Sunday, December 25, 2011

Creatures Like No Other

The vast repose of momentary conditioning uncoiling, with the eternal music. There is such exuberance in your movements; subtle sensual and delectable.
I am feeling; rushes so glorious like of yester years. Of stars spangled in the sky eternal. The points combining and weaving stories of your existence as well as mine. In such fragile bouts of love; waning with time.
Equally apart; and at the instant such, coming together again. Below the full moon shining, and the kiss awaiting. The rivers are flowing nearby; waters lifting us. Think about nothing, no one. and the entire existence becomes you; eyes shining as we dance and laugh the night away.
Inside her mind, she loves me like no other. The I is such splendour. So sought after. With every step. with every step dear one, I am one step closer. One step intertwined. What reckoning, do you not see it as well. This is the explosive nature of this kinetic whorl.

Oh you whorl like no other, like no dual I have ever known. Come to my core, in the night where there be no thoughts disturbing us. We are to become creatures of light.
Smiling and kneeling, towards each other; yes yes one step at a time, slowly and making a move like never see before. The dance wraps us up. Drunk on yes the love for the wine. For divine. For the wine.?
Soke in the grapes, and make merry under the tree, yiedling other worldly fruits, something which your tongue knows not, something which you are not. And yet glistening inside you; making you realize. The apple eaten and the wisdom of the snake now forgotton. Make you realize that you are creatures par exellence par light.
Par most realms, yet not even in our minds, where we exist, where we deserve to live. In such torrid affairs, let us counsel the heart. The heart has the property not to lie. To tell the loves way of existence this existence which is being lived by I.
The sensation of grandeur; of the love; of the nausea, for each and all, where ever we are. Whenever we were. The love for the soul. Defining and expanding ever with or without time.
Come sing and laugh, kiss and make erotic noise. Make this existence wake up; follow and raise yourself to your own end, Some things should never change?
Peace and Love. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Human Side

To tell the truth,
I have nothing forward which I look to. There is nothing which fascinates me. Everything which I held as dear and precious; has turned on its head. There is nothing which is revealing. No mystery and only vanity.
I used to hold this world and its denizens in high regard. I had the feeling of peace and unity in my heart and mind. There was nothing which could take me away from this. And yet it too changed. World and “reality” transformed into its ugly beginning.
I sat on the throne of my demise; and made my grave a little more comfortable. I ate verily from my lies; and tore down the shackles of my own mind. I ran naked; onto the coming train of consequences. Broke down and cried, showed my true human side.
Life and Death, pennies for the ferryman. Looks favourable sometimes and shits head first every time. Lovers united only for the night for by morning, each have tasted the illusion of their selves through the other. So what would you make of all this trivial pursuits? What could I do, but tell the truth and wait for end complete. Simply revelling in my human side.
I have traced my origins. To the stars and beyond. Why be stuck here in this isolated love less life; when travel is what I was meant for? Why stand the mediocre; where I was supposed to shine and outshine a thousand times, why the farce of every day life; when my human side comes to the fore.

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...