Friday, November 27, 2009

On the Tip of of Your Tongue

Bhava and rasa are of primary importance in this cycle. In this time and age, when the mother cares not for her child, when children care not for each other; bhava and rasa become even more pertinent to the cause towards life. 

Rasa is extract, of and from life, seeping into each/every corner of your being, the rasa can be explained in a minute mundane sense like the effects of alcohol. Once in a while (well maybe more often than that), if only people asked themselves what they do in the entire span of day and night (sun to moon to sun) which brings them that rasa in their life, we would end up with a lot less conflicts and a lot more wisdom.

Rasa is taste, it is refined and at the same moment all encompassing, to find the rasa in one's life, one has to experience how much ever one can, the rasa develops automatically side by side. It is at first the by-product of the way you have lived your life to entirety, but it is something all together different. It could be said (words are misinterpreted- and if mine are; dont blame me) that rasa is the true base of life, and the way we develop it, is through struggle, experience and continuously renewing our bhava- towards the internal and external framework. (this is abstract, but what to do, so are we :!)

The real problem arises because we do not tend to search/seek this rasa in our life. It is difficult for some, while it overflows without any rhyme nor reason from others. It could be called un fair, that many seek their entire life to find their rasa; their true reason for breathing, while others know it from the instant they were hatched in the womb.

Bhava is also intricate; as much as true/real rasa. Bhava is feeling, it is e-motion, energies in motion. Kinetic energies with a sensor to interpret them. Its called bhava (the feelings in your system are really energy identifiers-as well as interpreters), but most often we do not see them as that. Bhava when truly appreciated and noticed, opens up wonders within this universe of possibilities.

Bhava in laymen terms is the feeling~mood~ of ones existence. But search the root word (this is the true importance of epistemology) and you find that in pali/sanskrit it has different meanings depending upon the importance one attaches to it in ones life. 

The energies one faces in ones life, and the way one perceives it (because of genetic conditions-as i see it, due to past/future life karmas-ranubandhanas) molds the person to be similar. You have often heard and realized (i hope) - that looking at the world through hate~apathy brings that into your life, and looking at the world through non-seriousness similarly brings that and so on.. what i mean to ponder is that the truth of bhava is its literal meaning ' the state of becoming'

as one experiences higher levels - different levels of bhava- one becomes with them as they are- this is energetic explanation according to me (which might be very difficult to understand until you actually have experienced it- and contemplated on it) 

As bhava is a more general term- the refined expression (effect due to the cause of becoming) is the rasa in ones life. Rasa in english is easily expressed as passion of ones action and being. The latter (being) is more difficult to actually visualize. Someone passionate about dancing- and their rasa out pours due to the bhava they feel towards their chosen dance. But in the state of being where action is always inconsequential; how does the cause (bhava) create the rasa (effect) ?

The true dancer; hari-krishna plays rasa-lila. He is not doing a dance. He is being the dance, the moment his rasa comes in contact with you (as you define 'you'), the bhava is uncontrollable. The energies cannot be handled, even in this day and age, if you try.. you can spot people who go into deep bhava, cry; lose their physical senses; their sense of time and space all with the 'juice' of life. 

Rasa can be developed, it is potent. It is made with the bhava one beholds as theirs. Till the time one can play that rasa-lila, to another. all of life remains incomplete. The true love is missing. When the rasa is built up towards the lover, and then let loose. The bhava felt is something out of the world. Really, and if you haven't spend a single moment lost and found in that bhava or let loose the rasa (secret soma of your heart!) towards all life around you, then again as usual I ask; have you really lived?  Without the essence (rasa) present, it is just a dead seed occupying space. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Love Minus Zero/no Limit

My love she speaks like silence,
Without ideals or violence,
She doesn't have to say she's faithful,
Yet she's true, like ice, like fire.
People carry roses,
Make promises by the hours,
My love she laughs like the flowers,
Valentines can't buy her.

In the dime stores and bus stations,
People talk of situations,
Read books, repeat quotations,
Draw conclusions on the wall.
Some speak of the future,
My love she speaks softly,
She knows there's no success like failure
And that failure's no success at all.

The cloak and dagger dangles,
Madams light the candles.
In ceremonies of the horsemen,
Even the pawn must hold a grudge.
Statues made of match sticks,
Crumble into one another,
My love winks, she does not bother,
She knows too much to argue or to judge.

The bridge at midnight trembles,
The country doctor rambles,
Bankers' nieces seek perfection,
Expecting all the gifts that wise men bring.
The wind howls like a hammer,
The night blows cold and rainy,

My love she's like some raven

At my window with a broken wing.

- Dylan, our generations icon. Lives like a madman, raves like a saint!

Awesome movie on him : I'M NOT THERE- awesome soundtrack!:)


Friday, November 20, 2009

@@Lock Head Shiny Eyez@@

Oh Aghora! You know no limits, nothing stops which cannot be stopped. You illumin this dark world. Your secrets forever shrouded in mystery. What can be revealed, which cannot be spoken. It must be experienced. You mould the man into what he truly is. Your path untainted, you are the solace of this world. The embrace of the nath! The footsteps towards Baba Kala~Bhairava.

Show no mercy towards me, break the notion of I from within. Let the fragments be brought together. Assimilated to create a new notion. A new idea of the world. The truth, outpouring of multitudes.

In the core darkness of the night, deep within the crematory; you walk in fine grandeur, how can your energy be forgotten? My master of dream and reality, of day and night, baba you liberate each pyre with your innocent eyes.
Matted in thick jatas, with blood drunk eyes, lord of destruction. Kali lover, Maa worshipper, kala bhairo steps finally into your body as well as mine.
What is the use of your enchanted body? the precious gift of your mind? If you fail to use these to elevate your energy to see the master delight in his birth and death of the ego 'I'
Its for sure you and I wont last, the smashan will burn one day at a time, but it will continue to light up the darkness of this world. Embrace this final reality., death is not the illusion, the illusion is the darkness of life.
The judgement cometh, and it strikes fast. The master drunk on soma, sees with datura vision. He is the night, the final rolling force, his feet tandav on this endless smashan, burning skin to bone to ashes to the void.
The shackles of this body burnt to nothing. The reality draws and dawns upon mankind. That when the master starts his dance, none of your gluttony shall make you any what wiser. Bow down while you still got the time, open your heart cause we gotta make it outta this indigo night.

Speechless behold the radience of the truth. Bodiless, floating stretched to all of time. All that is you! (aham ~ brhamasmi , every single moment, all the moments that make your time)

Jata-dhari, silent contemplator of mankind! We need your presence now, burn away the illusions gripping the soul to the maya-matrix. Open that third eye~'~

Full Power with Power Plant-I

Most people in this country haven't heard of a small village called malana, though you would find awesome reviews for the same place in places like amsterdam :)
The malana time is located distant from this day and age. There is no correlation between how and why things happen in this world of ours and how or why they happen up there. so you guessed this is on a hill, the place is 50 km from manali in himachal pradesh, the route encapsulates bhuntar-zarri- and then to the massive hydro power plant put up at the base of the hill which hosts malana. The power plant (malana 1-malana 2-malana 3-in construction) have ruined the base of the hill, the human presence is sheer contempt. The higher up one goes from here, changes ones perception and slows down that city folk definition of time.
Malana is an ancient city on a beautiful altitude- in winters it can be up with more than 10 inches of snow, and in summers it remains perched at a beautiful height facing one of the tributaries to the parbati river.
Parbati flows from this valley and later goes and joins other tributaries (from rasol and near by valleys) - and moves down to manikaran. A beautiful stream indeed.
malana hosts more than 2000 people- which i assure you is a very difficult task in a state where there is nearly not enough land ever to build due to lack of flat ground. The speciality of the folks here is that they do not have normal indian/caucasion-dravidian mix of features, for many years they were supposed to be the left over of alexanders army who settled here (like in coorg), but recently this has been rubbished- they are indian but the cross breeding has led to significant changes in their features as well as their culture-language-customs.
The power in this place is well documented fact, ask anyone who knows of this place and its history and they will tell you of the special aura it has.
The place has the chief deity-power in the form of jamlu devta- who in fact is jamadgini rishi (who has significant similarity in physical characteristics to kapilash rishi -worshipped across many parts of the country). Jamadgini is a powerful source in the start of parvati valley- i do not know why he chose this place as his home, but it sure has made all the difference i say!
Jamadgini baba is the husband of Renuka Devi (who took jal samadhi in nehan - the largest river of HP), and is the father of parushurama, the legend of many goes that jamadgini gets angry with renuka and asks parushurama (as he was very loyal to his fathers intent) to kill his mother, parushurama doesnt hesitate and he beheads his mother with his axe, the father very pleased asks him to wish/choose a boon... parusharama does- he asks jamadgini to revive his dead mother! the indian legend and weird ass lore.
But kid you not, the power of jamadgini still stays there, couple of years back, the commercialization in activities in malana and the absolute lack of confidence of the malana people in their own god/customs and ways of living cost them terribly. A mysterious fire broke out of the main temple for jamlu devta which soon enough engulfed the entire town on the hill- the consequence being that the age old houses of rock and wood- burnt to cinder and the people there had to rebuild the entire mass again (the government did support them to a very large extent). The town is on one side of the valley- the other side leads to the town rasol (which is at even greater height than malana).
Malana has long remained a foreigner dis tasting town, they do not like outsiders-indians or firangs to come to their town, further they dont like to be touched by any such outsiders. their culture prohibits any commercial activities with foreigners. They are a self sustained town and they wish for a long time (until recently) to remain isolated/secluded.
There are a series of temples here, side to the main temple, this land is above (its called upper malana) the rest part of the town (lower malana) - and the residents ofcourse are decided by their caste- the priestly caste and upper castes live in upper while the labourer people live in lower. Most people from here are filthy rich- they have huge pieces of land in this mountain (the entire mountain is mostly split between different people) where people grow crops -mostly cannabis crops which are processed every year before the winters and sold directly abroad for huge profits. The power plant has almost come till their doorsteps-and the illiterate people in this part of india do not see the harm this is going to cause them- the hyrdro power harnessed from the parvati tributary is distributed to everyone but the malana people. As it happens everywhere- and ofcourse the people are less than happy about it. But this is how this world works- this town self sufficient and living in peace- has been brought to the edge of a commercial pathetic existence with each person vying for more land to grow more cannabis for more profits- all for what? they are stuck at some 2500mts above ground and they can never ever leave.
Why does man have such petty material ambitions even when so close to jamlu, to the sky and to the power plant(s) - all the reasons to remain full power all life long. What is this attractive unkind power that money wields over mans soul? that it makes him vomit for ever more and more and more....

Turning Point

What is the turning point in anyone's life? I would think if some one read that question, they would scan their present life for answers, what experience or event turned them for the wiser or some fuck up like that. But most people actually never guess what the real turning point is...
Any warrior. A man with nothing to lose, and a man who has lost everything can tell you this answer in a moment. Its your personal death. Its the moment when your breadth stops, your heart stops pumping blood and some 10 minutes later, your brain stops all function. That is the defining moment of your life. In most civilized cultures- with any and all insight the whole aim of life is to make it such that the end, the death when and however it comes- is fine. A man is made when he can face his moment of death and realize the entirety of his actions, and his actions at that time-moment decide everything worthwhile of his entire life. li
That is how I am, thought and action wise. i don't see a point in doing most things in the world which supposedly are so so important to everyone cause to me they are absolute crap. All that matters is how i make my life. my will tempered with the experience of breadth so when that moment arrives, i wont cowl down. i wont vomit my guts, and i wont think my entire life was a waste. That moment when it arrives, that precious instant when it comes to me, i will use my will and my personal power and encounter death and have the most grand laughter. Not that silly madman laughter-if thats what you imagined.
But a truly gifted un imaginable laughter way out of proportions for you all who think death is a grim affair.
It's gonna set me free.

In kabirs words - " when you come into the world, the entire world around you rejoices, while you are crying your lungs out.... so make your death (and your life of course) such, that when you die (oh you understand.. the rest of the doha don't you ;) ) You shall laugh your truest laughter, while everyone mourns and cries at your corpse"


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Learning to Learn

Evolution is an compounding event. With each new generation bringing/assimilating the learning and experience of the previous in their gene. The movement towards evolution is way to experience everything all at once. Thats how i look at it, I have this urge, to know everything- not only about a particular subjects time line, but also know every single perception which can occur towards the subject- either an object, person or experience itself (Situation/condition). I choose to feel all the emotions all at one go-together, I dont have much understanding of the situations i have been born in (or why actually I have taken birth) but once that is done, I have only one condition- to see all, to feel all, to be all. Life is too short they say to experience completely. People draw their life experience from what they have seen.known.felt.undergone in a life. Each life can only see/show only that much if you think about it. What to do if you too, have a thirst towards everything?

Learning how to learn is actually the only way evolution progresses, as a being, organism or as i try to put it-consciousness evolves it is actually trying to remove the 4rth dimension of time from the sense of experience- then imagine how it could be- there would be no time bound/situation bound/condition to think/feel. It could be all done all at one go. The sense of inner ecstasy increases infinitely when this happens in one's life. It has happened a few times- you would understand perhaps, when time doesnt have anything to do. When all you have is the moment and it is there and its sheer bliss and its everything- true triumph of life! 

This is what I believe our ancients were looking for- one way of perceiving of the many of their mysterious intents. others say people spending years in samadhi were trying to find freedom from illusion- maya. But it could be that their outlook was towards true unhindered and eternal life- after all its still the motive of modern man- to live full and old and complete- but we neglect the most important ways this can be done. We don't actually/honestly think how to elongate life span and the unique experiences life can offer. We are witnesses all in the process of learning how to learn. People scoff if you try to do something different to your life- people group together and believe their collective consciousness (stupidity) will define life for them. Life cannot be mass defined and thats the truth. To me life is simply removing time. To be timeless and with the ability and intent to experience as chosen, thats life. The conscious decision. When the process of this grander life is thoroughly "lived"., then perhaps non-existence could also be an option. think about it. Till then who would actually want to die? But then I ask, what is stopping people from living?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The kite waits as the sun blazes from atop. The wind sways not this creature. Driven by hunger it looks to the edges of time itself. The kite's eye resembles the hubble telescope, searching/seeking that flavor to live. Even atop this great height, the bane need to fill the stomach hasnt left this awesome creature. Where shall it end, the kite thinks? When will I rest, when it will not bother me no more. When I could use these gifted eyes, this sound sight.. These wings not to kill yet to soar higher and higher. Further aways from all that restricts.constricts.diminishes.destroys. The eagle perched firm singing the tune of the wind. The rumbling of the skies, even on this clear day.

Deep within the warm baked earth, lies the nocturnal hunter, the western diamond back rattler, cannot wait till the night to dawn. When will this wicked need to eat, to replenish finish? When can I sleep with the earth/deep within its recesses - in peace. without this incessant need to find more and more to be content. The snake feels the vibration of the earth to its bones, seeing what is present around it, even when it cant see. It feels the needs of the earth. It sings the song of gaya.

The indian blows the pipe, and the wolves howl. He steps lightly on ether and the worlds twist out of known fate.
Rattler comes out from its hole, the seering heat on top of its shining skin, moves zig zag and feels the movement of its kill. Smelling and leveling the consequences of all its methods, it chooses the way it shall kill. The rodent jumps from one hole to another, completely missing the fragile mortality its reaping every single moment, Snake charms its way on the dirt... flickers its tongue and finds the pinpoint attack point. Coils up and waits for the rodents face to emerge out of the ground, minutes pass like hours yet the snake is expert at getting what it wants, the effective hunter, death written on its forehead. born to kill. flickers one last time and by the end of it the rodent has smelt its own death and it runs head first into it, the fangs pour venom as they bite down mercilessly. The snake has won its meal.
The kite swoops down with a single pointed vision. The vision to end it all. to end its hunger and everything along with it. It can see the skin glisten in the dusty earth. opening its mouth it bites down, and grabs a double kill. The rattler never had the time even to breathe its last. The sweet taste of victory never even swallowed.
The kite moves back unto the clouds, to its nest to feed itself. The twisted visions of fate have worked to perfection. A million miles away, all of them fate-a-holics.

I am a bloody fate-a-holic. Thriving on what the unexpected universe/nature will throw up to kill my dreams, destroy my fantasies. reduce my existence and diminish my brain cells in the process. This cruel fate, blinds me shows me no path till i can see the entire map in the back of my head.
Why part thinking my friends? Why this importance to your long term future-spanning just couple of years to the future, i tell you when fate clamps down its mouth on you, even couple of moments would seem to be an eternity.
Pay attention, to systemic thinking and feeling. Why feel and think and then act upon those in parts? to part solutions and part logic ? Why this running away from the true entire reality emerging? Dont have the time.... feels like that for humanity, and when fate is done with you and I. We will have none. (time or life)
Look at the big picture. but it looks like we all are born with myopic thinking and sight. Why does big picture not include your death? that is the end, or perhaps an intermediate stop, or perhaps back to the beginning, but it is a part of you. Fate will bring you to that as well.
Giving it all up is an act of losing to fate, and you may think i am one of those small minded people who dont believe in the will of a person, but I dont give enough credit to people in this day and age to actually actualize their wills to work/change their own fates upon. Fate is already done and its in the process of being done as well. You cannot change it until you understand who you are. not in a moronic osho/shiv khera/ sanskar channel fuckers-new age assholes way but in the true sense. The act of finding oneself, difficult - takes many many many years of arduous life, and thoughtlessness to achieve. Then only can fate not touch you. But until then all of you (dont worry, inclusive of I) are like the snake. grabbing that tasty meal in your mouth while your death strikes from the skies. Trying to steal a grin on your corpse!? Is that what your life has surmounted to, is your life and this oppertunity so cheap as to run behind the hunger in your mind. never ending. never lasting. True junkies of this generation, you dont know that you all are actually addicted to fate. Even when you think you have broken out of the chain of some sort of bondage- the freedom which you think lies in your wallets and in your contempt for life. De addict, come to the universes de addiction lab. Give in to your fate. And then invert the void.

One day you will see, the dead come down to me... come now; Take a chance. Come Dance - Metallica ( Devils Dance)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Will to Love

Step lightly on this love my dearest, the embrace haunts no end; we are near the end, yet we don't want it to end. The night is coldest when we are without a deep lasting embrace, the way you wear that dress, your sweet smell makes my seasons change with a blink. 

The ways you bring laughter to me, endless. Caress me when I am loneliest. Bringing the meaning of it all to my heart with one sweet kiss. What is life without you to gaze upon each and every sweet morning rise!

In each others sights, we lose our minds. Our bodies pulse, and the last words spoken are never remembered after the first kiss, our hearts burn as one as the snow falls all night ; all night long. 

Tara, you are my emancipation. Each day I wake up, surmise my demise and yet I never die. Your pulsing heart flows like the ganga of red wine to I~ through my arteries, through my soul pierced through and through. 

A poet with one of your sweet glances, A madman without them. My condition sways from heaven to hell and back to heaven! Have compassion goddess, Forgive your man for all the times when we haven't been anything but one~

Why bother to be born, if you arent willing to love

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Like wise

Take a seat next to the edge; Dont fall down yet, enough time yet..
feeling of imperative sinking. Heart binds to Heart, never too old.

Take the car out for a spin across the country, feel the air on your hair. Is it not the perfect feeling?
The line is smooth, crystals of your mind spread on the glass surface, go down take a hit. Lose it all in that perfect feeling.

I feel like you, like her, like him, like them, like all.. like none.. like wise.
All alone in this cold winter, Holocaust winter witch. Time bomb ticking in your eyes. Shine explode into infinity.
Path filled with gemstones, every breath a moment all unto itself. Life dwells on the threshold. Crest fallen blood drunk crazy times like these call for more. Thrust into the thirst for no-more.

The ashes of the dead on the forehead, foreboding night. Smells like death all over again, virgin crossroad, savored corpse. All a nights game. calling out the dogs to the fore. To the shores of nevermore.
I heard him asking me for liberation, for life spared. What could i do? a puppet on strings, I pull the trigger. Wait for another to hit the ground, and stay down.
Confusing life, did not need it. did not choose it. It found me, for the sake of myself, i have destroyed myself. Like wise I hope for you too.

People demolishing the good, starving the kids; simultaneously wasting their precious caviar-farce in the name of food.
Looking down the canyon, in high demands, falling up and sinking so low.
carved a name on my arm, shoot that magix down my arm, sink that feeling in a shot of tequila sunrise. Pleased to know that you would be my dark bride.
Christ be buried. The tomb be sealed. Freedom be burned. Hope returned. Nothing here shall make us what we could be, in this lifetime or the next.
Listen to me completely, don't give yourself a chance. all your chances will be coveted by the poisoned grain, all your lies bubbling to the surface, amalgamating in absolution. Drowning in dissension.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seven Men on the Hill

Coorg is a place of sheer natural wonder, the path leading from mangalore to madhikeri.. takes some 8 hours by road, and through thick western ghat jungles; the site is breathtaking. It has been a long time since I have visited that pretty hill station, but its memories are ever young and rejuvenated in me. Madhikeri lies at a small height from the rest of the parts of coorg district (of karnataka). The smell changes as you ascend slowly over a period of some 8 hours along the western ghats to this pretty lost place.
Coorgis are not indians, they have their own laws. They are allowed by Indian law to keep guns as part of their culture, they are basically descendants of greeks, if my memory serves me right. They stayed (coorg being the last place where Alexanders army could penetrate in south India). The people have different features, and customs ( I have had couple of really good coorgi friends.. their warrior courage and respect for fellow humans shows on their faces).
The nights here were so clear when I visited it. The stars spread across entire horizon. The night was pollution and noise free. I stayed over at the capital of coorg for over 5 days. In this time, i visited many touristy places.. the chinese gold temple, the kings shiva temple in the city, the tea gardens so abundant everywhere, and some jungle routes. Besides this i went to see the starting of the so sacred river kaveri, from the inside of a mountain (place is called talak kaveri). The place was breathtaking when i visited it. I dont know the current condition of it thought.
Talak kaveri takes couple of hours (i think) to go by road from madhikeri, the river starts here as a trickle (literally) and joined by various tributary sources becomes the massive deity southwards. The road goes till the start of talak kaveri. It is at a greater height than even coorg, the air was so fresh, out of the world stillness, there are some small temples and a kund which is the official start and vision of the river. I saw some locals including a very pretty coorgi lady in her customized saree taking a dip in the cold water tank. I worshiped at the temples and was informed by my driver of a small hill starting up at the base of talak kaveri, which leads up through steps.. its called sapta rishi hill for supposedly the rishis took time off here together to meditate. Not many steps and the view at top is worth it. I go and just sit down for couple of hours, the wind the day i visited was out of the world. It was enough to even blow me away, only one concrete structure at the top.. a small pole which i hold on to, there is no other hill as high as this place and hence there is extreme wind. I am blown away, the wind blows all thought inside my head away. am at peace for a long time sitting and contemplating the scenery around me. The meditation soothes me, and makes me enter an almost alternate consciousness. Everything is as it is, i still remember the indescribable feeling which i had on the top of talak kaveri.

Coorg in an excellent place to visit with ones beloved, though i havent been able to go with mine, i will for sure in the future, amidst thick tea gardens, there are accommodations in coorgi homes as well, with their home delicacies at the offing. too much to resist. The people there have a very different aura, they are brave (warriors spirit still alive in em) and yet peaceful towards outsiders. Something which many cultures still havent been able to do in india.

There is an awesome view to be had in the town's center most part- looking out to the valleys- called raja's seat- the king used to enjoy this view; now everyone can marvel at the breathtaking view of madhikeri.. something not to be missed

Ode to Humanity

I am not a big fan of human kind, the version of life that in today’s day seems to be only focused upon itself. The day’s pass and humans ...