppression pouring forth from the roman army. They had not a chance – the army skilled in the art of war and with merciless attitude burnt down every village which stood in their way. There was nothing but death overlooking at each crossroad the townsfolk built for themselves.
Ten years down the line; both the kids had become fine lads. With burning fire that raged in their hearts – both of whom had lost their loved ones with the constant and unrelenting war which they were burdened to fight in this lifetime.
Not until one fine night – they decided to hose themselves down in a holy waterfall. Called as the mystic river because no one knew where the pouring water disappeared into (the earth). The place was known to be a holy beacon for all townsfolk though no one ever ventured there alone or at night anytime during the year.
Astrix prods Obelix to make the first move and jump into the cold water; it is a clear moonless night and no noise of any animals be heard for a far distance. There seems to be an eery silence which both the brave lads seem to smell. Though thoroughly ferocious when it came to fight other men; neither was ever exposed to the cold grip of awe and mystery which can havoc a man’s heart in an instant.
Obelix jumps into the wellspring of mystery and goes underneath; it is prohibited to jump into the holy water – and most would not even partake of the beautiful crystal clear water which falls down perennially from the rock cut hills; Obelix doesn’t surface for a long time and Astrix is in two minds whether to plunge or to run for help. He jumps in too, swims underneath and finds a tunnel leading under the rocks and stone.
There must be Obelix that fat lard – looking for something to eat even underwater and away from anything sensible. Astrix swims and finds that the tunnel surfaces to an underground labyrinth not known to any of them all their waking lives, Obelix is stretched lying down gasping for air as the swim probably took all out of this strong son. There is light somewhere in this darkness – not too far from the ground, though its night and without light. Something intriguing and dangerous is happening here.
The two hear a contusion of noises all around; something(s) is/are howling – and before they have a chance to swim back out of the labyrinth. They are circles by magical green elves. The nature of their eyes oh so mysterious. So full of dark energy. The two boys are scared witless and suddenly Astrix takes a leap forward to punch one of the green ones. To absolutely no use; they disappear into the darkness and reappear. They are apparitions and suddenly giggling they have a physical presence, hovering above the air – they lift Astrix and somehow Obelix and take them to never never land.
Obelix runs helter skelter to this day in his dream. Where are they taking me, where have I reached I wonder? To this very day, the nightmares are real. More real than anything else.
Obelix is picked up and suddenly the elves feel his weight press down on them. Oh so cruel and they cannot lift him anytime more. He falls into a cauldron, full of magic potion. Bubbling away glorious. Obelix has his mouth open and he drinks up the entire bowl (meant for an army or more).
He feels power surging through his veins, there is power and nothing else. He is strong smart and full of life. He feels alive. He runs helter skelter this time for the sheer joy of being alive. The elves are distressed; their magical potion spent (nothing else left). They look at him in awe and dread for no one has drank so much ever they say. Obelix is now visible and invisible. He flies and crawls, and punches the daylight of the rest of the lot. He picks up fragile astrix and drops him in the cauldron (which has nothing but a few drops left), and both of them become the Viking lords of lore.

Now things are different in this lay little town; romans stay clear and never stray near. They know the warriors have a trick they know nothing of. The powerful potion which gave rise to the greatest gentle brute in the world. Obelix amazes throwing minhiars at the enemy. He protects the weak and never has to drink the god awful concoction ever ever again. He is the epitome of benevolent power and security.
Now he runs helter skelter with his best friend and never loses. The magical potion which saved their lives. Nothing but brought from the dust of man, underground and beyond.
Obelix who fell into the potion, now in real and figurative terms re-born.... 
What is to happen now?

Peace and Part 2 to Follow (Obelix Destroys His Mind)

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