Wednesday, September 7, 2011



This is a true account of no real consequence. Such is glorious life.

The night hits and my friend X and I are traveling to a quiet and desolate spot in the crowded city which every human being now in one which or other clings to.

We need to escape the noise and smoke, the constant influxes of mind and matter and filth galore. We head out to one such place, its supposedly near an ‘old airport’ of the city, we get out and my friend closes the car with the keys still inside. The night is getting late.

The amazing situation unfolds itself, I must confess; I felt as if to leave then and there. Yet to acknowledge reality; this was no place a vehicle could be parked for the night, The battery was on and the music playing and soon the car would be dead, arrested unless taken by a tow away.

We needed to think quick, we call some people who say that they can open a car. We think thats weird.. Do we have to just call people on just dial to make people open a car? Is it that simple in this great country. The two of em arrive in a broken down omni, and they fumble to open the car up. No use. They are no good. Now they know that the car is parked in this desolate part of the country, they might take advantage. Brilliant! Both of us cannot go-to get the keys, so we let one stay while other go. Of course I stay next to the car as my friend goes home to pick up his extra set of keys. the night is later still.

The locality is drunk on this Saturday night, filled with people who are on the fringes of society, some on bike drunk beyond belief while others are walking in gangs around watching their world come alive this dark and dingy saturday night.

I sit put near the car, and as the moon comes in front; the night shines even further. I have to wait diligently and with faith that my friend is on his way back or else I am screwed. There is a dargah in front of my eyes, just 10 meters away, in front of the car. The dargah though closed shows the path inside, straight path for the faithful and loving, for the courageous and daring.

There are two cats who jump from the dargah, one chasing the other and both of them are beautiful beyond belief, they make nasty noises while running and climb the walls and go under the car, they fight and one runs while other sits and also gazes like me towards the beautiful green dargah. Its indeed a pretty sight, there are way many people who I feel in my fear are coming close to me, if they see me there, where I do not belong; I feel that my safety and life would be jeopardized. I sit in front of the dargah in quiet peaceful meditation and praying for power. Its indeed quiet. My friend arrives a while later and we get out of the place. The place is indeed dis-quietening to me, I do not know why; perhaps I hadn’t seen such a place even after years of seeing new places; or perhaps something happened to me while I was sitting in that area next to mud dirt and waste. Looking to a beautiful divine sight in the land of god. Perhaps it might have been both. But it was indeed the feeling of being at the feet of someone who could save you from any and all world’s despair.

I wish peace to the entire existence,. Over and Over again.

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