Thursday, June 28, 2012

Money - $ A Lazy man’s Identity$


Money and its origins are a direct imprint of human culture and its intent.

All of life is about (at best) a quest to find identity; perhaps by finding it one way. This identity defines the entity. It is who it is and has chosen to be. More than anything it is that the person/life form has chosen to define itself AS different from anything else.

The way money works up the psyche is that it is the easiest thing which can define who you are. Money/gold/land/resources what not become what makes you have an experience different from what you imagine others are having. This very source thought becomes the motivator for trying to get MORE of the drug.

So if life was not made so simple by rampant consumerism and capitalism; then our lives would be indeed very very difficult/trying. We would spend half our lives exploring outwards into the world *many might spend their whole lives* and the other half reflecting inwards. While now we just remain in a daze of sorts. Looking no where except towards money; cause who ever has it, has everyone’s gaze *supposedly- a very subjective statement!

So money if was eliminated from a society – the repercussions would include perhaps a more trying time and even a more fun time – exploring the definitions of this identity which apparently everyone has got, and everyone wants to revel in!

Your standard definitions of what is hep and not would change dramatically (perhaps in days or hours), you would unshackle yourself from your own lethargy to be owned by something called money cause you were too lazy to break away!

But is it safer, than the current apathetic sickening world and life which we choose to embrace on a day to day reality basis!? We still might contend to remain as we are now; striving for some paper, and crushing people to get in its way (cause money cant be with everyone in equal amounts right?- then identity would become merged again lol )

So you spend your whole life, working for a better life – a better wife – a better knife? Something like that? People would call this experience exhilarating by itself *and I am sure it is* but to think what we as a collective yet individual identity could accomplish in this organic beautiful world. We could atleast achieve not fighting! man to man; thought to thought; life for life?

Its all cause of the money honey; is what I know. And it becomes imperative to remain astute; silent and powerful in front of this mock power; just because we choose to accept its reality is no reason to indulge in it actively.

Peace and Joy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Epic Sayings


Dark looming clouds are gathering overhead; pouring has begun finally the end; again.

So first one;

People say that the ancient structures of lore. The grand pyramids and the towers all going up to the sky were all to serve as a reminder to humanity (perhaps by ancient god aliens or like). The structures made were all protruding into infinite space above. A metaphorical reminder of the pointedness of the spirit in the abundance of the grand spirit. The phallus and the space around.

Also many would say that the structures were made to look like something resembling our pineal gland. The small pea like structure holds our concept of reality; for each living sentient animal. There is a gland which is controlled by light and darkness. This would make our sum total of life experience. Some would say the temples were made to propitiate the inner archetypes-gods who traversed through this black hole from the center of our brain – where the gland resides and can cause changes ultimate to our reality.

So the second one,

People nowadays say that they “write code”. They are software programmers; writing jumbled up sayings in english or any other local language- but none the less writing a different language all together – perhaps Java or C or fuck what not. Every single device and machine which we are to create and have already is run by the code. The code if changed or deleted would render the entity perhaps completely different.

So we too as humans are bound by code – of language. Language in its most simplest and literalist of sense – the language which we speak – which is made of secret allegory and visualizations. Language and words which when spoken render a certain sort of will into action, and words which carry with them some sort of hidden unspoken power – again causing will to be created,

but it is also the concept that when we change our language – we will change our selves – the affirmation which we set upon ourselves – creates the notion of us. Perhaps it controls the amount of chemicals released from our pineal gland and hence our sense of reality is a certain sort.

So the third one,

Traditionally in India, all saints who follow the nath order – remain generally followers of goraknath and of shiva, cause shiva himself is a nath and hence he is considered to be one of the guru brothers- mingling in between all of em. And all the followers of the sect generally end their names with ‘nath’. But there is one avatar of the god vishnu who is also interestingly called nath – In english he is well known as a juggernaut, and he is verily that. He is jagan natha – the lord of the world. This seemed to be very appropriate, that the one who according to me has time over protected and kept humanity from destroying itself from each other mostly has been lord vishnu. If prayed to through sincerity – he would actually cause a revolution in the hearts and minds of people on this planet – something which I understand to be of vital importance now especially to avoid his last avatar to descend ( or is it that he would actually come if we pray to him more?). Kalki is to return to the earth, wiping the physical and mental distress away, starting a re-model of the ancient times, where everything would be what it was chosen to be. Not just a mirage or a hallucination.

So the fourth one,

Bliss is a word which is encountered a lot from many masters. They say that the state of absolution – of liberation from state and cause and structure is a state of bliss. But there is no self to experience this self. This is what I feel from heart. The state is a nihilistic condition, something which cannot be explained or experienced or been… cause its not there (from the point of I – perception) yet its thought of more than any other concept in this world at any given time, Love or freedom or some other word/symbol could be tried to fit into the word bliss and the state would be still thought to be understood, but its really not the case.

The experience of a Identity – I. makes us, makes us experience, makes us experience our own deaths and accepts, accepts that this would be liberation. Its something beyond the mind’s comprehension(for it exists by the death of the mind). So what is it then? Its surely not what the word ‘bliss’ could mean as we know it.

But yet we strive for it, If we do we succeed in our own personal deaths (and at the time of this personal death – is the liberation/realization/emancipation/bliss reached) and if we do not strive for it, we remain with what we are/have. The identity of ourselves, the Immortal (or so it seems) I.

So the fifth one,

Existence so fragile, calls upon everyone to sing and cry. We must oblige;

with a sensual smile (as I see it).

Existence so alive; in between endless darkness – states which we wonder

Yet have never experienced. Then we finally die.

Where is your heart; Your strength and armour. If you would not be a warrior

and embrace these fallacies and make swift progress in shortening time.

Embrace and accept, move on and fight. There is one last night of this deafening pain.

And then you will be a shining star in the sky. Make you shine bright!


Peace and Love.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dazzling Heights of Surkhanda / Dhanaulti


I don’t get much time to roam free nowadays with a desk job, the rare treats I do get; I feel like getting out of the city madness and head out for a retreat. I did so recently and went with my extended family to quaint little town near mussorie in Uttranchal (northern state of India). Uttranchal and Himachal pradesh host most of the shivalik ranges of the himalayas, and though my heart is perennially looking towards the mighty snow clad mountains – yet I feel equally at home in the green clean ranges of the lower hills.

I stayed in the town of Dhanaulti (some 50 odd km from the famous hillstation – mussourie). Dhanaulti has nothing much to offer and is mostly a day visit for people living in mussourie, there is a peak – which serves as a view point and a small eco park made by government which acts like a picnic spot. The place other than that is pitch quiet by evening and offers excellent opportunities for meditation and a peaceful getaway.

I spent 2 days on this hillock, out of which one day was spent going downhill to check the famous tehri dam; this dam built on the river Ganges offers to create massive ecological upheaval because of the damming of the water and spontaneous destruction of both flora and fauna in the vicinity.

I really do not know why we went to see the dam for it was a waste of time and effort not considering the wastage of fuel. The dam is protected and one cannot enter it without special permission – which basically means if you do not know any one politically – you can go fuck yourself. Anyways i was here to partake of nature; much less some sort of ugly fucking human construction built to destroy what nature adores and sustains.

The second day I spent in climbing a hill some seven km from dhanaulti – the hill has a famous temple atop it by the name of surkhanda devi; the goddess here is supposedly very famous and my visit there coincided with the annual mela held on the temple premises. the annual mela invites people from all the neighbouring villages for a get together of sorts – held during spring – it would also coincide with the reaping of crops by the farmers on these hills.

The temple has become very famous as it is supposedly one of the shakti-piths present in the country (there are some 51 odd of them – where the body of the goddess falls after it has been cut apart). these places are supposed to have greater power than most other temples (the location would be somewhere where more natural power is felt than other sites around). This is where the goddess’ head/cranium/skull falls, and hence revered by everyone in the country.

The climb is steep; yet it is not excruciating – I could climb to a height of 10,000 odd feet from base of 7000 feet in an hour. The hills reverberated with a beautiful quietude. As I climbed higher, I could clearly see one of the hills emitting huge amount of smoke – someone had set a forest fire to clear land and their old crops away so that more land could be made for farming and human life – no one would understand or care to understand what they were and had destroyed; and I was too tired to even understand why mother would want this to happen in the first place.

I reached the top of the hill and was almost blown away by the wind; it was immense and that was an understatement. The wind was making haunting noises. It was eerie and so like the mother to make me smile this way or another. There were not too many devotees and that was a great relief to me. I went to see the temple’s sanctum and was surprised to see that the temple was empty – I soon got to know that the temple premises were newly constructed – replacing the older and perhaps smaller structure, the temple goddess’ idol had been kept in a small room next by. I visited the bhairon temple first (Shiva in his most violent and subtle form; always close to mother power – guarding her and acting as her gatekeeper; I sought his grace as always), moving on to the small room; I saw the black beautiful idol of mother and was overwhelmed as to how my eyes interpreted this idol – how they saw endless grace and love in a piece of stone just like another, how I could attach everything my existence could mean to something innate. And that was the key in the first place; every single object and subject in my field of vision was dazzling and red.

Goddess gave me blessings and grace. All I could wish for any which day!

Peace and love.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leadership is What?

New age concepts are an extreme sour spot on my intellect. So after organizations with bullshit visions and missions come up – calling for a disgusting look past of their real intent/motive (which is localized profit or gain as compared to another localized entity – a country/region/economy/company/individuals what not). This is where my nerves seriously give away when piled by more crap made to look like that it matters (no it does not).

So the new fad after World War I and II is that you can be a leader. A corporate magnet; who attracts and networks with more sincere fools who believe in making a quick buck – earning more for themselves (which would necessarily mean that others would have to earn less, cause earning more has no value if everyone does it right). Such an entity would exist because he is a leader – with the power of command. But not everyone has the right or supposed talent to do this.

I wonder why? Who actually can be a leader in this world? A person with good academic credentials, a system and process following maggot who believes that by working the system and the people who are a part of it; he will command their eventual attentions and their pathetic lives?

A leader is someone who is inspired it seems, to lead people onto an abyss (similar to pied piper – because well even he led for money right?) Some people might get offended what the motivation for a leader could be.. Would it be money? YES! Would it be empathy? NO. Well leaving motivation aside for now; I want to understand why everyone cannot be a leader (this is something which MBA classrooms leave aside inside their rooms and advertise outside – because well everyone they take in their classes is a leader none the less)

So why cannot everyone lead in this world? This is of course a ridiculous question - for then who will lead another? This is what MBA colleges of repute and organizations of global impact would understand (but they really don’t). If everyone becomes a leader; then what would be the use of companies and schools offering the special unique statement that we groom leaders. In my opinion (something which most people could not consider), everyone indeed must become a leader; leader of and for their own selves. Leading themselves is the first and final acts of will. Most people would say that they are truly leaders of themselves, and that is worth a laugh within itself, because though we have constructs and illusion of true personal will, none of us actually do. We go around choosing the places of our residence and work, relationships and consumerism at work but we are not free to change our natures or personalities or the way our thoughts process or hearts feel. True change would bring out the power of individual will, which would further cause one to be a real and true leader in every sense of the word – melding and reinventing the steel from within.

This is actually the mark of many of the leaders (both in corporate and elsewhere) of our time and before. Leaders undergoing extreme turbulent times making them more nimble/flexible yet strong from the outside – understanding the concerns of those who follow them; and also being able to practice what they preach (something most supposed leaders of our times are not really good at – for they never have remoulded their will to lead themselves in the first place).

Leadership is a passé concept; something which enlightened societies might not even consider important at all. But yes for humanity and life on earth in general – it seems that some are born to lead while the others are seemingly following. The part that everyone doesn’t get is that either everyone is leading or everyone is following one which or other.

Leadership stops to hold any value; when you realize the nature of the self. Leading what and where? Why this lead through a path to a goal? These questions must be deeply penetrative in the hearts of today’s leaders. What will it accomplish – not just in terms of objective goals (for life is seldom objective); what will it change? Is this change required/necessary or even needed?

I know some of us ask these questions once a while, but we stop where society asks us to stop. We should think of profit or philanthropy; think of us against them. Leaders have to be those people who can help share their wisdom to create leaders in us all. Something guru’s of ancient lore were famous for. These people were hardly famous; yet they did accomplish sharing of concepts and expressions needed by everyone to harness the true potential of their own. Their own will – leading itself to harmony and annihilation.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Liberation is What?


What is liberation?

As I see it, its a mechanism. Which sets you dead and free. Listen to me

What if you consider your body a kind of machine (many of you might abhor this idea). But what if it is true.

Your spine is the reactor; and your personal identity; a kind of fission cell, located at the base of your spine. This is identified along with the reproductive organs. They are adept in creating a life, and also subtle aspects which are way more interesting.

There is power like that of electricity, and magnets which can cause this fission cell to become overtly active. The activity causes many physical and physiological changes in the body itself. But that is of the least consequence (the machine has to be strong- treated well for long so that it may withstand the effects of a powerful nuclear cell to become active.

This kind of assemblage or energy is called kundalini (the coiled energy-coiled just like a fission cell). When becoming active – it rises by itself, natural progression upwards inside the spinal column (though it might be another realm not seen by the 5 senses).

The energy rises till the top of the head, inside the brain way above the end of the spine. The center of the brain (not present within either of the hemisphere) has a small gland – the size of a pea, pineal is its name. It secretes serotonin (perhaps known as soma ras by ancients cause of its lucrative inherent properties). Serotonin creates reality, sustains it and makes the identity of I stronger with time. Until its aid memory starts to give away and then surely it too starts to wane in its quantity released in the body.


The natural energy aided by natural energy abound from the planet earth causes it to travel till the pineal gland. Where it might activate serotonin to be released un limitedly. The excess of serotonin would cause the identity of individual I to be broken down. It would cause a realization inside the brain, that reality is inside as well as outside. Until the point where there is no localization of serotonin left (this union might actually cause entire reality to be flooded with serotonin- causing everything to be dissolved – perhaps the ancient imagery of shiva opening the third eye and destroying creation be created out of such a condition).

This mechanical process of energy used as a catalyst to awaken energy within causing it to rise to the top of the head, causing the gland to become a kind of perpetual motion machine* (* something which is said to be non existent). Until it happens yes it is non existent, and when it does; the other half remains non existent. Some continue to say that once this excess energy of serotonin starts being released; the individual notion actually escapes through the top of the head through the breakage of the cranium – making a literal PHAT sound lol (could it be that the cranium actually breaks under the immense pressure of the serotonin being released?)

Liberation is ultimately getting rid of your concept of I. The machine which is a vehicle helps us in realizing the potential of the individual I; followed by natural progression to realize the futility of trapping this notion/concept of I into a particular dimension or constant of some sort….

Liberation is finally an illusion as well, but it is way real when this mechanism takes over (which it does in every individual sentient life in one moment or another through one life or another – i believes). it is real as serotonin becomes excess and drowns itself and everything else in its effect – everlasting timeless bottomless BLISS.

So I wish the I in thee too; endless bliss through a process. A simple process most times hidden cause no one would imagine that liberation is just that. Phat and done with!



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Field Visit–I


Followers of the ancient past; they follow not a path. Salvation in their heads is nihilistic, The souls are forever free like swans white crystalized.

These guys are on a field visit, they are backpacking to find a secret hidden treasure; amidst dense vegetation and unstable terrain. their salvation does have a path.

They walk in silence and know or rather decide the route telepathically. They are guru – bhais, of this secret order. The order without a particular name.

They are cutting through the plants through their feet and will; under the dense clouds pouring intermittent rain. They are seeking the secretive lucrative violet lotus of the beyond.

The vision quest is simple; to one point to another – but does this action have any meaning in the larger sense? We shall have to see..

The lotus lies in a pond covered in secret soma ras. Dipping into which one would forget their former self, if they so choose to do so. They would realize their true forge. Their true self. The lotus itself would shine on, vibrating a subtle purple – violet tinge. It would be calling to the grateful and graceful, it is a gift of the beyond.

Nothing is known of the origin of this plant, but having a look and maybe a bite would cure the illness and illusion of a lower self. It would maybe strengthen the higher curing self. It would make one love their entire being and not just one single portion of it. For momentary transits of lifetimes, This is such a simple wisdom is it not? And that is exactly what this plant would cause one to realize.

Sounds funny but the bunch of guys from this secret order are looking at this plant now. They are thinking of losing the veil and adorning their naked selves. This is such a condition which is unlike ours, cause we are all but staring at the stark dark burden of a grave. That is not morbid but also a subtle realization.

The violet lotus makes the experience no more. It would set you free. No freedom is not so cheap, maybe it does come with a heavy price. I would wonder what that would be? The after effects of this plant would be fatal not to say, which is the truth. Losing the cloak is changing the cloak as well. The plant invites the brave within its layer, and vibrates the highest chakra within the brain. Makes the experience shine in darkness of the void. Makes the experience null and void.

The seekers have traversed wide and far trying to seek to be near this lotus, experience tormenting one after another, without a single reprieve asking to show the earnest sincerity to seek salvation, to die with an extreme liberation; through the head; through the cranial device out and above to the endless void. What a rhapsody. Intense overtones lie.

They encounter their worst selves, for the self is the veil of a mirror; mirroring utter chaos; facing as you and I. And it is going to self- destroy. They encounter wild mythical beasts from the other side. The ancient naga’s who are gatekeepers and keep the myriad mundane at bay. The powerful etheric spirits of water and fire who destroy the senses and provide nothing for those who seek worldly gain. The beautiful temptations of fruit and flesh; all which will rot with time.

Everything and one faced and destroyed; It seems that the quest has taken its toll on everyone; the brothers are broken and destroyed. What would happen without the lotus. The death which would redeem them somehow?


To be continued.

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