Friday, September 30, 2011

No Cause For Concern….


Take what you need; I have no need for your play-things.

Take what you may; you can never take what I hold most precious to my heart.

Your adoration; Your gaze; Your intent subtle conscious flowing eyes; all captured forever inside the haze that I hold as my life. My memory; stagnant always through the motion of time.

Oh Chandi; You can leave and walk away. You can be victorious in this universe and the many next. Though you can never make me leave you; as I shall follow you forever; in this life or the last.

There is no cause for concern, There is no alarm. When everything is brought back to naught, then there is nothing left to start. You and I have been forever playing this game. This love- game of sorts, where you remain away from insight, and perception plays a fair game in ruining the real from the faded illusion.

Time bound and wasted, I sit in darkness. Everything enveloped by your powerful gaze mother. Everything lies in tune with your hymn. Everything dancing like you wished.

Be ever so kind, so as to let me exist. In this body and another. Where I can worship you; in solitude and peace. Where there is no other, where there is only love. Surely you see what I have been chasing, surely you know how much I suffer. Why would you let me be away, I am always ready to be lost in your eternal life.



What Peace?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Seeing is Being


There is the vast land; land brought together by fire and ice. And there stands the old shaman, calling out the wind; responding with shrieks and cries. Seeing and being, brought together dimensions apart. The way to perceptions demise. This way points eternal life.

The shaman marooned in silence, has taken recourse to alternate means, he flies amidst clouds like a raven, with eyes sharper than the sting of the cold winter mist. Seeing is his path, seeing becomes the goal. With every passing day the eyesight becomes dimmer and the view becomes grander.

All these ignorant nights, I could not see him, nor you or the world for that matter. I could see the reflection of myself and all the lacking of being in all the mirages that I called imminent reality. The mirage has now drowned in itself; left only the dried bitter consequence called another imminent reality.

How long would you or I choose to fool ourselves and delude ourselves to a simple structured and safe life? When the imminence of death from all sides remains the only driving force truly and permanently.

The shaman sees you and I, perhaps more of I than you. For I realize that the end is imminent and yet sit and gawk at the awkward ways of my life. The shaman laughs hysterically and calls out my name, my name is not important and yet it soothes me no ends. it brings down the house, and raises my grave instead!

See far into the future, he points his fingers and between spurts of true laughter, the shaman disappears from my sight and Lo! behold! re appears as all was. See into the past, and if you have time… See into now~ For when you see, all will dissolve, it will become clear. Clear as water without its presence. Clear as ether without its absence. You have seen me ? He asks without looking directly at me.. I have seen you; is what I reply.

He disappears and enters my entity, when we both have seen what it is. Then what else is there to see instead!? Isn’t that the point and parcel of your wasted life… he asks; That you wanted to see without being. That you wanted to be, where there was endless darkness and no sight?

I look into the abyss and verily the abyss has seated itself in ‘me’ . The abyss has taken its tentacles and planted them swiftly inside my soul. Clamped forever without any feelings and/or remorse.

The mystic and the night, they share the common sight. When the dawn shall rise with the glorious sun, and dissolve them both like they never existed in the first sense itself.

Young and wise, do not remain in the hope of a greater dawn. Dawns and dusks have been wasted forever since the beginning of time. Your only recourse is now to see~ with divine sight, and through such gifted sight. You shall verily be all that you can ever be.

Peace for the hope of greater Life.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



This is a true account of no real consequence. Such is glorious life.

The night hits and my friend X and I are traveling to a quiet and desolate spot in the crowded city which every human being now in one which or other clings to.

We need to escape the noise and smoke, the constant influxes of mind and matter and filth galore. We head out to one such place, its supposedly near an ‘old airport’ of the city, we get out and my friend closes the car with the keys still inside. The night is getting late.

The amazing situation unfolds itself, I must confess; I felt as if to leave then and there. Yet to acknowledge reality; this was no place a vehicle could be parked for the night, The battery was on and the music playing and soon the car would be dead, arrested unless taken by a tow away.

We needed to think quick, we call some people who say that they can open a car. We think thats weird.. Do we have to just call people on just dial to make people open a car? Is it that simple in this great country. The two of em arrive in a broken down omni, and they fumble to open the car up. No use. They are no good. Now they know that the car is parked in this desolate part of the country, they might take advantage. Brilliant! Both of us cannot go-to get the keys, so we let one stay while other go. Of course I stay next to the car as my friend goes home to pick up his extra set of keys. the night is later still.

The locality is drunk on this Saturday night, filled with people who are on the fringes of society, some on bike drunk beyond belief while others are walking in gangs around watching their world come alive this dark and dingy saturday night.

I sit put near the car, and as the moon comes in front; the night shines even further. I have to wait diligently and with faith that my friend is on his way back or else I am screwed. There is a dargah in front of my eyes, just 10 meters away, in front of the car. The dargah though closed shows the path inside, straight path for the faithful and loving, for the courageous and daring.

There are two cats who jump from the dargah, one chasing the other and both of them are beautiful beyond belief, they make nasty noises while running and climb the walls and go under the car, they fight and one runs while other sits and also gazes like me towards the beautiful green dargah. Its indeed a pretty sight, there are way many people who I feel in my fear are coming close to me, if they see me there, where I do not belong; I feel that my safety and life would be jeopardized. I sit in front of the dargah in quiet peaceful meditation and praying for power. Its indeed quiet. My friend arrives a while later and we get out of the place. The place is indeed dis-quietening to me, I do not know why; perhaps I hadn’t seen such a place even after years of seeing new places; or perhaps something happened to me while I was sitting in that area next to mud dirt and waste. Looking to a beautiful divine sight in the land of god. Perhaps it might have been both. But it was indeed the feeling of being at the feet of someone who could save you from any and all world’s despair.

I wish peace to the entire existence,. Over and Over again.

The ‘Auto’ Junkie


Auto Man rambles to begin with, drool dripping down his chin and a wicked irreplaceable grin. His face shines within the confines of his moving home, His neck deep in devilish intent;

The Auto Junkie makes you his customer, and drags the yellow turtle slowly alive, wanking its innards raising the courage to begin on a harrowing ride.

Oh the junkie got the dreams, He got the soul and he is going to bare his filthy whole. His nature is revulsion, his eyes beacons to endless state of gore.

He sets the meter and sets the ride, switches on the disco lights and begins his route to nevermore. His speaks in tongues, he abhors the people on the road, his way or the grave it is for sure!

Take him to the circus, he would be an unfavourable chimp but given the power of the faithful turtle, which shits out smoke; he reckons himself to be an auto junkie. Looking forward to the curve and the stone, he travels above all in this material existence of day in and out of chore. He is the auto god. Revving up the world to his way or the highway and taking you on a death ride alongside just for kicks!

Auto man doesn’t know where to go, yet he cannot let himself stop for some respite. he has to make the next deal, go ahead and travel far in his insane greed for more. He is verily an auto whore~

You hold on to the metal grills and pray sincere that this rambling lunatic would stop half assed so you may even jump out, and run away from this lunatic helter skelter. But he won’t oblige, the auto junkie has let the dragon chase him, he has become one with the strange-ness of this auto world

He pushes through and stops finally, you have shat in your pants and the smell amuses him no end. His drool multiplies and his smile reckons of victory, he has won over the sensation of mentally raping someone while charging them for the same. Its satisfaction complete for this re-arranged (not deranged) auto junkie.

Auto junkie is the father of the ‘taxi-driver’, his illusions are national, where each town and its by lane feathers such great hope of reaching the pinnacle of madness and auto freedom! The auto and its rider, the sacred bond which keeps this country kicking and alive.

The auto guy gets out and washes his auto screen clean while waiting to get paid, you whimper to the ground and take out the wallet from your already soiled disgusting pants to pay him for his pleasure of dropping you, of his amusement to greater life.

The auto junkie humps back in, and does not give back the change, he yanks the crank of the yellow turtle and the auto comes to life. His next customer will not be so lucky,

for the auto tripper has his final and most formidable mission at hand, to be a hero in his own eyes. To see everything come down, fall back into chaos and hit the entire deal head on with his twisted, warped, spaced AUTO.


(If you are an Indian who has travelled with the auto junkie. Then you will sympathize)


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