Sunday, November 8, 2009

Will to Love

Step lightly on this love my dearest, the embrace haunts no end; we are near the end, yet we don't want it to end. The night is coldest when we are without a deep lasting embrace, the way you wear that dress, your sweet smell makes my seasons change with a blink. 

The ways you bring laughter to me, endless. Caress me when I am loneliest. Bringing the meaning of it all to my heart with one sweet kiss. What is life without you to gaze upon each and every sweet morning rise!

In each others sights, we lose our minds. Our bodies pulse, and the last words spoken are never remembered after the first kiss, our hearts burn as one as the snow falls all night ; all night long. 

Tara, you are my emancipation. Each day I wake up, surmise my demise and yet I never die. Your pulsing heart flows like the ganga of red wine to I~ through my arteries, through my soul pierced through and through. 

A poet with one of your sweet glances, A madman without them. My condition sways from heaven to hell and back to heaven! Have compassion goddess, Forgive your man for all the times when we haven't been anything but one~

Why bother to be born, if you arent willing to love

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