Monday, September 19, 2011

Seeing is Being


There is the vast land; land brought together by fire and ice. And there stands the old shaman, calling out the wind; responding with shrieks and cries. Seeing and being, brought together dimensions apart. The way to perceptions demise. This way points eternal life.

The shaman marooned in silence, has taken recourse to alternate means, he flies amidst clouds like a raven, with eyes sharper than the sting of the cold winter mist. Seeing is his path, seeing becomes the goal. With every passing day the eyesight becomes dimmer and the view becomes grander.

All these ignorant nights, I could not see him, nor you or the world for that matter. I could see the reflection of myself and all the lacking of being in all the mirages that I called imminent reality. The mirage has now drowned in itself; left only the dried bitter consequence called another imminent reality.

How long would you or I choose to fool ourselves and delude ourselves to a simple structured and safe life? When the imminence of death from all sides remains the only driving force truly and permanently.

The shaman sees you and I, perhaps more of I than you. For I realize that the end is imminent and yet sit and gawk at the awkward ways of my life. The shaman laughs hysterically and calls out my name, my name is not important and yet it soothes me no ends. it brings down the house, and raises my grave instead!

See far into the future, he points his fingers and between spurts of true laughter, the shaman disappears from my sight and Lo! behold! re appears as all was. See into the past, and if you have time… See into now~ For when you see, all will dissolve, it will become clear. Clear as water without its presence. Clear as ether without its absence. You have seen me ? He asks without looking directly at me.. I have seen you; is what I reply.

He disappears and enters my entity, when we both have seen what it is. Then what else is there to see instead!? Isn’t that the point and parcel of your wasted life… he asks; That you wanted to see without being. That you wanted to be, where there was endless darkness and no sight?

I look into the abyss and verily the abyss has seated itself in ‘me’ . The abyss has taken its tentacles and planted them swiftly inside my soul. Clamped forever without any feelings and/or remorse.

The mystic and the night, they share the common sight. When the dawn shall rise with the glorious sun, and dissolve them both like they never existed in the first sense itself.

Young and wise, do not remain in the hope of a greater dawn. Dawns and dusks have been wasted forever since the beginning of time. Your only recourse is now to see~ with divine sight, and through such gifted sight. You shall verily be all that you can ever be.

Peace for the hope of greater Life.

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